Sunday, July 02, 2017

Austria – Linz: Tunisian kills couple out of hatred for FPÖ

After the brutal murder of an elderly couple early Friday morning in Linz, the motive for the crime is now resolved: The suspect – a 54 year old Muslim from Tunisia – committed the carnage out of hatred for the FPÖ, according to police.
He had projected many bad experiences that he had made over the past couple of years in Austria onto the party, and had wanted to set a warning example.
So the bloody double homicide in Linz had a political motive, as the Upper Austrian National Police Director Andreas Pilsl explained in an off-the-record-converstaion on Saturday afternoon.
The double-homicide suspect, who had been living in Austria since 1989, was sentenced for animal abuse in 2012, following a complaint of a local FPÖ mandatary. From that moment on, he had blamed the FPÖ for all negative personal experiences, for example, when, in his opinion, he was treated badly at the job centre, or when once his benefits were cut.
Alleged that the victims had proximity to the party
The suspected double murderer had alleged that his two victims had proximity to the FPÖ – which in fact wasn’t even true, according to Pilsl. The 54-year-old suspect had accurately planned his deed, even though he knew that the two pensioners were not responsible for his situation, according to the National Police Director.
Woman strangled, man killed with knife and bludgeon
The deliveryman had regularly delivered organic groceries to his two victims, and at the scheduled delivery date on Friday, he had hidden a belt, a wooden bludgeon,a knife and a canister of gasoline under his apron. According to the current state of investigations, first, he strangled the 85-year-old, upon which he attacked the husband with the knife and bludgeo and killed him. Then he set fire in the kitchen of the family home. The relief forceds discovered the corpses of the elderly couple during the firefighting operation.
Suspect turned himself in
Only shortly thereafter, the 54-year-old suspect turned himself in to the authorities. During the interrogation, he said first, he considered drowning himself in the river Danube, but then made up his mind to go to the police. There, he had to wait until it was his turn. Finally, he confessed to the officers that he had murdered the 85-year-old woman and her 2 years older husband. According to information by “Krone”, the two had even assisted him financially until now, because his organic store was not doing well.

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