Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2 Other Members of Manchester Refugee Terror Family Arrested

Those lone wolves certainly seem to run in packs. Don't they.
After the Manchester Arena Islamic terror attack by Salman Abedi, a second generation Libyan refugee who had been to Libya and Syria before the attack, Libyan authorities (such as they are) have arrested his father and brother.
They are saying that the brother knew about the attack and had a plot going.
Libyan security forces said the brother "was aware of all the details" of attack plans.
Abedi's father Ramadan has reportedly been detained by Libyan counter terrorism police while recording television interviews, according to ITV News.
Abedi's younger brother Hashim has also reportedly been arrested in Tripoli, Libya, on suspicion of having links to the Islamic State group that claimed responsibility for the attack.

So we've got the Islamic family that bombs together, stays together. Considering the situation in Libya, the authorities might have their own reasons for wanting to dispose of the Abedis. But the larger story is that they never should have become the UK's problem.
The case has obvious parallels to the Tsarnaevs who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings.
In both cases siblings from a refugee family targeted a public place in their host country for a brutal act of terror. The simple solution would have been to keep them out.

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