Sunday, June 04, 2017

President Trump: "Stop Being Politically Correct"

President Trump responded to the latest Islamic terror attack in the United Kingdom by proposing common sense migration reform. He urged an end to political correctness but as London and Manchester and Paris and Cologne and so many other Islamic atrocities show us, our elites would rather be politically correct than live.
Certainly they are always willing to choose political correctness over our own lives. That is the dark road that brings us to London Bridge and brings us to the Manchester Arena and brings us to every single act of Islamic terrorism including September 11.
The media's smug condescension and its hollow assurances, the calls by politicians to go back to shopping and go back to attending concerts, go back to the nightlife and don't worry until the next stabbing, shooting and bombing rampage begins are sadly familiar.
It's a call for the people of a dying West to go back to being Eloi.
Real leadership doesn't mean lying to people until they die and perish of your lies. When President Trump calls for an end to political correctness and a serious conversation about the threat that we face, that is real leadership.
The hard truth is that we can either be politically correct or we can survive. We can't do both.

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