Tuesday, April 25, 2017

German politician wants to humiliate Netanyahu

The German politician Martin Hans Sonneborn, a member of the European Parliament, wrote on April 25, 2017 via Facebook:
„That’s funny. For the first time I’m on Sigm. Gabriel’s side … I’d visit Netanjahu with a few bulldozers, cut off his water, and then humiliate him even further.“
Sigmar Gabriel is the Foreign Minister of Germany who on March 24, 2017 emphasized on Facebook his friendship with Mahmoud Abbas.
I’m Gerd Buurmann, a German theater artist, and I reply as follows:
If Netanjahu had lived in Frankfurt in 1938, you could have visited him with Sigmar Gabriel riding a bulldozer, cut off his water, and humiliate him further, but thank G_d, Netanyahu lives in Israel today and not in Germany. Therefore, he’s not at risk to suffer the „funny“ fantasies of a German politician.
Best regards,
Gerd Buurmann
PS: What exactly do you mean with “further humiliations”? Things like poisoning Israeli wells and making organic German bread from Jewish blood?

Translation: William Wires http://www.williamwires.com http://www.facebook.com/William.Wires.Fine.Art


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