Sunday, June 11, 2017

Germans demonstrate against Frankfurt anti-Israel event

An estimated 200 activists, including politicians from several German parties, protested on Friday near an anti-Israel conference in Frankfurt. The demonstrators, under the banner of “Never again Jew-hatred! The people of Israel live,” said the conference on “50 Years of Israeli Occupation” targeted Israel with antisemitism, including BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) activity. The Frankfurt-based NGO Honestly Concerned – a watchdog group that exposes antisemitism in the German media – was a principal organizer of the demonstration. Some of Europe’s leading BDS activists attended the conference, including expatriate Israeli historian Ilan Pappé. Frankfurt Deputy Mayor Uwe Becker said at the protest that BDS is not only anti-Zionist, but antisemitic, and follows the Nazis slogan “Don’t Buy from Jews!” Becker – one of Germany’s most senior pro-Israel politicians – had led an effort that caused the Ka Eins Conference Center to cancel its contract with the German Coordinating Circle Palestine/Israel, or Kopi to host the conference.

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