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London mass brawl: Muslims chase Jews with bats, knives and machetes, Riot Police called in

At least one person was stabbed during a mass brawl in Stamford Hill in which dozens of violent youths clashed using bats, knives and even machetes following an illegal rave, according to reports.
Riot police were dispatched to stop the “violence involving machetes and swords after illegal rave” in Stamford Hill near Lynmouth Road, Shomrim N.E. London, a neighborhood watch group said on Twitter.
Social media reports from the scene indicated that around 30 young people brandishing an assortment of weapons, ranging from knives to bats, fought each other and vandalized vehicles in the neighborhood.
Police were forced to move in to quell the violence, that according to reports, has erupted for a second night in a row. Riot police urged the youths to leave the neighborhood before cordoning off the area. At least one person was injured in the clashes.
“Additional officers were called to Stamford Hill estate to reports of a fight between a large group. One person was found at the scene suffering from a stab wound,” a London Metropolitan Police spokesman told the Daily Star.
Police eventually dispersed the crowd and reportedly seized a large cache of weapons in the surrounding streets of the district. The area is home to the largest Jewish community in the British capital.
The majority of the youth aggressors were Muslim migrants but the political correct British press either calls them “youths” or “Asian” or doesn’t mention them at all.
Some of the youths were heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” by a few witnesses at the scene.

Turkey: Guard at Dutch embassy sexually assaults German diplomat’s teen daughter

Ankara police have arrested a security guard from the Dutch embassy for sexually attacking a 15-year-old girl from Germany.  The victim, who’s father is a German diplomat, was harassed by the Turk in Gaziosmanpaşa district of the Turkish capital.
On the morning of June 15, while the teenager was waiting at a bus stop for the school bus to arrive, a guard by the name of Onur Ö. snuck up on her and started a conversation. The girl, who is named ‘K’ in order to protect her identity, felt intimidated by the man’s words and left for another place to await the bus’s arrival, Turkish daily Hürriyet reports.
The girl’s departure, unfortunately, didn’t discourage Ö., who followed the 15-year-old and suddenly started groping her from behind. She later told local media:
“As I was waiting for the school bus, the individual at the bus stop told me something. I told him that I did not understand. Then upon the arrival of the school service, he approached me from behind and touched me. Then he ran away.”
The victim was subsequently picked up by the school bus and told the driver what had just happened. After hearing about the girl’s ordeal, the bus driver made a u-turn in order to track down the perpetrator but was unable to find him.

Ö. was eventually identified by police through studying CCTV-footage and subsequently detained in his own residence. The man is held on suspicion of “sexually assaulting a child”.

Germany: BDS activists storm lecture in Berlin Humbolt University

A lecture given by MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) at the Humboldt University of Berlin Tuesday was interrupted by a group of BDS activists, including a number of Israelis.
The event was held in the framework of a visit by a delegation of young people from the Yesh Atid political party in Berlin and Frankfurt, led by MK Aliza Lavie. The delegation aimed to promote information activities among students on leading campuses in Germany, and to hold a series of meetings with members of parliament, representatives of the Jewish community, students, and public opinion leaders.
The disruption took place several minutes after MK Lavie began her lecture. The BDS activists began shouting and cursing and did not allow the lecture to continue or a discussion to take place. Lavie's attempts to reply and hold a discussion were met with screams accusing her "a child murderer" and that "the blood of the Gaza Strip is on your hands."
The rioters also accused Israel of apartheid and war crimes. A protester who identified himself as "a journalist from Gaza" said that he was quoting materials from the radical Israeli organizations B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence.
Those present said that the provocation was staged and planned in advance in order to discredit Israel and prevent the Israeli representatives from speaking.
The scene played out before Devorah Weinstein, an 82 year old Holocaust survivor who participated in the delegation. The delegation had just visited the monument in the library square of the university, where in 1933 German students and lecturers burned tens of thousands of books of Jews and opponents of the Nazi regime.
At the end of the event, 20 BDS activists were waiting outside, so Lavie and the members of the delegation were taken out through the back exit and were accompanied by security.
"No one in Israel and around the world will prevent us from telling the truth and driving back the industry of lies and incitement against Israel," MK Lavie said, "Unfortunately my lecture quickly turned into a violent and anti-Semitic demonstration of BDS activists, including Israelis, who did not let me speak."
"This is the ugly face of the boycott industry and the BDS movement. They are not fighting for peace or rights, but against the right of the Jewish people to a national home in the State of Israel. It saddens me that Deborah, a Holocaust survivor, should have witnessed this shameful spectacle. "We will continue to fight the industry of lies and delegitimization of Israel everywhere and above every stage," added Lavie.
Holocaust survivor Dvorah Weinstein said, "They came in advance to destroy and spoil, but it will not help them. Our work is completed. Many people, even those who were not for us, came, listened and asked questions, and wanted to hear us. I am sorry for that group of violent rioters, but I am not afraid and I will continue with this work. "

