Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Manchester kosher restaurant gutted by arson attack after another kosher restaurant firebombed

JS Restaurant, the oldest kosher restaurant in Manchester has been gutted by fire following a suspected arson attack overnight at approximately 4:00.
Two days ago, Ta’am, another kosher restaurant in the city, was firebombed for the second time, and CCTV captured images of two youths conducting the attack. Last year the same restaurant was also set alight.
The fire at JS restaurant was brought under control after an hour and fifteen minutes by three fire engines, but the restaurant’s ground floor was completely wrecked. The firebomb attack against Ta’am was apparently unsuccessful.
Anybody with information on either attack should contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.
Jewish people and their property are increasingly being sought out by antisemites. It is imperative that perpetrators are brought to justice, and that police, prosecutors and the judiciary treat antisemitism with the utmost severity.

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