Friday, June 02, 2017

German Rock am Ring music festival halted over terror threat

Those right-wing extremists! Merkel needs to crack down on them harder!
“German Rock am Ring music festival halted over terror threat,” DW, June 2, 2017:
Citing a possible terror threat, German police have temporarily pulled the plug on the Rock am Ring festival at the famous Nürburgring race track in western Germany. Visitors were told to clear the festival grounds.
Authorities suspended the crowded event on its opening night on Friday, asking the visitors to leave in a “controlled and calm” manner. The move was based on “concrete leads, which do not allow us to eliminate a possible terror threat,” the police said.
“We are currently conducting a very intense investigation,” authorities added.
The three-day festival was expected to welcome up to 90,000 visitors with German hard rock giants Rammstein set to perform later on Friday.
The organizers used loudspeakers to inform the visitors about the possible threat.
“We hope it will continue tomorrow. Please head to the exits,” they announced.
DW’s Rick Faulker tweeted there were “many glum faces” at the scene, while also saying that people were “very calm” during the evacuation.
One of the organizers, Marek Lieberberg, said that the police blocked off the surrounding streets. Shuttle buses are still running, he said….

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