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Damning study: ‘German Main Stream Media biased and uncritical during migrant crisis’

In what way did digital media report on the countless events from the spring of 2015 to the spring to 2016? How did the three leading papers comment on the most important theme of the year? How can their commentary be analysed? And the local and regional press? How did they deal with the theme of “Willkomsenskultur” (the perceived need for welcoming refugees)?
These are a few of the questions asked in an ambitious study by the Otto Brenner Stiftung, the academic Bureau of the German metalworkers’ trade union. To find answers to these and other questions, the Foundation studied about 35.000 articles and subjected them to an array of analytical questions. The findings, to be officially presented on Monday, can be found in an impressive report (PDF).
According to an article in Zeit Online, the report can be summarised by saying that Germany has suffered a media power-outage, which negatively impacted society. Not only did the ‘mainstream media’ rally behind Angela Merkel’s refugee-policy, it accepted solutions by the political elite without criticism. The media even employed a “euphemistic-persuasive form of speech” with the intent of spreading the idea of ‘Willkomenskultur’. Those who did not toe the line taken by the government, were deemed suspect of xenophobia in the eyes of a lot of journalists.
Critics, the study implies, had to be taught to be better people, using arguments like: Germany needs hundredthousends of young refugees, for their labour and to counter the aging of the population. In this way ‘the Willkommenskultur was transformed into a kind of magic word’, with which ‘the voluntary services of citizens, as a kind of good Samaritans, could be forced by making it some kind of moral duty.
One of the conclusions reached is that for the three most important national papers (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Algemeine) are focussed, not on the news as such, but on the political elite. According to the study, this is nothing new, and is a well-known phenomenon called ‘indexing’ in American research.
Almost 20% of the articles on the refugee crisis are commentaries – an unusually high percentage, which betrays the striking preference for opinions of the newspaper editors. Furthermore, the report states that the most important criterion for journalistic quality, reporting in a neutral way, in almost half of all cases is not maintained:
All three newspaper editors comment on the mega theme ‘refugees/asylumseeker’ very intensively. The analysis of these opinion based articles (Lead articles, editorials, etc.) confirm the findings we referred to earlier: seven out of ten relevant actors are part of the political elite. In the context of the ‘indexing’-thesis, the target audience for these commentaries is not the readers, but politicians. The arguments mostly deal with political proposals that have a practical nature. Until the end of the autumn of 2015 there is hardly a commentary published about the worries, fears and the resistance of a growing part of the population. And if they are published, they take on a condescending or (towards the Eastern German regions) despising tone. Hardly a single commentary in the so-called critical period (August and September) tried to differentiate between right-wing radicals and politically insecure, worried citizens that felt neglected. The published commentaries didn’t aim to discuss different points of view, but to emphasise the convictions of the writers, in particularly those of the policymakers.
What is also remarkable, is what the report calls the absence of interest in citizens.
Even in January 2016, with regard to the New Year’s Eve drama, there is no appreciation for those that take care, or should take care, of those involved: representatives of church organisations, or experts of social instutions. Instead, and all the more frequently, representatives of the political elite enter the media-fray. It is surprising that in the autumn and winter of 2015/16 in the Süddeutschen Zeitung and the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung the presence of the political elite (Federal Government, Ministers, Members of Parliament, leading members of political parties) didn’t decrease, but rose to around 80%. Here, on a structural level, was shown the paradox that the more the crisis raged in the streets of Germany’s cities and municipalities, the more intense the media interacted with the political levels furthest removed from them.

It would seem that the term ‘Lügenpresse’, the lying media, might have more than a kernel of truth in it. It is not so much ‘fake news’, as it is deliberate non-news.

Brexit: EU Blocks UK Checking Criminal History of European Migrants

The European Union (EU) is attempting to block the UK from carrying out criminal record checks on EU citizen seeking “settled status” in the U.K. after Brexit.

The issue proved a major sticking point in yesterday’s negotiations – despite the UK’s team, led by Brexit secretary David Davis, making it clear they were happy for UK citizens in EU nations to undergo similar checks.
The EU’s chief negotiator Michael Barnier and his team also reiterated their hardline demand for EU courts to retain supremacy over British ones in the area of citizen’s rights after the UK leaves the bloc.
More than three million EU citizens live in the UK who could be subject to the checks, but the EU said the checks should only be carried out based on reasonable suspicion, an insider told The Times.
As is the current policy for non-European immigrants, the UK simply wants to deport those who have committed a crime after the event of Brexit, where the sentence is more than 12 months.
The EU, however, claims systematic checks would be impermissible under EU law and wants to oversee less stringent checks with their own courts.
They also want their courts to continue overseeing citizens rights after Brexit, something strongly opposed by the UK, which has been described as a form of judicial “imperialism” by MPs and experts, who claim it would make EU citizens a privileged class with more rights than Brits.
The issues were two of 14 so-called “red lines” laid out by the EU on the topic of citizen’s right in discussions that will have to be dealt with before negotiations can move on to Britain’s future trading relationship.
Some may be possible to overcome, but others appear intractable. The EU, for example, is determined its existing, more relaxed, approach to deportations will apply, rather than the stricter approach favored by the UK.

