Saturday, June 24, 2017

50 firefighters tackle 'huge' blaze at a block of flats in London

Dozens of firefighters are tackling a huge blaze at a block of flats in London. Flames were seen shooting from the windows with thick black smoke billowing into the sky above Turin Street in Bethnal Green. The building's roof appears to have been set alight by the blaze with terrified locals seen gathering nearby to watch the inferno. It comes just days after the Grenfell tower tragedy which has left dozens dead and hundreds more without homes. Bethnal Green Road has been closed as firefighters tackle the blaze with eight engines sent to the scene. London Fire Brigade said flames had engulfed a third floor flat and then spread to the roof of the the four-storey building. A spokesman said one person has been treated for the effects of smoke inhalation.Labour MP Rushanara Ali, who is at the scene, told MailOnline: 'There are police officers and fire service personnel dealing with it - there's still smoke. 'I've been here for the last 45 minutes or so and they're just trying to take control of the situation. 'It's settling down and it seems like they've got a handle on it. She continued: 'People are very concerned - I've spent most of the day visiting residents around my constituency particularly where there are concerns about cladding. 'There is a real anxiety about whether their housing stock is secure which I know people will be feeling around the city and country.'This building today is not a high rise and we don't want to get into speculating on the cause but there is a general mood of anxiety - why is this happening, how are these fires happening? 'We expect regulation to work and in Grenfell tower's case they can see that it hasn't. 'People are being incredibly calm, this is a community that is very resilient so they will support each other - there are lots of strong connections and neighbourliness around here. 'But you can't get away from fact people are very anxious and upset at scenes that they've seen in recent weeks following the Grenfell fire.' 'It's really important for MPs to be here, we have the local ward councillor here working closely with officers of housing associations and the council so it's really important people need to be able to ask questions.'

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