Friday, June 02, 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement is Worthless in Every Possible Way

1. If you believe, as Trump voters do, that the Green Panic is a convenient foil to shift money into the pockets of certain energy industries and banking interests at the expense of traditional industries while centralizing government control over everything, the Paris Agreement should have been trashed on Day 1. It shouldn't have even taken this long.
2. If you do believe the Climate sky is falling, then the agreement failed to do anything useful except waste a lot of energy and blow a lot of hot air. It was the definition of greenwashing. It allowed politicians to posture, much like Obama's deal with China, while doing nothing about the supposed crisis that its proponents claim to believe in.
If you're in column 1 or 2, the Paris agreement is better off dead. Column 1 is self-explanatory. Column 2 would be that a real agreement that does something would be far better.
Trump is doing to the Paris Agreement what he did to TPP. He's trashing a bad deal that no one really liked and that wouldn't achieve its supposed goals. He's being the heavy because no one else has the guts to stand up and say "No".
And even those in column 2 who believe that the polar bears are about to perish because Steve is eating a hamburger in Iowa and Julie is taking a plane trip to Denmark ought to thank him for it.

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