Just over a week ago, Moody’s Investors Service said the probability of the UK walking away from the EU without a deal is now “substantial”.

‘I Want to Die for Allah’ Shouted Migrant Who Stabbed Police Officer

An immigrant shouted ‘I want to die for Allah’ as he was escorted away after attacking a police officer with a knife in Italy.

The 31-year-old Guinean man, identified as Saidou Mamoud Diallo, was immobilised and arrested on Monday afternoon [July 17] for attempted murder, Corriere della Sera reports.
According to the paper, Diallo was seen near Central Station in Milan where airport shuttles depart.
An airport shuttle attendant noticed him shouting and asked if he needed something, at which point he pulled out a knife and made threats.
The shuttle crew barricaded themselves in the shuttle bus in fear of Diallo, who was visibly distressed and shaking his knife. The bus occupants then called the police.
When police attended and restrained Diallo, he managed to attack one of the officers in the shoulder. Fortunately the police officer, who was taken to hospital, was wearing a bullet proof vest and only suffered a minor injury.
Investigations revealed that Diallo, who had no identification on him when he was apprehended, had given the authorities four other pseudonyms when stopped in the past for, among others, threatening behaviour and resistance to public officials. He also had an extradition order issued to him on July 4.
Roberto Maroni, president of the Lombardy region, wrote on his Facebook page: “He was subject to an extradition order from the Sondrio Police headquarters, yet he moved in our territory free and undisturbed.
I express solidarity with the affected officer and all forces of order that guarantee our security and defend us from these crazy criminals every day.”
Silvia Sardone, a Milan City councillor from the centre-right Forza Italia party, said: “An emergency situation has been underestimated for years by the left in this town, which continues to oppose a serious security plan in the area to counteract crime and degradation.”
She accused the left of preferring “the squalor of hundreds of immigrants” to trying to “save this area, entry gate to so many tourists in the city.”
The paper states that the police are not currently treating the incident as a terrorist attack, as there is nothing to suggest Diallo has been radicalised.
The incident is similar to another which took place in the same area in May, when a half Tunisian man attacked a policeman and two soldiers with a kitchen knife.

Study: German Media Was Wholly ‘Uncritical’ During Migrant Crisis

A new study has slammed German media companies accusing them  of promoting the government line and being entirely uncritical of the migrant crisis, instead, spreading only the ideas of “welcome culture.”

The study, carried out by the Hamburg Media School and the University of Leipzig, claims that the mainstream German media took the government policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on board without criticism and actively promoted pro-migrant rhetoric. The researchers said the media had adopted the “solutions of the political elite,” Die Welt reports.
Researchers looked at several thousand articles from February 2015 to March 2016 in major publications like Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the tabloid Bild, as well as various regional publications to reach their conclusions.
Professor Michael Haller, who headed the study, said that the conclusions show a structural problem in German media. “Large sections of journalists have misunderstood their professional role and neglected the enlightenment function of the media,” Haller said.
One newspaper that was not included in the study was the left-leaning weekly Die Zeit which Professor Haller did criticise for its coverage of the migrant crisis. He said the paper promoted “too much good-humankind sentimentality,” and noted that those in charge had, “too few critical inquiries to the authorities.”
Die Zeit editor and publisher Josef Joffe stirred controversy earlier this year when he remarked on a political television programme that “murder in the White House” could be a way to end the “Trump catastrophe.”
German media has also been accused by many of downplaying events that present migrants in a negative light, like the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks that initially received very little coverage in the mainstream press. It took the German press weeks before admitting that many of the perpetrators of the attacks came from migrant backgrounds.
Other media have also sharply criticised over their coverage of the murder and rape case of young student Maria Ladenburger last year. German public broadcaster ARD failed to report on the case, despite the national outrage, claiming that it was “too regional” to be covered.
The bias of the mainstream media in Germany has led to the resurgence of the world “lugenpresse” or lying press, by those who oppose mass migration and Islamisation like the PEGIDA movement.
Founder of PEGIDA Lutz Bachmann used the term last year in an exclusive interview with Breitbart London in which he described the German press as failing to be objective regarding himself or the movement.

