Friday, April 14, 2017

UK: Jihad drone attack fears led soccer bosses to call for closure of stadium roof

The United Kingdom is at war with an enemy its leaders are afraid to name. Those leaders meanwhile hound and persecute all those who point out the existence of this war, and encourage and appease and accommodate those who spread the enemy ideology.
How can this possibly end well?
“Terror drone attack fears on Cardiff stadium cause UEFA chiefs to call for closure of roof,” by Tanveer Mann,, April 14, 2017:
UEFA bosses tried to close the retractable roof of the Millennium Stadium in Wales over fears terrorists could fly a drone into the ground during the Champions League final.
They are said to have held secret talks with Welsh authorities in a bid to prevent an aerial attack on the Principality Stadium in Cardiff during the fixture on June 3.
The roof is usually only shut for bad weather, but following the terror attack on Borussia Dortmund’s bus earlier this week, fears have been heightened.
UEFA director Giorgio Marchetti has said ‘all possible risks’ are being taken into consideration.
An official told The Sun that UEFA chiefs discussed the possibility of closing the roof with police and FA Wales.
They added: ‘Security will be massive. Now they are proposing closing the roof as they fear terrorists with drones.’…

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