Sunday, March 19, 2017

Muslim BBC Reporter Asks How Blasphemy Should Be Punished

To be followed by questions about how much FGM is enough and how hard to stone the Jews. But this is what happens when you normalize Islamism in the name of tolerance. Tolerance for intolerance just leads to intolerance. Whether it's Linda Sarsour declaring that Jews who believe they have the same basic rights as Muslims can't be feminists or this BBC presenter asking how to punish blasphemy.
The BBC's Asian Network has apologised after one of its presenters caused controversy after asking its Twitter follows "what is the right punishment for blasphemy?".
In a video posed on the corporations Twitter feed Muslim activist Shazia Awan asked followers to get in touch and offer their opinions on how blasphemy should be dealt with.
Her assumption that blasphemy - which is still punishable by death in some Muslim countries - should also be punished in Britain shocked many viewers.
A BBC spokesman added: "Asian Network's Big Debate asks difficult and provocative questions every day. This programme was an engaging discussion on the subject of blasphemy but we admit that the question could have been phrased better, as we have since made clear."
Oh it was rather clear.
The real question is at what point the controversy will end and the beheadings will begin. Because that is what it comes down to. Islamic beliefs on the subject of blaspheming against its ideology are very clear. Islamic political power translates into a Sharia agenda as Islamic law gets implemented, broken up, and then passed in bits and pieces under the guise of civil rights.
We know how blasphemy is meant to be punished under Islamic law. The more relevant question is how do we punish those who advocate for the imposition of an Islamic theocracy?

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