Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why Finsbury Park and London Bridge Are Not Alike

By E.M. Cadwaladr

A few days ago a native of the British Isles, Darren Osborne, drove his truck into a crowd of Muslims near what was once a notoriously radical mosque in the north London suburb of Finsbury Park. The modus operandi of the attack was little different from that of Muslim attacks on native Europeans in Nice, the Christmas Market in Berlin, or, most recently, on London bridge. To be sure, the victims experienced the same horror. The individual tragedies were equally great. And, we can assume, the seething hatred of the perpetrators in all these cases was equally deep -- as was their love for their particular causes. There, however, the equivalency ends.
The first difference one notices between Osborne’s attacks and the others is the character of the press coverage. Immediately after the Finsbury attack, the BBC and other pseudo journalists of the left swarmed the scene to interview the Muslim bystanders. “Do you feel safe?” they asked with virtue-signaling concern. I have watched the monotonous coverage of the now depressingly frequent butchery of Europeans, British, and Americans. Not once have I heard a reporter ask the bystanders or victims of a Jihadist attack -- “Do you feel safe?” Our feelings and our actual safety are of no concern. Middle-class native Europeans and white Americans are expendable. Western journalists delight in weeping over sympathetic, bloody-faced Syrian children, or refugee babies washed up on the island of Lesbos. They don’t show German children, or French children, or English children -- crushed under the wheels of a terrorist’s truck. Neither have they ever shown Israeli babies mutilated in Hamas rocket attacks. There are differences indeed.
However deplorable Darren Osborne’s actions may have been, it seems likely that his motive was essentially to protect his own civilization. Were he a racist, he might as easily driven into a crowd of West Indian blacks, or rammed the store front of a Chinese restaurant. Both of those groups are much more racially different from Mr. Osborne. West Indians and Chinese, however, do not don vests of explosives nor drive trucks into crowds. West Indians and Chinese do not embody a 7th-century ideology that is bent on global conquest, and enshrines that concept as a central feature of its sacred texts. The victims of Islam lie buried from Alexandria, a Christian city lost to Muslim conquerors in 641 A.D., to Vienna, which barely held back the Islamic tide in 1683, to London and San Bernardino today. Islam has never made peace with Western civilization, nor with any other civilization for that matter. It is a death cult which divides the world into two simple spheres: The Dar al-Islam (the abode of Islam) and the Dar al-Harb (the abode of war). The West subdued this ancient enemy for a hundred and fifty years or so -- which was apparently long enough for our politically correct leaders to erase our history from their memories. We have changed -- Islam has not. The respite is now over.
Jihadists in the West are bent on continuing their interrupted conquests in their own ancient and brutal way. They are not ashamed of saying so -- it is our Western politicians who have steadfastly refused to listen. We have all gotten sick of hearing about the “peaceful Muslim majority.” A tolerant Muslim is, to put it plainly, a Muslim who ignores his own scriptures. To be even plainer, a tolerant Muslim is really not a Muslim at all.
Liberal ecologists talk freely about “invasive species” -- that is, animals deliberately or accidentally imported that gradually displace the native wildlife. Unfortunately, any further application of this concept seems to have eluded the shrunken, inward-looking, leftist mind. When it comes to cultures, leftists live in a multicultural dreamland and utterly refuse to be awakened. They not only invite the invasive species in, they crack down hard on us natives at the slightest hint of protest. Never, in all the history of the world that I am aware of, has any culture been so sickeningly intent on its own suicide as the culture of the West. Our ancestors who stopped the Moors, the Turks, and the Barbary pirates must be outraged in their graves. They have given birth to a generation not merely of sheep -- but of effeminate, self-indulgent lemmings.
What is an Islamophobe? An Islamophobe is a person who has read the Koran, or read history, and is not fond of the option of either converting, being subjugated, or being killed. If Western governments stubbornly refuse to see this, our future will be filled with 7th-century Jihadist butchery -- and more Darren Osbornes who have simply had enough.

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