Monday, July 17, 2017

UPDATE - Schorndorf, Germany: Women abused by asylum seekers, bottles hurled at chaotic German town festival - Assaults and instances of sexual harassment have also been reported in the southwestern city of Böblingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg state

German police stated Monday a number of assaults and instances of sexual harassment have been reported in alcohol-fuelled weekend disturbances that noticed youths rampage by way of a small city and hurl bottles at police. No arrests had been remodeled the alleged harassment, however police have been treating as a suspect a 20-yr-previous Iraqi man and, in a separate case during which a 17-yr-previous woman was groped, three Afghan asylum seekers aged 18-20. Police chief Roland Eisele urged different ladies to return ahead in the event that they have been abused on Friday or Saturday night time through the chaotic scenes that began at an area pageant within the southwestern city of Schorndorf, Baden-Wuerttemberg state. Eisele stated “the aggression and escalation of violence” have been unprecedented and sudden within the city of about forty,000 individuals, situated close to Stuttgart, and that the native police drive needed to request backup from different cities.Police said in a statement that many youths “with migrant backgrounds” were seen in the crowd, but Eisele said that it was impossible to estimate a percentage. Officers in riot gear moved into a crowd of about 1,000 Saturday night in the town centre to detain a suspect on charges of dangerous physical assault but came under attack as others hurled bottles at them. Witnesses had reported small groups of youths, some armed with knives or replica handguns that can fire flares and teargas, roving through the medieval town centre, police said.Several police cars were sprayed with graffiti or otherwise vandalised in the small town also dubbed “Daimler city” because automotive inventor Gottlieb Daimler was born there in 1834. In a press conference Monday, Eisele evoked the chaos of Cologne’s infamous 2015 New Year’s Eve celebrations when men of North African and Middle Eastern appearance groped and assaulted hundreds of women, sparking widespread public outrage. He stressed that the rowdy scenes in Schorndorf were less intense than those in Cologne or the riots in the northern port-city of Hamburg before and during the July 7-8 Group of 20 summit, when far-left and anarchist militants burnt street barricades and threw rocks from rooftops.


On Saturday about 12 Afghan asylum seekers groped and assaulted  women during the local Holi-festival in the southwestern city of Böblingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg state.
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