The Jewashing of George Soros: Millions of Jews are anti-Semitic for calling out an anti-Semite

George Soros hates Jews.
He collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust and insisted that helping confiscate property from Jews brought him no guilt. “There was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets that if I weren't there of course, I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would.” He described the season of these horrors as “the most exciting time of my life.”
Soros grew up in a "Jewish, anti-Semitic home". He called his mother a “typical Jewish anti-Semite” who hated his first wife because she was “too Jewish”. After undergoing psychoanalysis, he was able to understand that his shame was rooted in his Jewishness. He had a special contempt for Jewish philanthropies after a failed attempt to defraud a Jewish charity in London.
He was booed when he undermined the presentation of an award to a Holocaust survivor by comparing Israeli Jews to Nazis. Elie Wiesel had declared in disgust, “I heard what happened. If I’d been there—and you can quote me—I would have walked out.”
That same year, Soros blamed the Israeli government for a “resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe”. He might have been more honest if he took responsibility considering his funding of groups that traffic in anti-Semitic smears. And his own anti-Semitic allegations that “attitudes toward the Jewish community are influenced by the pro-Israel lobby's success in suppressing divergent views."
Soros has defended Hamas and Hezbollah who have called for the extermination of the Jews. He championed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt despite or because of its support for Hitler. Yusuf al-Qaradawi had claimed that Hitler had been sent by Allah to punish the Jews. “Allah willing,” the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader said, “the next time will be at the hands of the believers (Muslims)."
There’s no denying that George Soros is a warped and twisted man. Especially when it comes to the Jews. But he’s also the money man behind a great deal of leftist activism. Especially anti-Israel activism.
And so he must be defended.
An editorial at New York Times by a figure linked to the +972 anti-Israel hate site decries “Israel’s War Against George Soros”. That’s right up there with Poland’s war on Nazi Germany.
What does this war consist of? Has Israel sent drones to the Soros estate? Did Mossad agents drag George out of his featherbed to face the justice of those injured through his actions?
The “war” consisted of one statement. The Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned Soros for “continuously undermining Israel’s democratically elected governments,” and backing hate groups “that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.” Not only is it true, but it’s underwhelming.
Even by the low fake news standards of today’s extremist media, you expect something more from a headline screaming “Israel’s War Against George Soros” than a single restrained criticism.
Do the thousands of hit pieces from the New York Times count as a “War on Israel? That includes the aforementioned Mairav Zonszein screed on Soros which in true Sorosesque fashion pivots from defending an anti-Semite to launching bizarre and hopelessly factless smears at the Jewish State.
Mairav claims that Israel is now aligned with “illiberal, autocratic states like Russia, Turkey and Egypt.” That would be news to Turkey which just accused Israel of a “crime against humanity” and backs Hamas. Or to Russia, which backs Iran and whose S-300 missiles guard Iran’s nuclear program against an Israeli strike. But using the stopped clock principle, getting one of three right isn’t bad for the New York Times.
Soros and the Times were aligned with the illiberal autocratic Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt under a leader who had urged Muslims to “nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred” of the Jews.
But there’s nothing anti-Semitic to see there.
According to the New York Times, criticizing an anti-Semite whose Jewishness can only be found with a DNA analysis is anti-Semitic, but attacking millions of Jews defending themselves against genocide isn’t.
The government that represents millions of Jews is anti-Semitic for calling out a left-wing anti-Semite. And the millions of Jews, and even the recently deceased Elie Wiesel, probably are too.
According to Mairav Zonszein, Israel’s criticism of Soros aligns it with anti-Semites. “It takes some gall on the part of Mr. Netanyahu to choose this moment to kick Mr. Soros while he’s down — not only because Mr. Soros is, once again, a victim of anti-Semitism,” Mairav fumes.
By “down”, Mairav means he’s the world’s 22nd richest man and dictates policy to entire governments.
Mr. Soros has not refrained from kicking Israeli families when they were being shot and stabbed by Islamic terrorists. He hasn’t stopped funding hate against Jews or blaming Jews for anti-Semitism.
George Soros funds BDS, an organization run by a terrorist and one that defends the murder of Jews. But there’s mean ole Mr. Netanyahu kicking the 22nd richest man in the world when he’s down.
This shameless Jewashing is despicable and typical. The left shrugs at the murderous anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. And at times it even defends it. It loves Jewashing its hatred of Jews by putting activists with a Jewish last name up front in its anti-Semitic activities. And it will defend anti-Semites like George Soros as victims of anti-Semitism at the hands of the government of millions of Jews.
When it’s convenient, George Soros takes a break from fond recollections of the most exciting time in his life, helping rob Jews, to play a victim of the Holocaust. And if it’s useful, he’ll even take a break from defending Hamas and Hezbollah, from funding the types of terrorists who call the murder of Jews “resistance” and from supporting Islamist groups that praise Hitler, to play the victim of anti-Semitism.
George Soros hates Jews. So do his apologists and supporters. They just can’t say so in public. Yet.
There are a thousand euphemisms. They’re not anti-Semites, they’re anti-Zionists. Yes, they just happen to be reviving the Nazi boycott against the Jews. And their favorite Muslim Brotherhood hate groups drew organizational inspiration from the Third Reich. But they’re only concerned for social justice. The social justice they’re concerned with just happens to require the persecution of the Jews. They just happen to disrupt Holocaust memorial events and Jewish holidays to bring attention to the cause of the oppressed Muslim terrorists whose heroic figures had egged on Hitler to wipe out the Jews.
And if you doubt their commitment to opposing anti-Semitism, watch them defend George Soros. Then when the Jewashing is done, they can go back to demanding that we fund the terrorists murdering Jews.
George Soros is not a Holocaust survivor. He has spent much of his life collaborating with totalitarian movements whose goal is the extermination of the Jewish people.
He is not a victim of anti-Semitism. He is a perpetrator of anti-Semitism.
The only thing more despicable than the left’s obsessive hatred of Jews is its Jewashing of anti-Semites. Hating Jews is anti-Semitic no matter what your last name might be. Collaborating with the murderers of Jews is attempted genocide no matter what your DNA may say. When you defend Hamas, fund BDS and defend anti-Semitism, no amount of lies and spin will Jewash your hatred and guilt away.

