Friday, June 02, 2017

Macron proposes Paris for a global junk science oasis

By Monica Showalter

Perhaps because his capital's name was on the global accord being scrapped by one country, France's President Emmanuel Macron, 39, wheeled out 'le grand geste' or grand gesture in offering 'refuge' to America's climate scientists. As if such a fraud-riddled cast of characters were somehow about to be arrested. Or lose tenure. Or something.
In fact, it was for nothing more than President Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, a worthless global treaty premised on the fake claims of global warming and policed worldwide by an America-hating petty Eurocrat bureaucracy run out of Berlin. For simply not wanting to be a part of the farce, Macron is going overwrought like so many of them and apparently offering asylum ahead of the knock on the door at midnight.
He's gone off the deep end just as most of them have.
The question remaining is whether he could actually be serious. Does he really mean to make Paris an oasis of global warming believers and then call it science?
Does he really think scientists in the states are going to give up their cushy tenured positions and hotfoot it to the charms of Paris, which become considerably less charming given the existing bureaucracy and existing refugee threat should one actually have to live there?
And more to the point, does he really think climate science, which has been shown time and time again to be a fraud-riddleddata-fakedhide-the-declinemessed up hockey stick is something that is actually going to buckle down and start producing some hard science, which so far it has failed to do?
Why not call in all the astrologers, quack-medicine practioners, and soothsayers as well, and make Paris the world's junk-science empire? You know their public will be happy to pay for it, given all the virtue-signalling potential.
I say this because I recently visited the Salk Institute's website, a top-flight research institution in San Diego with a truly distinguished history of finding cures to dreaded diseases such as cancer and diabetes. I was impressed with its demands on its researchers to put out research, to discover things, to put out tangible results. The magnificent architecture of the place is largely kept off limits to the public solely so that the scientists have a place to think and contemplate new ideas.
The climate science racket, by contrast, is not about new ideas. It's about new bureaucracies and extending socialism where voters won't let it otherwise go. It's about subsidies, crony capitalism, and fake data. The last thing in the world this racket is about is producing results. It's all about grand gestures. not reality.
Which is why the idea must be so attractive to the otherwise preposterous Macron. By all means, make Paris a magnet for this rubbish and subsidies - and get it away from the rest of us.

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