Saturday, June 03, 2017

"This is for Allah": "I Saw These 3 Muslim Guys Run Up and Started Stabbing this Girl"

Sure they shouted, "This is for Allah" but before long we'll be told every hour on the hour how un-Islamic it is. And some Sikh car driver ferrying passengers home will be passed off as Muslims. Meanwhile somewhere in London or Manchester, the next Islamic Jihadis are plotting their attacks.
The Car Jihad has now become the default method of terror in Europe. The Muslim attackers in the London Bridge attack had to make do with fake suicide bomb vests, a car and knives, indicating a much lower level of sophistication than the Manchester Arena bomb, suggesting that they aren't part of the same network.

But it doesn't take much.
Witnesses reported up to 20 people injured. there were also reports of pedestrians being attacked with knives.
One eyewitness, named only as Gerard, told the BBC: "I saw a geezer lying on the floor saying he'd been stabbed
"I saw these three Muslim guys run up and started stabbing this girl. They attacked her and stabbed another guy.
"I was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs, but I was defenceless.
"They were running up saying 'this is for Allah'.
"They stabbed this girl maybe ten, 15 times. She was saying 'help me, help me'."
He claimed he had hit one of the attackers on the back of the head by throwing things at him, and was chased, but escaped unharmed.
Here's the future of the gun controlled and politically corrected West. Desperate people throwing random objects at Muslim terrorists stabbing a girl while shouting, "This is for Allah".

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