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James Bond: Share your favorite Roger Moore memory

For many of us who grew up with Roger Moore's portrayal of James Bond, Moore's death reminds us of how far James Bond has fallen.  Daniel Craig portrays Bond as humorless, morose, and sulking, constantly fighting with his shrewish lady boss and pouting when she yells at him.  To be James Bond now is to feel constantly guilty.  There's nothing about his portrayal that causes us to recall the fun-loving, woman-hugging, wisecrack-quipping, cool eyebrow-raising portrayal of Roger Moore.
Below are listed some of Roger Moore's best moments as James Bond.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.
1) Moonraker – Bond gets pushed out of a plane without a parachute.  He has to grab another guy's parachute before Jaws eats him.
2) Moonraker – Every time Jaws smiled at Bond, showing his metal teeth, Bond would always smile back mockingly, showing no teeth.
3) A View to a Kill – Any scene featuring villain Christopher Walken, who could make reading from the phone book interesting simply by the way.  He pauses.  To accentuate.  His words.  In a distinctive.  Manner of.  Speaking.
4) Live and Let Die – Black people could be villains?  The 1970s closed the window where this was still permitted.  Incredibly, all the black guys in this film were drug dealers or killers or had metal claws for hands.  I don't think this film could be made today.
5) Live and Let Die – Watching black funeral marches where they would kill someone along the way, then break out and dance to jazz music.  I think this was the precursor for the Black Lives Matter movement!
6) Moonraker – When Hugo Drax, who lives in a French mansion, loves tea, has dogs who won't eat steaks in front of them until he snaps his fingers, and has a Japanese Samurai butler, says, "Take care of Mr. Bond.  See that some harm comes to him."
7) The Man with the Golden Gun – When Bond meets Scaramanga, an artistic assassin, who talks about the joys of killing people, Bond politely offers him a snack.  "Nut?"
8) The Spy Who Loved Me – When Bond's sexy Russian partner is about to kill him once the mission is over, Bond says, "The condemned man is usually allowed a last request.  Can we get out of these wet things?"  And of course she doesn't shoot him, in fact doing something completely different with him.
9) Moonraker – When James Bond comes across a jungle villa filled with beautiful women who smile, inviting him in.  Then he gets tossed off a bridge and forced to fight a giant snake.  Later, when asked why he didn't linger longer, he said, "It had developed a crush on me."
What are your best memories of Roger Moore's James Bond?
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