Thursday, June 08, 2017

Final polls show Theresa May is on course for victory with a majority of up 96 seats in what has been dubbed the most important General Election in a generation

Theresa May is on course for victory in the General Election with a majority of up to 96 seats, according to the final polls of the campaign. A final model produced by Lord Ashcroft polls found that Tory support has 'hardened' in recent days. It found that if all voters who said they would cast their ballots do, then the Tories will win 373 seats - giving Mrs May a healthy majority of 96. This would be a substantial increase on the majority of 12 seats the Tories got in the 2015 election. The latest figures from Lord Ashcroft are based on surveys carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday which showed that Tory supporters indicated that they were more likely to go out and vote than they had in previous surveys. Although the pollsters also crunched the figures to look at how many seats the Tories will win if turnout is slightly lower. They found that if turnout is the same as the 2015 election, the Tories would win an estimated 364 Conservative seats and have a majority of 78.

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