Sunday, March 05, 2017


A Swedish mother is furious after her 16-year-old daughter was stalked by two men in a car, who harassed the girl and even threatened her with death.
On Thursday, the teenager had been walking home from the bus stop when she noticed a vehicle following her:
“I initially didn’t notice them since I was listening to music, but then they pulled up next to me, driving slowly. When I looked inside, I saw two men who ordered me to get into the car and mocked me as well.”
The girl, who wants to remain anonymous, then increased her pace, Expressen reports. As a response, the men exacerbated the unanswered catcalling and coarsened their flirting attempts.
‘Die, whore!’
The girl recalls:
“The situation was getting uncomfortable, the men were screaming and their tone of voice was becoming more aggressive. ‘Women like you deserve to die,’ said one of them, also calling me ‘a whore’. When I ran away I could hear them jeering behind me. I was really frightened. I had no power at all, and no one was nearby.”
The victim’s mother, who says her daughter was “completely devastated” by the attack, immediately informed the police:
“Since I work with victims, I’m used to hearing these kinds of stories. But when something like this happens to your own child, then your role, as a mother, is a different one. At first, I was angry at the attackers, and I subsequently started imagining what could have happened. Maybe they just wanted to have sex, but if that was not the case and if they had succeeded in getting her into the car, two against one. I was livid and terrified.”
Girl: It is not safe here, tougher punishment is needed
Sentences for sex crimes are too mild and therefore laws should change, the 16-year-old thinks.
“You hear stories about girls getting threatened and raped. Several of my friends have experienced these sort of attacks. I’m always afraid when I go out.”
She described the men as being in between “20 and 25 years of age, dark-haired and speaking in a foreign accent.
The mother has discussed measures with Svedala police in order to increase security, she says. Her child is still shaken by the incident and when walking outside, is hesitant to listen to music. “A violation of her liberty,” the mother states.
“Maybe we should discuss this issue with the general public. It is not really common that it happens, but it does happen. Safety should be a fundamental human right, for children, teenagers, and, in particular, women.” 
Rape on the rise in Uppsala
Further north in Sweden, in Uppsala, police on Friday published worrying statistics on sexual violence and other, often related, felonies. According to the report, sex attacks and muggings have last year gone up some 60 percent in the city. Recent migrant-related ‘incidents’ that shook Uppsala were the live streamed gang rape of a Swedish woman and a gang rape where a young boy was the victim.
In addition to these depressing stats, police themselves are “experiencing a harsher climate and reduced respect for their profession.”

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