Saturday, April 01, 2017


 Now its not often that I ask somthing of my friends on facebook, however this afternoon Mya (my 14 month old pug) was kicked full force in the stomach by the man in this picture. He then went on to throw verbal abuse at my mum whom is now shaken up so badly that her pacemaker has had to kick in multiple times. His excuse was that 'dogs are vermin in his country'.
Can you please share this post with your friends and on any groups to try and identify this man so he can be properly reported to the authorities.
It took place in Crumpsall Park at approx 1800 on the 31st March. When followed he headed towards the cleveland pub/crumpsall lane primary school.
I want this scumbag to face action for what he has done, so please share as much as you can.

Ben Barney Barnshaw

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L. S. said...

According to demonically possessed false prophet muhammad (piece of dog shit be upon him), all dogs are demons and that's why this brown creature attacked defenseless pug.