Sweden: A Failed State?

The security situation in Sweden is now so critical that the national police chief, Dan Eliasson, has asked the public for help; the police are unable to solve the problems on their own. In June, the Swedish police released a new report, "Utsatta områden 2017", ("Vulnerable Areas 2017", commonly known as "no-go zones" or lawless areas). It shows that the 55 no-go zones of a year ago are now 61.
In September 2016, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman refused to see the warnings: in 2015, only 14% of all crimes in Sweden were solved, and in 2016, 80% of police officers were allegedly considering quitting the force. Both ministers refused to call it a crisis. According to Anders Ygeman:
"... we are in a very difficult position, but crisis is something completely different. ...we are in a very strained position and this is because we have done the biggest reorganization since the 1960s, while we have these very difficult external factors with the highest refugee reception since the Second World War. We have border controls for the first time in 20 years, and an increased terrorist threat".
A year later the Swedish national police chief is calling the situation "acute".Sweden increasingly resembles a failed state: In the 61 "no-go zones", there are 200 criminal networks with an estimated 5,000 criminals who are members. Twenty-three of those no-go zones are especially critical: children as young as 10 years old are involved in serious crimesthere, including weapons and drugs, and are literally being trained to become hardened criminals.
The trouble, however, extends beyond organized crime. In June, Swedish police in the city of Trollhättan, during a riot in the Kronogården suburb, were attacked by approximately a hundred masked migrant youths, mainly Somalis. The rioting continued for two nights.
Violent riots, however, are just part of Sweden's security problems. In 2010, according to the government, there were "only" 200 radical Islamists in Sweden. In June, the head of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Anders Thornberg, told the Swedish media that the country is experiencing a "historical" challenge in having to deal with thousands of "radical Islamists in Sweden". The jihadists and jihadist supporters are mainly concentrated in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Örebro, according to Säpo. "This is the 'new normal' ... It is an historic challenge that extremist circles are growing," Thornberg said.
The Swedish establishment has only itself to blame for it.
Thornberg said that Säpo now receives around 6,000 intelligence tips a month concerning terrorism and extremism, compared to an average of 2,000 a month in 2012.
Some of the reasons for the increase, according to terror expert Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish Defense University, is due to segregation in Sweden's no-go zones:
"... it has been easy for extremists to recruit undisturbed in those areas. ...the prevention measures have been pretty tame... if you compare Denmark and Sweden, Denmark is at university level and Sweden at kindergarten level".
Asked what the increase in people supporting extremist ideologies indicated about Sweden's work to combat radicalism, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman told the Swedish news outlet TT:
"I think it says little. This is a development we have seen in a number of countries in Europe. On the other hand, it shows that it was right to take those measures we have. A permanent centre against violent extremism, that we have increased the budget to work against violent extremism, that we have increased the security police's budget for three years."
There may be even more jihadists than Säpo thinks. In 2015, at the height of the migrant crisis, when Sweden received over 160,000 migrants, 14,000 of them who were told that they were going to be deported disappeared inside Sweden without a trace. As late as April 2017, Sweden was still looking for 10,000 of them. Sweden, however, has only 200 border police staff at its disposal to look for them. One "disappeared migrant" was Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan. He drove a truck into a department store in Stockholm, killing four people and wounding many others. He later said he did it for the Islamic State (ISIS).
Meanwhile, Sweden continues to receive returning ISIS fighters from Syria, a courtesy that hardly improves the security situation. Sweden, so far, has received 150 returning ISIS fighters. There are still 112 who remain abroad -- considered the most hardcore of all -- and Sweden expects many of those to return as well. Astonishingly, the Swedish government has given several of the ISIS returnees protected identities to prevent local Swedes from finding out who they are. Two Swedish ISIS fighters who returned to Europe, Osama Krayem and Mohamed Belkaid, went on to help commit the terror attacks at Brussels airport and the Maelbeek metro station in the center of Brussels, on March 22, 2016. Thirty-one people were killed; 300 were wounded.
Swedish news outlets have reported that the Swedish towns that receive the returnees do not even know they are returning ISIS fighters. One coordinator of the work against violent Islamist extremism in Stockholm, Christina Kiernan, says that " the moment there is no control over those returning from ISIS-controlled areas in the Middle East".
Kiernan explains that there are rules that prevent the passing of information about returning jihadists from Säpo to the local municipalities, so that the people who are in charge in the municipal authorities, including the police, have no information about who and how many returned ISIS fighters there are in their area. It is therefore impossible to monitor them -- and this at a time when Säpo estimates the number of violent Islamist extremists in Sweden in the thousands.
Even after all this, the Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing. When police officer Peter Springare said in February that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in the suburbs, he was investigated for inciting "racial hatred".
Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for "hate speech", for writing on Facebook that migrants "set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets".
With thousands of jihadists all over Sweden, what could be more important than prosecuting a Swedish pensioner for writing on Facebook?

