Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Diversity" is Why London has Acid Attacks

Why does the UK have acid attacks?
Acid attacks are ubiquitous in certain Third World countries. They were not previously a staple of life in the UK. Then they became a staple of life.
All the shocked media coverage of the latest acid attacks in London carefully tiptoe around the obvious issue. Acid attacks tend to involve immigrants or the children of immigrants. They're a horrifying tactic that has been imported to the UK.
Acid attacks are one of those enriching benefits of diversity.
Instead of dealing with the obvious, the proposals push for "Drain cleaner control". As if you can seriously prevent people from getting their hands on chemicals that don't go well with the human face. After the triumphs of gun control and knife control, now it's onward to drain cleaner control.
Acid attacks in London have climbed from 162 in 2012 to 454 last year.
We could talk about immigration. Or we can try to ban drain cleaner.

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