Monday, March 06, 2017

Immigrants Riot in German Asylum Center Because of Poor Cell Phone Coverage

A German police officer was badly injured over the weekend following a riot started by drunken immigrants who smashed up their accommodation center with iron bars. It’s been reported that two men from Togo and six men from Ghana, all aged between 18 and 28, turned violent at the asylum hostel on Saturday night in the town of Rees-Haldern, near the German-Dutch border, because they were “unhappy” with their new living quarters. The African nationals, who had been drinking, had moved in there the previous day. Among the complaints which triggered the riot was the lack of cell phone coverage in the building’s reception area. Twenty-four police officers attended the scene after emergency calls were made as the men laid waste to the center’s furniture and fittings. They also tried to break into a security rom where guards had barricaded themselves for their own safety. The injured police officer apparently suffered a “complicated” break in one foot, although whether this was the result of being struck by one of the center’s residents is not clear. All eight men were arrested. They are now awaiting trial on charges of a serious breach of the peace, criminal damage, resisting arrest, causing actual bodily harm and property damage. German police said last year that they had to attend hundreds of accommodation centers for refugees as a result of violent incidents.

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