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Effects of Centuries of Extreme Inbreeding Among Muslims: Low IQ, Violence and Terrorism

Taboo: Almost half of Muslims are inbred. How does that affect intelligence and health? And is there a connection to terrorism and violence?

Lise Egholm, longtime school leader in the Muslim-dominated area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently warned against not talking about the widespread practise of inbreeding among Muslims“A study shows that infant mortality doubles, along with a high risk of congenital malformations, also that increased birth defect rates and inheritance of recessive traits are more common in consanguineous marriages. I think it’s time to express concern. We must talk about this problem. All parents want healthy children. Fortunately, we live in a society where our health system does much to ensure that a pregnancy ends with a viable child. What amazes me and has made me wonder for years is why we do not talk about, maybe they even ban, the many cousin marriages?”
While health systems in otherwise less-developed countries in the Muslim world are openly discussing and warning against consanguineous marriages, it is considered politically incorrect in the West to regard as a problem the vast genetic and societal difficulties resulting from this religious-cultural practise.
Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguineous (cousin marriages), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arab Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs). In Pakistan, 70 percent of marriages are consanguineous, and in Turkey, the percentage is 25-30. There seems to be no national data on Indonesia, but there are reports on 17 percent consanguinity on East Timor and a high level of consanguineous marriages in some areas of Java.”
Full story at

BBC’s Top Earners Opposed Brexit and Controlling Migration

A high proportion of top earners at the BBC have railed against Brexit and controlled migration, voicing broadly left-wing views.

With Wednesday’s disclosure of BBC salaries, funded by ordinary Brits forced to pay the TV license fee, many people have a renewed interest in the views promoted by those they sustain.
Strikingly, the list of 100 BBC employees contains few right-wingers or prominent supporters of Brexit – Andrew Neil, who edits the pro-Brexit magazine The Spectator, being a lonely exception.

Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,799,999

The former footballer and presenter was the second most highly-paid person at the BBC.
In recent months, he has become a well known pro-mass migration activist, accusing people who disagree with him of being racist and bigoted.
He famously called those questioning the age of so-called “child migrants” arriving in the UK from Calais “hideously racist” and spread fake claims that older-looking migrants were, in fact, adult interpreters.

