Friday, May 12, 2017

Russian hacker claims FBI offered him citizenship and a new life if he would confess to hacking Podesta emails on behalf of Putin and Trump

By Thomas Lifson

According to a report in Newsweek by Tom O’Connor, a Russian hacker who had been detained in Prague at the request of US authorities, was visited multiple times by FBI agents, who pressed him to confess to hacking the Podesta emails at the behest of Putin, and to help Trump. They allegedly (and unsuccessfully) offered generous inducements, to say the least.
Yevgeniy Nikulin, 29, has found himself in the middle of an international dispute between Washington and Moscow, at the very center of which lies U.S. allegations that Russia sponsored a series of hacks targeting Democratic Party candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in favor of Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump. On October 5, 2016, days before U.S. intelligence publicly accused Russia of endorsing an infiltration of Democratic Party officials' emails, Nikulin was arrested in Prague at the request of the U.S. on separate hacking charges. Now, Nikulin claims U.S. authorities tried to pin the email scandal on him.
Nikulin was detained in the Czech Republic for allegedly hacking the servers of major sites LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring between 2012 and 2013. While awaiting trial, he claims in an undated letter reportedly given to U.S. Russian-language news site Nastoyashchoe Vremya by Nikulin's lawyer, Martin Sadilek, that the FBI visited him at least a couple of times, offering to drop the charges and grant him U.S. citizenship as well as cash and an apartment in the U.S. if the Russian national confessed to participating in the 2016 hacks of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta's emails in July. (snip)
Nikulin said he refused the deal, but U.S. officials threatened to return. He claims the visits occurred in mid-November 2016 and on February 7 of this year. Czech television has reported at least one FBI visit earlier this year, according to The Guardian, which cited an FBI spokesperson as saying the agency was "aware of the situation," but declining further comment. The FBI is seeking to extradite Nikulin to face trial in the U.S., something he and his lawyers are trying to fight.
So if we are to believe this account, the FBI under James Comey was willing to offer the Whole Package – citizenship and a new life – in order to be able to pin the leak of Podesta’s emails on a Russian in service to the elusive “collusion” between Trump and the Russkies.  Such a generous offer, the sort of thing offered to high level enemy defectors, must have crossed Comey’s desk, if it didn’t originate there.

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policetac said...

If this proves to be valid conversation between this young man and the FBI, the democrats will jump to create a narrative that he was the object of their original investigation. That "he" was the one they knew was "colluding" with the Trump transition team.

President Trump supporters will see it as "just another attempt by their "vast Left-wing conspiracy" to lie, cheat, steal, or distract their way into the White House.

The REAL impact would be this. First of all, it would be true. It might be twisted a little as a miscommunication between the FBI and a subject of interest in an investigation, during an interview, and them actually offering it up. I don't care if we lie to suspects here, but when the full force of the nations law enforcement has been used by a single individual or small group, or even a cabal to systematically conduct a psychological operation against a duly elected head of state, attempting to falsely implicate a sitting president in good standing of high crimes and misdemeanors is no lesser the most despicable, foul, and vile act of sedition rising easily to outright treason.

Simply the allegation is enough to absolutely DEMAND that the truth be determined, and that all parties be publicly tried. No matter which side they are on, no matter how many there are, no matter how high up the chain they go, they all get their public and well deserved punishment.

So, no matter what. It's a whole new ballgame now. It just got REAL serious!