Monday, June 05, 2017

Watch Media Stage a Muslim Anti-Terror Rally

1. Cover them
2. Air or print the coverage
...was very difficult. Even when we had a large number of people come out. Meanwhile the media is vulgarly eager to cover any rally or protest that fits its messaging.

But the other thing that makes it stand out is that we rallied and then the media possibly did its coverage. It didn't stage manage us. If reporters wanted a good shot, they maneuvered for it. They certainly weren't directing the protestors.
This video, out of the UK, allegedly involving CNN, shows the exact opposite.
After the latest Muslim terror attack in London, there's an urgent need to run stories about Muslims supposedly opposed to terrorism. Even if you have a handful of people and you have to stage manage the results.

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L. S. said...

I was hoping London kebabs were lined up for a firing squad (((