Monday, March 06, 2017

Matthew Vadum lays out the case for a ‘Watergate-style conspiracy against Trump’

By Thomas Lifson

Writing at Front Page Magazine, Matthew Vadum does a superb job bringing together the evidence that a massive abuse of politicized government agencies took place in the 8 years of the Obama presidency, and that spying on candidate Donald Trump was the natural outgrowth of these policies. Matthew is such a gifted writer that the material comes alive.
This is a worthy companion to the riveting Mark Levin video presentation featured elsewhere on today’s blog.
Here is a short sample:
Now the outlines of a Watergate-like conspiracy are emerging in which a sitting Democrat president apparently used the apparatus of the state to spy on a Republican presidential candidate. Watergate differed in that President Nixon didn’t get involved in the plot against the Democratic National Committee until later as an accomplice after the fact. Here Obama likely masterminded, or oversaw someone like the diabolical Benghazi cover-up artist Ben Rhodes, masterminding the whole thing.
Throughout his agonizingly long presidency, Obama serially abused his powers as the nation’s Chief Executive to undermine his political opponents. It might be said that every day of his presidency he committed at least one impeachable offense.
Obama used the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party nonprofits, along with Catholic, Jewish, and pro-Israel organizations. He brazenly lied about it, too. His Justice Department surreptitiously obtained telephone records for more than 100 reporters. He did nothing while Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius repeatedly violated the Hatch Act, an anti-corruption statute.
This is hardly an exhaustive list of Obama’s misdeeds in office. Books have been written about his corruption and many more such volumes will follow.
The big question that worries me was clearly stated this morning by J. J. Sefton:
“[H]ow does the President use the investigative agencies to root out totalitarian-style corruption and illegalities when the agencies themselves are at the heart of the investigation?”

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