Saturday, March 25, 2017

Muslims Boo London Police Commander for Calling London Attack Terrorism

This is utterly despicable and disgraceful.
The framing here is the usual "Muslims fear backlash" narrative. But then we go into the London terrorist's mosque and we have a police commander positively pleading and apologizing while the crowd boos him.
Among representatives of different faiths attending Friday prayers at the mosque were David Urquhart, bishop of Birmingham, and Rabbi Margaret Jacobi. Mak Chishty, a commander at the Metropolitan police and the force’s lead on hate crime, was also present.
At an event afterwards, Chishty was heckled when he sought to justify the Met’s labelling the London attacks an act of terrorism. “The definition of terror is where an act is carried out for a political motive … I don’t think it’s the wrong thing to do. I don’t think he [Masood] is just someone who has driven across the bridge and randomly said: ‘Oh, I’ll just crash into people and kill them and then crash the car and try to maim people’,” Chishty said.
He added: “This isn’t about casting a cloud over the local communities. I’ve told you I’m a local boy. I’m a Muslim. I feel violated when Muslims are under attack, when the extremists take Islam to a violent form. It separates it from what I have learnt.”
After a minute’s silence for London’s victims and a sermon that denounced Islamist terrorism, Chishty appealed for information about Masood, who lived in the city in the runup to the attack. Any reports would be treated in strictest confidence and could be made anonymously, he said. “Just imagine if somebody somewhere had told us something that may have made us do something differently. Five people may still have been alive today and we’d have been able to prevent it.”

Good luck with that.
They're quite happy with the outcome.

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