Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This is what could happen if the General Election was held TODAY

 The pollsters predictions
LABOUR could face being destroyed by Theresa May after new analysis reveals Jeremy Corbyn would lose 63 seats to the Tories if the General Election was held today.Stunning polls results have revealed the beleaguered Labour leader is a shocking 21 points behind the Prime Minister. No Tory Government has ever been so far ahead in the polls this close to a General Election – with just 51 days to go until June 8.And, if the figures translated into votes, the result would eclipse even Margaret Thatcher’s famous post Falklands victory in 1983, which saw the Tories secure 397 seats. But Labour could be in for a “bloodbath” according to Sky analyist Harry Carr - who revealed the party would lose 63 seats to the Tories based on current poll results.According to the latest YouGov survey, the Conservatives would win 44 per cent of the vote - almost double Labour’s dwindling 23 per cent. These figures put Mrs May’s party further ahead of Labour than they have been at any other point in almost a decade and would see the number of seats soar from 330 at present to 395 - just two behind Maggie’s 1983 result. While Labour will face staggering losses - seeing their share of MPs in Parliament plunge from the current 229 to 164.While the Lib Dems, currently polling at 12 per cent, are due to pick up two seats - it seems the Tories will rake in the benefits of the Labour Party’s failures. According to Mr Carr, the poll shows an overall swing (based on a working majority) of 7.2 per cent from Labour to Conservative. He added: “It’s looking really quite gloomy for Jeremy Corbyn and really quite rosy for Theresa May. "This is a low poll for Jeremy Corbyn but it is not really out of kilter with what the averages are saying."He added that "for Jeremy Corbyn, for Labour, this would be a blood bath for this to come out." And he warned Labour could face its worst election result since 1983, when outsider Michael Foot lost out with just 26 per cent of the vote. While a 7.2 per cent swing is not as great as Tony Blair’s historic 10.2 per cent swing, it is considerably greater than Thatcher’s 5.3 per cent swing of 1983. And that will transfer into 63 constituencies turning from red to blue following the June 8 vote. The news comes after it was revealed one Labour MP has already stepped down ahead of the vote.

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