Sunday, March 05, 2017

Watch! Dutch ambassador of Holocaust remembrance day: “Hamas, Hamas, gas all the Jews!”

In the Netherlands, May 4th is a day known as dodenherdenking (Remembrance Day): the day the Dutch remember the victims of war, more specifically the victims of WW2, including the 6 million Jews that were exterminated during the holocaust.
May 5th is the Dutch Liberation Day, the day the Dutch celebrate liberation from the Germans during WW2. Every year Liberation Festivals are organised and countless of artists are invited to perform for the masses.
Ambassadors for freedom
Also, every year, the National 4 & 5 May Committee appoints ‘ambassadors for freedom’ for its festivals.
Rap formation Broederliefde has been appointed, and little over a year ago one of the frontmen, rapper Emms, was shown in a video screaming:
“Hamas, Hamas, alle joden aan het gas (Hamas, Hamas, all Jews should be gassed)”.
It should be noted, however, this was scanted in a soccer context. In The Netherlands, there is a fierce rivalry between Rotterdam’s club, Feyenoord, and Amsterdam’s club, Ajax. Feyenoord supporters sometimes refer to Ajax supporters as Jews, because Amsterdam once housed the country’s largest Jewish population. In turn, Ajax supporters have embraced this denomination by sporting Israeli flags.
Nonetheless, after explosive reactions online, the committee issued a statement:
“The committee distances itself from the racial slurs. Rapper Emms did this a year ago and apologised (…). The national committee made Broederliefde ambassadors for freedom, because they represent and reach the majority of the target audience.”
Emms declared:
“I’m very sorry for the things I said at that moment. I used certain words that are used often when Feyenoord supporters try to intimidate their opponents. That’s no excuse and I realise this, it’s unacceptable. (…) After my visit to Auschwitz, I realise more than ever that we can never become light-hearted about the atrocities of the holocaust. (…) I’m sorry for the scants in the video and I will turn this negativity into something positive.”

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