Austrian army’s Chief-of-Staff: “Containing refugee crisis is militarily possible; political will is lacking”

In an interview on 20 June, Chief-of-Staff of the Austrian Army, Othmar Commenda was asked if it is possible to close off the Mediterranean sea. It is a question that the article claims the whole of Austria is asking. His answer was both clear and businesslike:
From a military point of view, the refugee routes across the Mediterranean Sea can be observed very closely. (…) Within the EU, most member-states already have the necessary strategic means, to control the refugee routes across the sea – and to reduce the illegal immigration.
Commenda went on to say that:
from a military point of view, it is possible to stop almost all the refugee ships underway to Europe. As in all matters of security, as becomes clear from experience on the Balkan (a 96% reduction in the number of refugees) a few small holes are likely to stay open. But even now, the Mediterranean is constantly observed from the air: from flying radar stations, the ‘AWACS’, and aircraft that primarily serve to detect submarines, to drones and satellites used by news services.
In short, the conclusion must be that the insane cruises in the worst kind of boats, that have for years caused thousands to end at the bottom of the sea, can be contained. Sending back the majority of the, mostly male economic migrants to protected zones on the North African coast is not a military, but a political problem.
Commenda explains that “the tried and tested idea of protected zones in safe regions is already being practiced in Syria.” It would allow a short-term containment of the refugee flood, while long-term answers are formulated for the countries of origin.

In short, Commenda says the exact same thing as retired major general and the co-author of the Australian asylum policy Jim Molan, who’s basically of the opinion that Europe is not even trying to control its borders.

EU Greens: “send whole Syrian villages” to Eastern Europe for better integration

The Vice President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group, Ska Keller, wants to see “whole Syrian villages” relocated to Eastern Europe. She thinks that “moving migrants in huge numbers would improve integration” because “people like to go where they can be among their own countrymen.”
The existence of Muslim no-go zones and enclaves where everyone is “among their own countrymen” seems to have bypassed Keller. She also has her head in the sand about the nature of Islamic supremacism: Islamic supremacists don’t want to integrate, they seek conquest, and the Hijra is an effective way to achieve that goal.
Ska Keller is also willfully blind (like many other Western leaders) to the Islamic State’s promises to infiltrate the refugee stream (which they have fulfilled), and to the implosion of European countries with billions of dollars of debt, Muslim migrant crime, chaos and jihadi attacks. None of this seems to matter to Keller. She even flippantly notes that migrants have moved around to seek “higher welfare payments in countries like Germany,” and so therefore Brussels should simply “send migrants to Eastern Europe in much greater numbers.”
“EU Greens Call for Brussels to Send ‘Whole Villages’ of Syrians to Eastern Europe”, by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, June 21, 2017:
The migration spokesman for the Greens in the European Union (EU) Parliament has called for Brussels to resettle “whole villages” of migrants in Eastern Europe.
Vice-President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group, Ska Keller, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that it is essential the EU implement a “solidarity distribution” system because migrants should be spread throughout Europe.
Noting how a large proportion of the migrants resettled in Baltic states like Lithuania quickly left to seek higher welfare payments in countries like Germany, the Green MEP said Brussels should send migrants to Eastern Europe in much greater numbers.
Keller suggested the EU could resettle “a whole Syrian village” in Latvia, “for example, if refugees are not wanting to move to a country without any other refugees”.
“People like to go where they can be among their own countrymen,” she explained, and claimed that moving migrants in huge numbers would improve integration.
Commenting on the European Commission’s decision to take legal action against Central European nations refusing to welcome a quota of third world migrants set by Brussels, the German politician stressed that “the refusal of the Czech Republic and other states to accept refugees violates EU law. That is why the EU Commission has launched a case against these countries for breaching the EU Treaty.”……

Armed Police in Canterbury Respond to Man Who Charged at Children with His Vehicle

Armed police were called late Monday night after residents in the vicinity of Howe Barracks saw a man charge a group of children with his car and wave a knife at them.