Chris Evans – £2,200,000-£2,249,999

The best-rpaid man the BBC, Evans recently quit his position after destroying the ratings of Top Gear, previously the corporation’s best grossing show, during his short period as host.
Mr Evans also appears to be a committed left-winger. He pledged a whopping £100,000 in 2000 to former London Mayor ‘Red’ Ken Livingston – a committed ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who was recently suspended from the party for alleged anti-Semitism.

Graham Norton – £850,000-£899,999

The flamboyant presenter was another face at the BBC strongly opposed to leaving the EU. He blamed the vote on the elderly, suggested voters were duped by a “pack of lies”, and called for a second referendum.
“I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and I feel sorry for the people who voted for it because they were lied to,” Mr Norton told the Irish ‘Late Late’ host Ryan Tubridy.
“What is so sad about Brexit is that people over 60 – because it was people over 60 passed that thing – closed so many doors on young people and shut down options”, he added.

Simon Schama – £150,000-199,999

The historian and broadcaster has relentlessly agitated against Breixt and claiming the nation will be much diminished when it leaves the EU.

Brian Cox – £250,000-299,999

The presenter, astrophysicist, and former musician shared an anti-Brexit article with his thousands of followers on social media and claimed the nation would take years to “recover” from the vote to leave the EU.

Alan Yentob – £250,000-299,999

He received his huge salary for presenting the little-known arts show ‘Imagine’.
A known left-winger, he has urged the nation to take more migrants and was a chairman of the disgraced charity Kids Company, which squandered millions in taxpayers money.
The now defunct organisation also spent cash on helping illegal migrants stay in the UK.

Report: Immigration Crisis Causing ‘Unprecedented’ Shift in Italy’s Demographics

A deadly combination of a plummeting birthrate and massive immigration portend that native Italians will make up an increasingly small percentage of Italy’s overall population, a new study reports.

Italy’s fertility rate is less than half of what it was in 1964, the Centro Machiavelli reported in its study titled “How immigration is changing Italian demographics.” It has dropped from 2.7 children per woman to just 1.5 children per woman currently, a figure well below the replacement level for zero population growth of roughly 2.1 children per woman.
As of the first of this year, Italy had over five million foreigners living as residents, a growth of a remarkable 25 percent relative to 2012 and a whopping 270 percent over 2002. At that time, foreigners made up just 2.38 percent of the population while fifteen years later the figure has nearly trebled to 8.33 percent of the population.
Moreover, even the children being born in Italy are over-represented by immigrants, whose birthrate is considerably higher than native Italians, the study revealed. It is “unsurprising,” therefore, that Italian regions with the highest fertility rates are no longer in the south, as was ever the case, but in the Italian north and in the Lazio region, where there is a higher concentration of immigrants.
If current trends continue, the report states, by 2065, first- and second-generation immigrants will exceed 22 million persons, or more than 40 percent of Italy’s total population.
By comparison, it was only in the not far-off 2001 that the percentage of foreigners living in Italy crossed the low threshold of one percent, which reveals the speed and magnitude of demographic change occurring in Italy, a phenomenon “without precedent” in Italy’s history, the study asserts.
An added concern brought forward by the report is the high concentration of immigrant populations from just a few countries of origin, which often results elsewhere in the formation of “closed, homogeneous communities that fail to integrate with their host society,” or what Pope Francis has termed “ghettoization.”
In the 1970s, the top ten countries of origin made up just 12.8 percent of the total immigrant population in Italy, the study found, whereas today five times that figure, or 64 percent of the total immigrant population, comes from just ten countries.
Unfortunately, Italy is not alone in its demographic turmoil, the study stated. Extrapolating from current trends, British citizens will no longer be the majority of the population in the United Kingdom around 1965.
In Germany today, 36 percent of children under five are born to immigrant parents, which presages a significant demographic shift in the next generation in that country as well.
In this regard, Italy represents a microcosm of Europe itself, which accounted for over a fifth of the entire world population in 1950 (22 percent), yet is expected to make up just 7 percent of the world population in the year 2050, the study states.

