Monday, June 05, 2017

‘No Compromise’: Islamic State Supporters Celebrate London Attack on Social Media

Islamic State supporters are celebrating the recent terrorist attack on London, England, distributing propaganda images via their social media channels calling for “no compromise.”

The propaganda image depicts the silhouette of a man with a knife against the backdrop of a burning Tower Bridge (Tower Bridge, located close to London Bridge, is often confused with the latter — ISIS’s propagandists appear to have made the same mistake).
Islamic State-linked Nashir News Telegram channels have just distributed a poster celebrating  attack with a set of hashtags to tweet
The picture also shows a white van, similar to the one that was used by terrorists to run down civilians in London Saturday.
The image was shared on ISIS-linked channels on the Telegram messaging app. A recent post in the channel featured a clip from the Islamic State calling on Muslims to stage terrorist attacks during Ramadan, the “month of conquest and jihad.”
Nashir Telegram channels reposted compilation of messages posted at start of Ramadan, featuring clip of Adnani' 2016 Ramadan address 
ISIS-linked social media accounts also distributed material calling for copycat attacks using trucks, knives, and handguns.
2)No claim reg , but  accounts are celebrating the attack similar to after : Publishing images, warnings
3)Earlier today, pro  channel urged to kill civilians: "Run over them by vehicles" w/ image of truck, gun&knife
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Other Islamic State supporters were seen celebrating, mainly on Telegram, the messaging app currently favoured by jihadis. “We’re coming for you from Iraq,” said one, while another boasted, “the wolves have awakened.”
5) In its claim for  stated: “what comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies”
6)Pro- channels continue to celebrate  as"the black days we've promised",the wolves have awakened"responding to ISIS calls
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Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has responded to the attack on London by calling for more internet regulation, criticizing internet providers for allowing “safe spaces” for Islamist radicals.

This approach has been criticized by civil liberties campaigners, who call May’s proposal a “poor, very political response” that could “push these vile networks into even darker corners of the web, where they will be even harder to observe.”

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