The residents called the police after a man drove up and down the street outside of the Army barracks charging a group of 20 children. Around 15 patrol cars and armed police arrived on the scene a short time later, though the suspect had already fled, KentOnline reports.
Witnesses say the man drove up and down the street waving a knife around looking for another man who he had previously had an altercation with.
“One of them went home, or so we thought, but the next thing I heard a car screeching so I ran to my sister’s gate and looked outside,” a local woman said.
“I saw a man drive at high speed, stop his car and step out. He told the other guy he was going to stab him with a kitchen knife. The other guy pushed the man back into his car and he screeched off again.”
“But he then spun the car round and drove rapidly back up the road trying to run this man and all that was around him down. There were children everywhere,” she added.
“It’s scary to see loads of people trying to stop him. I’ve never seen so many people help protect their children,” another witness said.
A 33-year-old Canterbury local was subsequently arrested and released later that a night and a 34-year-old man has also been arrested and held for questioning by the police.
None of the children or anyone else involved in the incident is thought to have been hurt.
The incident comes only days after Cardiff resident Darren Osborne ran several people over with a hired van outside of a mosque in London leaving one dead and injuring 10 others.
Police around the country are also on high alert for potential Islamic terror attacks involving vehicles like the London Bridge attack earlier this month and the Westminster Bridge attack in March.

Migrant Who Frequently Visited Kindergarten May Have Given Children Tuberculosis

An asylum seeker diagnosed with tuberculosis who visited a kindergarten several times in Bünsdorf, Germany, may have infected as many as 18 children and four adults with the disease.

The migrant, originally from Yemen, spent five months from January to May in the community, meeting families and spending time at a local kindergarten. Brought to Bünsdorf by the local church, the man is said to have had an infectious case of tuberculosis and children aged three to six may be affected, leaving parents outraged, Eckernförderung Zeitung reports
The man was given asylum in a church hall in the town and the kindergarten is located next door. In June, the man showed signs of the disease and an investigation was carried out to find if children and staff had been infected.
Christin Hettich from the Health Office held an information hearing earlier this week when it was found the bacterial form of tuberculosis diagnosed in the Yemeni man was highly contagious.
“Tuberculosis is a disaster for the sick and the community,” said local pastor Thies Feldmann. The pastor said it was not unusual the Yemeni had access to the kindergarten and youth groups in the church.
Some parents are outraged the migrant had such access to their children with one saying: “We have to sign for each individual, and we are informed about every new trainee – but a stranger is allowed to enter and leave the kindergarten?”
Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, various European countries are seeing a rise in many diseases including ones long thought vanquished from the continent.
Recently in the French capital of Paris, NGOs working with migrants living in makeshift camps on the cities streets said they had seen a drastic rise in scabies cases. Scabies has the potential to lead to more harmful diseases including antibiotic-resistant superinfections.
Late last year in a migrant camp in Bulgaria, 128 migrants in a camp of 3,000 were diagnosed with various serious illnesses, including smallpox, forcing the camp to keep migrants from leaving the facility. The situation inflamed the already tense atmosphere at the camp which led to a large-scale riot involving hundreds of migrant men.
Amongst Syrians fleeing the civil war, an even more horrific flesh-eating disease spread amongst the migrant camps bordering the country. The disease, known as leishmaniasis, is said to affect hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in the region.

Germanic Umma: A Germany with a new purpose and new faith.