Germany Indicts 5 Suspects in Islamic State Recruitment Ring

German prosecutors filed terrorism charges Thursday against a suspected representative of the Islamic State group in Germany and four fellow suspects who are accused of running a recruitment network. The suspected ringleader — a 33-year-old Iraqi citizen identified as Ahmad Abdulaziz Abdullah A., who goes by the alias Abu Walaa — was indicted on charges of membership in a terrorist organization, terror financing and public incitement to commit crimes, federal prosecutors said. The five, who were arrested in November, are suspected of recruiting young Muslims in Germany and raising funds to send them to Syria and Iraq to join IS. Abu Walaa was the imam at a radical mosque in the northern city of Hildesheim and also organized “Islam seminars” at mosques elsewhere in Germany. The other four suspects were indicted on charges of supporting IS in different ways. The 51-year-old Turkish citizen Hasan C. and 37-year-old German-Serbian citizen Boban S., were allegedly in charge of teaching Arabic and “radical Islamic content” to recruits. A 28-year-old German citizen, Mahmoud O., and a 27-year-old from Cameroon, identified as Ahmed F.Y., were allegedly in charge of helping to organize the recruits’ departure to Syria. Prosecutors listed the names of eight men who they say left Germany with the support of Abu Walaa to join IS in Syria. Among those listed are Mark and Kevin K. who killed dozens of government soldiers in two separate suicide bombings in 2015. Another one, identified as Martin L., was given 2,000 euros ($2,324) from Abu Walaa to pay for his travels to Syria in November 2014. He is allegedly in charge of guarding new IS fighters coming from Germany. Much of the information for the investigation comes from an unnamed confidant. Abu Walaa has called that person a traitor and asked on social media for the source to be killed after German authorities first raided the group’s premises in August. Prosecutors say their source has been promised confidentiality and has been given protection.

Merkel's Rejection of Migrant Limits Leads to German Crisis

Angela Merkel, the last chancellor of Germany, has something in common with Hawaii's Judge Derrick Watson. Both refuse to set any kind of limits on migrants.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to place an upper limit on refugees that the country accepts, speaking in an annual interview broadcast on Sunday.
"As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it," she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.
That position places her in conflict with CSU leader Horst Seehofer who threatened not to enter into coalition without an annual upper limit for refugee numbers.
The majority of the "refugees" are economic migrants. And there are plenty of poll numbers that show huge percentages of entire countries in the region would be eager to move to Europe or America if given the chance. Does Merkel have a plan to raise their GDPs until they have the same level of prosperity as Germany? If she has such a plan, she might want to start out deploying it in Greece or Poland.
But Merkel doesn't really have a plan. She has dogma. And that dogma refuses to actually limit the flow of migrants. Despite how much damage has already been done to Germany.
Frau Merkel doesn't care how many women have been raped, how much violence has occured or how every promise she has made of refugees contributing to Germany has fallen apart. All that matters is never admitting that she was wrong.

Ethnic and Sexual Minorities Over-Represented at BBC, Despite Claims of Discrimination

The BBC is on course to meet or exceed all of its “diversity quotas” for ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, but remains a stronghold of middle class and privately-educated privilege, with working class people severely under-represented.

The Times reports on the revelations, exposed by the first socioeconomic census of BBC staff, as the mainstream media rallies to denounce the corporation as “sexist” and discriminatory against minorities based on the salaries of a small number of top employees.
Covering the license fee-funded broadcaster’s disclosure of how much it gives its highest-paid employees, the Huffington Post ran with the headline: “Lack Of Diversity Laid Bare By Top Earners’ List”.
The Guardian newspaper struck a similar tone with: “BBC Facing Backlash from Female Stars after Gender Pay Gap Revealed”.
BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey said she was “incandescent with rage” about the supposed “gender pay gap” between male and female presenters.
In terms of raw numbers, however, the proportion of white men at the corporation is rapidly declining.
The BBC said yesterday that 48.2 per cent of employees are women, including 42.1 per cent in “leadership roles”. Around 52 per cent of the general population are women, and the BBC aims to have 50 per cent in both categories in just three years.
Furthermore, a staff census at the end of last year showed that 14.5 per cent of staff were from ethnic minorities, ahead of this year’s target, with the aim of hitting 15 per cent by 2020.
This means ethnic minorities are already over-represented, as the 2011 national census found that 87 per cent of the population classed themselves as “white”.
Sexual minorities are also excelling. More than a tenth of the BBC’s staff are currently lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered, rising to 11.5 per cent in leadership jobs.
The target is 8 per cent by 2020, although just 1.7 per cent of the population identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual, according to a 2015 report by the Office for National Statistics.
Despite these rapid, ongoing changes, one major demographic – the working class – remains under represented.
The socioeconomic census of the BBC’s staff found 17 per cent attended fee-paying schools, compared with 7 per cent of the general population.
Fully 61 per cent of BBC employees are drawn from families where parents have “higher managerial and professional occupations” – just 20 per cent of the general population .
The BBC has made well-paid, prestigious internships exclusively availalbe to non-whites – regardless of economic background – and made organised so-called “diversity drives“.
Research by the NUJ in 2011 found that across journalism as a whole, fewer than ten per cent of those entering the profession come from a working-class background, and just three per cent from homes headed by semi-skilled or unskilled workers.

