Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pork Sales in Germany Plummet After Surge of Muslim Migrancy

Germany’s known far and wide as a country that knows how to make a sausage — but that cultural item of pride may be disappearing. Pork sales are dramatically down, and that’s due in large part to the simultaneous rise of the Muslim population in the country.
And that rise in Muslim population is due to Angela Merkel’s open-door border policy for refugees and migrants from countries dominated by the Islam faith — the same Islam faith that forbids the eating of pork.
 The Daily Caller has the story:

The amount of pork consumed annually has dropped due to the growth in the Muslim population. Germans consumed an average of 175.9 pounds of pork in 2016, 3.4 pounds less than 2015, according to an Express Business report Monday. Pork consumption has dropped 10 percent since 2010.
According to Tim Koch, analyst of the meat industry for the Agricultural Market Information Company, the decline in pork consumption is due to the growing Muslim population from the refugee crisis, currently at four million people. Pork is not halal, meaning in accordance with the specific types of meat and the way ways it must be butchered to be in compliance with the Koran. As a result, businesses are accommodating the growing Muslim population by serving other types of meat as well as pork.

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