Germany will be Islamic in about two decades.  The process by which this happens and the results of this transformation will be consequential beyond measure, not just for Europe, but for the world.  And Germany’s acceptance of Islam as its national religion will be peaceful and seamless.  In making this prediction, I am certainly not alone; many books are being written about the fall of Europe.  Yet while many assume this is the “end” of Europe, that the wave of Islamic immigration and migration will cause a collapse,. I am not so certain.
Europe is not “dying.”  Western Civilization as we have known it for two millenniums is dying, but Europe as a grouping of over 700 million people with technology and economies that match America and China is far from dying.
Germany, a little over 70 years after the utter destruction of the Third Reich and Hitler’s dream of ruling Europe, is now the dominant European power.  The Wehrmacht may not be blitzkrieging its way through France and Poland anymore, but Germany does rule Europe.  We call Europe weak, old and dying.  Maybe someday, but Germany, at this point in time, is none of those things.  Possessing the fourth largest economy in the world, with its exports and manufacturing, its education system and workforce, Germany’s financial might is anyone’s envy.  Berlin is the de facto European capital.
But despite the past decades of  progress and the build-up of technology, Western Europe is racked with guilt; a bloody century that left tens of millions of dead will do that to a continent and a civilization.  WWI itself seemed to pull the cord out of what remained of Christian Europe.  By the time of the Armistice, Christendom had collapsed.  With the breakup of the Royal Empires came the guilt of colonialism, imperialism, and the shadow cast by the “white man’s burden” loomed large over European culture.  And that is just Western Europe.  What specifically of Germany?
The culture and the nation that gave the world so much wonder and beauty had been betrayed by its own hubris.  The culture of Bach, Goethe, Beethoven and Schiller became the nation of Hitler and the SS and the death of over 11 million in the camps, 6 million of them Jews.  The horror of Auschwitz, the vision of the camps, the death pallor will hang over Germany, and Germans, forever.
Christianity, which died on the fields of Flanders in the First War, utterly failed Germany.  Yes, there were the Bonhoeffers and thousands more Christian martyrs that died in the camps at the hands of the Nazis, but on the whole, the churches, Lutheran and Catholic alike, share in the nation’s guilt.  The Lutheran Church of old Prussia, in particular, acquiesced and was silent, its head bowed in forever shame.
Germany is a robust manufacturing and economic powerhouse with superb infrastructure.  There is much to envy.  But a people, a nation and a culture have to believe in something more than good cars.  Belief in the “Fatherland” is verboten, to say the least.  Nationalism is a dirty word.  When one travels to Berlin, one is struck by the multitude of building cranes across the city and in the old East Berlin there is a rampant race to resurrect and refurbish buildings from Germany’s Imperial past.  The Nazi era has rightly been shunned, so what else is there?  Germany, as a united country, is only 147 years old.  This reach to restore the grandeur of the Imperial Germany of the Kaisers will result in magnificent buildings and palaces, but the Hohenzollerns are long gone.
The Churches of Germany are empty; Christianity, for many, is a religion of the past, a bygone era, one that has left beautiful music and stunning architecture, but the message of Luther has died.  There are holdouts, particularly in parts of Catholic Bavaria and parts of the Rhineland, but they are a small minority.
Germans are not without pride; there is a feeling of German exceptionalism.  They may lord over Europe in different ways then they did 75 years ago, but lord over it they do.  And how can a German not feel “superior” in their accomplishments when just one trip to Greece or Portugal, or even France, leaves one in awe of German technology and progress.  But with the demise of Christianity and nationalism considered verboten, what outlet remains in which to channel that pride?
One can say that the Germans have lost their will to fight, that it was beaten out of them in the two great wars.  Perhaps.  But can a nation of people and a culture that did almost nothing but fight for over 2,500 years, instilling fear from the Urals to the Pyrenees, from Ancient Rome to modern France, lose all of that in one generation?  Or will it be forced to find another outlet?
Germans are arrogant and I don’t mean that as a pure pejorative. Americans are arrogant as well; the English were over 100 years ago.  Americans, it can be said, have a right to be.  How could we not be arrogant with what we have achieved in the course of human history?  Our arrogance is usually restrained by enough touches of humility to keep us from being too dangerous.  But what of the Germans?
And what of Islam?  It is a martial religion, a warrior religion and faith that is all consuming.  Hitler admired Islam; he was not the only one, Napoleon did as well.  It is not a religion for the weak; it does not turn the other cheek.  It gives a purpose to a people and a nation; it is in many ways the antithesis to Christianity.  We see Islam as ISIS and Osama Bin Laden living in a cave.  But there is a grander tradition of Islam, a seductive tradition of Islam that has lured, and forced by conquest, a billion people into its fold in the past 1,500 years.
I do wonder if Germany thinks it can meld Islam into its culture, into its traditions and make an accommodation.  A special brand of Germanic Islam.  The Ottoman Turks embraced Islam and created a vast empire that ruled for over 500 years.  In embracing Islam, Germany could find its purpose, its clean break from the past, one that it feels no guilt over. After all, Islam is the epitome of a politically correct religion in these times.  The Germans may actually think they can bend Islam to their will.  And the truly frightening thing is, maybe they can.  A Germany with a new purpose and new faith, ruling over Europe as they do already, but all with an Islamic flavor.  Some will say it is fantasy.  I say it is time to be worried.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Displaced by Grenfell Fire Whilst 7,000 Veterans Remain Homeless

