Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Muslim "Peace Tour" Ends With 4 Stabbed

It's vitally important for us to understand our cultural differences if we are to have peace. For example, to us, peace means the absence of hostilities. In Islam, peace means submission to Muslims. This latest misunderstanding of cultural differences led to four being stabbed by a Muslim peaceseeker.
The Natural Peace Tours NGO, which arranges for one day entry passes for PA Arabs wishing to tour and become acquainted with Israeli society, confessed they had no idea one of their clients would grab a sharp object and stab four innocent Israeli civilians – one out on the street near Tel Aviv’s Atarim Square and three more inside Leonardo Beach Hotel.
A representative of the NPT management spoke to Army Radio and admitted, “We didn’t take this into consideration.” This, meaning that, as documented on CCTV, the Arab visitor sponsored by NPT grabbed a sharp object, stabbed a pedestrian on the street, then attacked the hotel gallery owner and her spouse, then stabbed a male guest in the lobby and tried to run out—breaking the glass entrance door.
The stabber was finally stopped and neutralized by the gallery owner’s husband, Claudio Wengerowicz, who, unarmed, jumped the attacker near the lobby’s revolving door.
 It's really the sort of thing you ought to take into consideration if you're going to run tours of Muslims into Israel. Probably the first thing to ask prospective clients is, "Are you planning to stab four people while shouting Allahu Akbar?"


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