Tuesday, May 30, 2017

German Police Bust Syrian Muslim Refugee Suicide Bomber

Reality doesn't go away just because you wave a "Refugee Welcome" sign. Syria is a terror haven where much of the country supports some flavors of Islamic terrorism. Bringing Syrians or any Islamic migrants to the West is asking for terror. And those who ask, will have their requests met by the generous Ummah of the believers in Allah and Mohammed.
German police have arrested a teenage asylum seeker suspected of planning a suicide attack in Berlin, Brandenburg state officials say.
The suspect, 17, was arrested in the Uckermark district, Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schröter announced.
But Brandenburg police say they have not confirmed reports that the teen, who entered Germany in 2015, is Syrian and was definitely planning an attack.
It's doubtful he really was 17. It was habitual for these "unaccompanied minors" who were really grown men to lie about their age.
Special forces arrested the teenager after police received a tip-off, Brandenburg police tweeted (in German). He had sent a message to his family saying farewell and that he was joining the "jihad", the police said.
Investigators are looking into whether the suspect may have falsely registered as a Syrian, police spokesman Torsten Herbst told the AP.

Half these migrants also claimed to be Syrian. You can't, despite Obama's lies and the media's complicity in those lies, vet people from a war zone.
Some 280,000 asylum seekers arrived in Germany last year, a drop of more than 600,000 compared to 2015.
How many of them will kill next? How many of their children, like the Manchester Arena terrorist, will?


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