 Bildergebnis für homeless veterans uk photos

 Daily Mail

The Home Office and police have made a promise of amnesty to illegal migrants who resided in the Grenfell Tower if they come forward to police. Many residents may also be given luxury flats  – whilst 7,000 UK veterans remain homeless.

The pledge of amnesty was made by the Home Office this week as many have expressed concern that illegal migrants living in the tower block may be afraid to come forward to authorities fearing potential deportation.
A Home Office spokesman said: “We will not use this tragic incident as a reason to carry out immigration checks on those involved and those providing information,” The Times reports.
Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed the lives of at least 79 people, could be relocated to luxury apartments according to a report in the Evening Standard. Sixty-eight flats in a £2 billion luxury development in Kensington have been purchased by the City of London Corporation at a cost of tens of million pounds to permanently house those affected.
The luxury complex includes a swimming pool, a 24-hour concierge service, and a full gym. A source close to the development of the apartment complex said: “It is crazy money. The garage is full of Maseratis and Ferraris. But I think maybe the people here wouldn’t mind the empty flats being used – it would be a way of giving something back.”
It is unclear whether or not the illegal migrants who will be given amnesty will qualify for the relocation to the luxury building. Jolyon Maugham, QC, barrister, and director of the Good Law Project, has claimed that there is no clear guideline as to whether or not illegal migrants will receive any compensation or money from the government.
The move comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the “Chavez-style” seizure of properties last week to house the victims of the fire. “Properties must be found, requisitioned if necessary, to make sure those residents do get rehoused locally,” Corbyn said.
The left has also called for the toppling of the government in response to the fire and many have become radicalised – even beating up a volunteer helping victims who they thought was a council worker.
Meanwhile, statistics compiled by homelessness charities show there are at least 7,000 homeless veterans in the UK, though the Department of Communities and Local Government say they keep no records as to how many veterans require housing.
In 2012, the Armed Forces and Community Covenant was signed by 407 local authorities to give veterans priority for housing. But because the covenant used the word “should” instead of “must”, the agreement has been sparsely upheld.

Berlin ‘Sexist Ad’ Crackdown Bans ‘Smiling’ Women, ‘Rational’ Men from Billboards



 The left wing government in Berlin is planning to roll out a citywide ban on “sexist” billboards, prohibiting firms from portraying women as “nurturing” or happy to do housework.

A pilot implementation of the ban on adverts deemed “degrading” towards women has been tested since 2014 in the Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain district of Berlin, where politicians plan to mainstream the policy.
Der Tagesspiegel reports the German capital’s governing coalition of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens, and the Left party is setting up a committee to decide on whether or not potential adverts “degrade people on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or sexual identity”.
A long list of criteria lays out material the leftist parties deem unacceptable such as adverts which portray women as being “sexual commodities”. Guidelines stating adverts in which female models are “barely dressed and smiling without reason while a man is comfortably clothed” are deemed to send out a message that “the sexes are not equal”.
The ban will also put a stop to billboards the jury believes would reinforce stereotypes. These include depictions of women as “nurturing, happy to do housework, beautiful, addicted to shopping” or men as “rational, aggressive, technologically gifted”, according to official documents concerning the ban.
Advertisements featuring children will also be affected by the crackdown on the “standardisation of gender roles”, the guidelines asserting that boys have been “stereotyped” as “liking sports, the colour blue, and playing with technology”.
The Berlin government’s plans have been slammed by the centre right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party who argued “politicians have no right to interfere with the free market”. Whilst the classic liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) said advertising campaigns should be “protected by the freedom of expression we are granted as fundamental rights”.
“When girls and women see images of heterosexual housewives, the consequence is that they cannot ‘imagine themselves outside this framework’,” the Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain district office’s homepage reads.
Der Tagesspiegel columnist Harald Martenstein said the policy “could have been adopted from the Taliban manifesto”, and expressed “particular surprise” at the ban on billboards showing housewives.
“Girls are not stupid,” he wrote, describing the district’s assertion as “complete nonsense”.

