Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Piers Morgan brands Lily Allen a ‘deluded clown’ in vicious Manchester bombing online spat

PIERS MORGAN told Lily Allen to “pipe down” after she encouraged her 5.97 million followers on Twitter to ignore his comments following the Manchester Arena bombing. He lashed out at the singer after he was likened to columnist Katie Hopkins and warned her fans not to pay any attention to him. Taking to the social media site early this morning, Lily tweeted: “Please ignore Piers, Hopkins, they thrive on hate. Profit even. Don’t engage. #moreincommon.” The Good Morning Britain host was quick to respond to her tweet as he warned her to keep quiet and branded her “attention-seeking”. He told his 5.79 million followers: “Pipe down @lilyallen, you ridiculous virtue-signalling, PC-crazed, attention-seeking, hate-stirring, deluded clown.”Lily’s fans were quick to jump to her defence, with one quipping back: “Attention-seeking?? Coming from you???” Another added: “You’re a bully disguised as a man of the people, had of those words are garbage and you have a lot of nerve to talk.”(sic) The spat comes after Piers clashed with Charlotte Church when he commented: “Muslims can do a lot more to help police & MI5 root out radicalised members of their communities, yes.” The 31-year-old hit back: “By your logic men should do more to root out rapists. Doesn’t really work like that does it?”“I can’t deal with your level of absurd, virtue-signalling ignorance today, sorry,” the 52-year-old journalist replied after retweeting her comment. The Welsh star received a backlash for her remark but she defended her tweet, explaining: “I wasn't trying to score points, Piers has a surprising amount of power over what people hear/think. I was trying to show how unfair and unbalanced his comments were. All of us want to find a way for these attacks to stop. “Not a day for arguing. Sending comfort to everyone who's hurting today.”

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