Monday, March 06, 2017


German media are reporting on Abdalfatah H.A., a 35-year-old Syrian who came to Germany in October 2015, bringing his pregnant wife and three children aged 3, 5 and 7. After an undoubtedly thorough vetting, the family was recognised as legitimately seeking asylum and would thus have received Hartz IV services, the German version of social benefits. In the case of this family, this is said to have amounted to up to €2400 a month.
On Wednesday evening, however, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office ordered his arrest in Düsseldorf. According to German magazine Der Spiegel, the arrest was made because Abdalfatah is accused of having belonged to “terror militia” Al-Nusra. Additionally, he is suspected of being involved in crimes against humanity. According to the charge, he participated with other members of his unit in the killing of 36 Syrian government workers in March 2013, executing a so-called Shariah death warrant.
The day before, in the region of Gießen, German police apprehended another suspect. Abdulrahman A.A., another 26-year-old Syrian ‘refugee’, 26-year-old, also being present at the killing in March 2013 and also belonging to Al-Nusra. According to the Federal Prosecutor, he managed the funds and vehicles of the troops and participated in several battles in Syria, as well as breaking German laws regarding arms. This would be in connection to a terrorist cell, destroyed in June 2016, which was planning an attack in Düsseldorf
This would be in connection to a terrorist cell, destroyed in June 2016, which was planning an attack in Düsseldorf on behalf of IS. Syrian ‘refugee’ Abd Arahman A.K., arrested in June 2016 for planning this attack, is also a member of Al-Nusra.
Also on Tuesday, a 33-year-old man from Bosnia-Herzegowina was arrested, for providing trucks to a terrorist organisation, which were to be used in an attack. He is also charged with a violation of the arms law in Syria. It is unclear if there is a connection to the other three men. But wouldn’t it be nice for four old chums to meet up and relive the old days? Indeed, what better way to rewards the country that gave you shelter, than by murdering a bunch of its citizens? Shame on them. But also shame on the German government for being so negligent in allowing war criminals to roam the country for months, while planning to commit more crimes. Wir schaffen das?

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