Europe Ever Downward: Now the Bavarians Want Out

By Mike Konrad

Bavarians are considering leaving Germany.  What is it with the European nations that their most productive citizens want to leave?
[A] new survey looks to bolster the Bavarian Party's hopes for a true Free State of Bavaria (the state's official title). A YouGov poll with Bild tabloid, published online on Sunday, showed that one-third of Bavarian respondents agreed that "my state should be independent from Germany".
Bavaria is an anomaly in Germany.  Germany was historically chiefly Protestant.  Bavaria was mostly Catholic.  Most of Germany avoided Roman occupation.  Much of Bavaria didn't and was incorporated into the  Roman Empire.  Germans are...well, Germanic.  Bavarians have a large amount of Celtic in them.
A Bavarian is half-way between an Austrian and a human being.  –Otto von Bismarck
When one thinks of Germans, one thinks of goose-stepping, orderly Prussians.  When one thinks of Bavarians, one thinks of Oktoberfest and beer-swilling, pretzel-eating admirers of Hofbrau Frauleinen.  A completely different world image.  One should take a minute to listen (click here).
Compounding Germany's dilemma is that Bavaria is the second richest region of Germany and is an industrial powerhouse, with a well above average per capita output.  Think of BMW or Audi.
The region around the state capital, which generates a third of Bavaria's total output, is home to heavyweights such as BMW and MAN, but also hundreds of smaller biotech, IT and environmental technology firms that have sprung up in the past couple of decades, as well as 550 US IT firms. Recent start-ups include Linguatec, which produces automatic translation software and dictionaries, and Greenrobot, which creates mobile apps such as Quick Search and GroovieMovie.TV.
Historically, the Bavarians are probably closer to the Austrians.  Austria has been majority-Catholic like Bavaria.  The Bavarians often sided with Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars, and with Austria during the Austro-Prussian Wars.
Much of Northern Germany looked down on the Bavarians.
The Bavarian will not budge before you actually walk on him.  –German saying
When Bavaria was eventually absorbed into Germany, it was given particular local considerations and more autonomy than other states.  Basically, the Bavarians do have a legitimate claim on a separate nationality.
[I]f you live in Germany, you soon work out that Bavaria is essentially the country's Scotland. Just like Britain's northernmost nation, it is an ancient kingdom full of breath-taking mountain landscapes that held its own for centuries, only joining a larger German state in comparatively modern times once it had become a bankrupt backwater with no other recourse.
One of the chief issues for this separatism seems to be the recent migrants.  Bavaria seems to have borne the brunt of it.
What Bavaria lacks – and the separatist Basque and Catalans have – is a seaport.  If a nation is going to be a manufacturing export giant, a seaport is almost a necessity.  Yes, Switzerland gets by without one, but Bavaria does not have Switzerland's history.  And Switzerland is a major exporter of not automobiles, but rather watches.  Being landlocked may be the deal-breaker.
German courts, taking a cue from the stubborn Spanish courts, have frowned on Bavarian nationalism.
But if 2016 was year of Brexit, 2017 is unlikely to be the year of "Bayxit" (in German, Bavaria is known as Bayern). On Monday, a German court released a decision saying that the country's constitution does not allow Bavaria to break away. There will be no referendum, the court said, because states are not allowed to leave Germany.
However, the separatists have taken a cue from the Catalans.
The news was met with a message of defiance from the pro-independence Bavaria Party, which posted on Facebook that the "struggle for Bavarian independence" would be decided not by a court bu "by the will of the Bavarian people." The chairman of the party, Florian Weber, said that he expected the decision: When you want to drain the swamp, Weber reasoned, "you do not ask the frogs!"
I do not know how the Bavarians will overcome the seaport problem, though, unless they join Austria and Slovenia – which, by the way, have a lot of German genetics in their people – to get access to the Adriatic.
My first recommendation for the Bavarians would be that they hire a Catalan activist to run the independence campaign, inasmuch as Catalans tend to be peaceable at first, but be wary, since Catalans do not mind fortifying their native numbers with outsiders.  If immigration is the chief complaint in Bavaria, however, they should avoid Catalan advice and go immediately for a Basque adviser – but that would bring in the added problem of where to hide the weaponry.
I do not see this Bavarian separatism going anywhere, except that it highlights just how badly the powers that be are managing Europe.