Thursday, August 24, 2017

Poland: Muslim stabs policeman in face near venue where Allah-Las are set to perform

Yesterday a planned Allah-Las concert in Rotterdam was canceled and the venue was evacuated after a jihad plot was discovered there — and a truck full of gas canisters near the venue. And now this today in Warsaw. It appears that Muslims dislike the name of this band.
“Warsaw TERROR: Policeman injured by knifeman near venue where Allah-Las are set to perform,” by Will Kirby, Express, August 24, 2017:
A POLICEMAN has been left injured by a man armed with a knife in central Warsaw in an incident believed to be linked to yesterday’s foiled terror plot in Rotterdam.
Polish media have reported that the policeman sustained facial injuries when he tried to intervene in an area close to where US rock band Allah-Las, whose concert in Rotterdam was cancelled yesterday following a tip-off from Spanish police over a terror threat, are due to perform tonight.
The officer was treated at the scene and his injuries were not deemed to be life-threatening.
Police were alerted after the man was spotted walking in the Polish capital holding a knife and acting suspiciously.
The incident occured at around 3.30pm local time this afternoon and local media reports claim the perpetrator was a 24-year-old Israeli man, although this has not been confirmed by authorities.
Police spokesman Rafał Retmaniak said: “We do not know if this event was related to this concert or any other event in Warsaw.”
The Allah-Las concert is believed to be set to go ahead as planned.
Earlier today, authorities confirmed plans to deploy uniformed and plainclothes officers at tonight’s Allah-Las concert in the wake of yesterday’s attempted attack….
The news comes just hours after the Allah-Las Rotterdam concern was cancelled and the venue evacuated following a tip-off, with authorities later confirming they have discovered a van packed with gas cannisters nearby…..

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