Friday, June 02, 2017

Video Shows Man in Muslim Robe Trying to Stab Customer Buying Beer in Paris Supermarket

Video footage has emerged of a man in a loose-fitting Muslim robe attacking a customer at knife-point outside a Paris supermarket.
The incident took place outside a Monoprix supermarket in the 13th district of the French capital Tuesday night, Le Point newspaper reported, posting a video of the incident.
The video shows a dark-skinned man armed with a very long knife vehemently launching himself on a shopper who was exiting the supermarket, a pack of beer in his hand. The weapon was allegedly concealed under the man’s djellaba, a long loose-fitting robe  worn by men in the Maghreb region of North Africa, the paper said.
The victim had the reflex to protect himself with his forearm, while one of his friends took the assailant by the throat, forcing him to retreat.
According to a source close to the investigation cited in Le Point, the attacker was born in December 1996 in Paris.  Quickly identified, the suspect was not arrested at his home but at a friend’s house north of the capital on Wednesday morning.
The two men were placed in custody and their apartments searched.
Neither of them were “fiche S” (a French server used by law enforcement to flag an individual considered a threat to national security) or known for any radicalization. At this stage, the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office has not taken up the case.
An investigation will determine the motive, and whether or not the attacker knew the victim.

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