UK Man Arrested over Finsbury Attack Facebook Post

Police arrested a man over comments made on Facebook about the Monday van attack against worshipers at a London mosque.

The BBC reports that Richard Evans has been arrested for posting offensive content to Facebook related to the attack on Muslims outside a mosque in Finsbury, UK. Richard Evans is the son of Lee Evans, who owns the company whose vehicle was used in the attack. Evans allegedly wrote a Facebook post reading, “It’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.” Police have said that a 37-year-old man has been held under “suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive, insulting written material with intent that is likely to stir up racial hatred.”
The posts were made under the Facebook account name “Richard Gear Evans” and included comments such as, “Glad I’m not running the van hire the police wouldn’t like what my answer would be,” and, “it’s my dad’s company I don’t get involved it’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.”  The account and comments posted by the account have since been deleted.
Lee Evans, the father of Richard Evans, strongly condemned his sons alleged remarks saying, “I want to condemn in the strongest possible terms these ill-considered comments, which in no way reflect my own view or indeed those of anyone else in the family.” He continued to say, “the attack in Finsbury Park was shocking and cowardly. Together with all the staff at Pontyclun Van Hire, I am doing everything I can to assist the Metropolitan Police in their inquiries.”
The suspect in the Finsbury Park attack has reportedly been named as Darren Osborne, a 47-year-old man from Cardiff. An unidentified man told The Daily Mail, “I’ve known him for 35 years, I grew up with him. It’s 100% him. He lives in Wales, he has four kids and his partner.” Osborne reportedly grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, but later moved to Wales. Osborne was arrested on terrorism and attempted murder charges on Monday.

Hungarians Declare: ‘Central Europe Stands United Against Mass Illegal Migration’

An alliance of Central European countries led by Hungary has pledged to work together to stem the flow of illegal migrants into Europe at a meeting in Prague.

Delegations to the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) group from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic were, according to a report on the Hungarian government’s official website, “united against mass illegal migration”.
Defence ministers at the summit agreed to “facilitate the quick and joint mobilization of civilian, police and military capabilities” in defence of the European Union’s external borders.
Elaborating on the reasons behind Hungary’s robust anti-mass immigration stance, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán explained: “What we want is a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe.”
The Fidesz leader said his government “won’t participate in experiments aimed at changing Hungary or Europe, in which Europe’s cultural traditions would be swept aside to be replaced by a mixture of other cultures, religions and worldviews, allowing masses to enter without control”.
Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are currently at the sharp end of a political and legal struggle with the EU’s unelected executive and leading pro-mass immigration member-states over the imposition of compulsory migrant quotas throughout the bloc.
“We will not be forced to accommodate people whose identities or intentions we do not know,” Orbán said in a speech to new recruits in Hungary’s expanded border guard.
“We believe that the future of Europe is not planned in the centre of an empire but in the capitals of European nation-states; in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, and in Budapest, too,” he added, warning that without well-protected frontiers, there will be “no welfare, security, order or development [in Europe], just uncertainty, fear, chaos, anger and trucks driving into the people”.
To buttress their position, the Hungarian government have embarked on a national consultation on how the country should ‘Stop Brussels’ from eroding its sovereignty and its capacity to manage its own migration policy.
The consultation is reported to have achieved record participation, with Orbán declaring:
“Countries now experimenting with the creation of Eurabia – or with the amalgamation of the remnants of Islamic and Christian culture – will now have to recognise that it’s not only the Hungarian government who don’t want to take part in such experiments, but that the Hungarian people have declared this in every form possible at every opportunity.”

Watch: Hungarian government advertisement for the National Consultation: