Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Muslims in Germany: "If a Jew Enters Our School, He'll Get Beaten Up"


The new Nazis are taking over Germany. They're rampaging across Europe. Meanwhile left-wing groups like HIAS and the AJC want to bring Islamofascists to America to terrorize Jews here.
A Jewish family in Berlin has pulled their teenage son from a state school after nearly four months of antisemitic harassment, both verbal and physical, the boy’s mother has told the JC.
Emma, who is British, said her son, Phillip (not their real names), 14, had been moved to an English language high school in Berlin .
Emma said she and her husband had originally been attracted to the school, Friedenauer Gemeinschaftsschule, which has a large proportion of Arab and Turkish children, by the fact it was so multicultural.
This is just life for Jews in Europe under Islamofascism.
In May of that year, the Deutschlandfunk radio station recorded students from Muslim backgrounds at one Berlin school saying things like: "If a Jew enters our school, he'll get beaten up - I'd beat him up too."
Multicultural in Europe increasingly means Islamic.
Ironically, the school in question participates in the pro-tolerance initiative "Schools Without Racism - Schools With Courage." Members pledge to abide by principles of multicultural and interfaith respect
"Ironically" indeed. But multiculturalism doesn't include Jews. It means avoiding anything that offends Muslims.
She said it had never occurred to Phillip to deny his Jewishness, and one day he mentioned it to his classmates.
One of them responded: “Listen, you are a cool dude but I can’t be friends with you, Jews are all murderers.”
The verbal abuse escalated to physical violence.

This is just how life has always been for Jews under Islam. Islam is an inherently anti-Semitic and xenophobic ideology. Jews have always been persecuted under Islamic rule and colonialism long before Israel was reborn.
Berlin’s Jewish high school receives between six and 10 applications a year from parents who want to move their children away from schools where they are being subjected to antisemitic harassment, said Aaron Eckstaedt, principal of the Moses Mendelssohn Jewish High School in Berlin.
The requests generally are “in reaction to antisemitic statements coming overwhelmingly from Arabic or Turkish classmates,” he said.
Of course they are.
Meanwhile this is what HIAS is desperately trying to inflict on Americans in general and on American Jews in particular. Anyone who supports HIAS or similar pro-migrant groups like the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is bringing anti-Semitism to America.
That is a simple fact. The next such case might end up being their own son or grandson
"There was a student who told me: 'If I saw a Jew, I'd immediately kill him,'" one teacher from northern Germany told the radio station on the condition of anonymity. "And he meant it."
If you don't want this in America, you have to support common sense migration reform that ends the mass migration of Islamofascists to the free world.

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