Friday, June 23, 2017

How the Red Cross Helps Fund Islamic Terrorism

(This is the ICRC or the International Red Cross which is militantly anti-Israel and pro-terrorist. It's not the American Red Cross. This is an important distinction.)
But Palestinian Media Watch has a crucial report on how the ICRC plays a role in the Palestinian Authority's scheme to reward Islamic terrorists and their families with cash for killing Israelis.
The PA Regulation 18 (2010), which established procedures for the PA payments to terrorist prisoners, states that a "wakil" - an "authorized agent" or "power of attorney" - will be appointed by the prisoner to determine who receives his salary. The regulation gives the prisoner the right to designate people other than his wife or parents.
Appointment of an "agent" can be authorized only by the prisoner's signature on a special form. It is the ICRC that visits the prisoners and brings the form for the prisoners to sign.
PMW's Itamar Marcus and Maurice Hirsch go on to show that the regulation specifies the Red Cross.

" Authorization of an agent is done by an authorization of agent [form] issued by the Red Cross.."
So the provision is specifically geared to the Red Cross whose involvement plays a crucial role in financing the murder of Israelis. That is inappropriate for a supposed humanitarian organization.
The Red Cross is a designated link in the chain by a terrorist front for rewarding terrorists and their families for their crimes. It's being used as an interface to incentivize Islamic terrorism.

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