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Survey: Three Quarters of Germans Say Islam Does Not ‘Belong’ in Germany

Asked whether Islam belongs in Germany, some three quarters (74 percent) of Germans polled answered “absolutely not” or “probably not,” in direct opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In their responses to a poll by the Civey institute, published Friday by FOCUS, 54.6 percent of Germans said that Islam was “absolutely not” a part of Germany, with an additional 19.7 percent answering “probably not.”Only 6.4 percent responded that Islam “definitely” belongs in Germany and another 14.9 percent answered, “probably yes.” Of those polled, 4.4 percent abstained.

Poll: Germany views on Islam
Chancellor Merkel ignited a debate on the subject in August, 2016, when she emphatically declared that “Islam belongs to Germany,” in the midst of Europe’s migrant crisis. She doubled down on that position on Friday, insisting that Islam is an integral part of German culture, in contradiction to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, the Bavarian leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), who has stressed the nation’s Christian heritage.
After talks with Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven on Friday, Merkel noted that four million residents of the country follow Islam, telling reporters: “These Muslims are also part of Germany and with them their religion, Islam, is just as much a part of Germany.”
Merkel’s remarks followed on comments by Horst Seehofer, a critic of Germany’s unchecked migration.
“Islam does not belong to Germany,” Seehofer told Bild on Friday, pointing to the Christian church’s influence on everyday life and culture. “Germany has been shaped by Christianity,” he said.
Obviously, from a historical perspective, Seehofer’s position is unassailable, since Europe was literally defined geographically by its Christian identity in opposition to Islam.
As Robert D. Kaplan explained in his ground-breaking 2016 Atlantic article “How Islam Created Europe,” Europe—unlike other continents—was ultimately defined by its Christian identity, in opposition to Islam. While other continents were defined by rivers, seas, oceans, and mountains, Europe’s identity was essentially religious, determined by the borders of Christendom.
As the expression “Christian Europe” suggests, Europeans came to see themselves as part of an entity that was, like the Islamic world, defined in religious terms. Quoting the 1957 book, “Europe: The Emergence of an Idea,” Kaplan noted that “European unity began with the concept … of a Christendom in ‘inevitable opposition’ to Islam.”
In this historical sense, Islam does not merely “not belong” to Germany, it literally was set in opposition to Germany, and to Christian Europe more generally.
In the poll conducted by the Civey institute, age and party differences emerge in citizens’ perspective on Islam and its relationship with the German nation.
While only 19.2 percent of the Green voters, for instance, reject the statement that Islam belongs to Germany, a full 93 percent of supporters of the Alternative für Deutschland(AfD) party deny that Islam belongs to Germany.
As FOCUS points out, however, the question “Does Islam belong to Germany?” is imprecise and leaves considerable room for personal interpretation.
While some may take the question to be asking whether Islam is an essential part of Germany’s historical identity, others may interpret it to be asking whether Muslims are welcome in today’s Germany.
In fact, in his interview with Bild Friday, Seehofer emphasized that “the Muslims living with us, of course, belong to Germany.”

Wuppertal / Germany: "You're a Nazi!" or When a Pali knife-attacks a nigger

Whether this will also end up in the German police statistics for "right-wing extremist crimes"? I'm guessing yes! 

A lawsuit against two men for attempted manslaughter in a Wuppertal court caused a scandal after the conviction. The accused raged and insulted the judge with"You are a Nazi", reports the newspaper WAZ. The 24-year-old perpetrator commented on his verdict with "Eight years? For what? For a fucking nigger? This is not justice!". In April last year, a simple dispute over a place in the dressing room of a sauna club in the town of Velbert is said to have given rise to a mass brawl. In the parking lot in front of the club, the 28-year-old accused brought a dark-skinned man to the ground and stabbed him in the back with a knife. His younger companion added 27 stitches to the bleeding victim. Nevertheless, the man survives the attack. A racist motive had also been discernible in the course of the proceedings. "Those were some colored people. Well, I'm a foreigner myself, but you know what I mean," the older offender described some visitors of the club. He had called himself a Palestinian. The 24-year-old, on the other hand, has Turkish roots; in the courtroom sat several friends and relatives who had tattoos of radical Turkish groups. The trial was conducted under strict security after a sympathizer of the accused had shouted into the hall:"Allahu Akbar! I would have killed him!"

Today's rally in Cottbus (VIDEO)

Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London as Public Anger Over Grooming Gangs Grows

The number of sexual offences committed against children in Sadiq Khan’s London has soared to 1,200 in the last year, new figures show.

Statistics show the number of child sexual exploitation cases in 2017 had risen by 30 per cent on the previous year, the Evening Standard reports.The figures were released on Friday, when the Metropolitan Police co-hosted a conference to raise awareness of the problem with children’s charity Barnardo’s, which has launched a pilot scheme to help child victims of rape and sexual exploitation.
“Children who have been sexually exploited can feel completely powerless, and being raped or sexually assaulted often causes debilitating levels of trauma,” said Jessica Juon, assistant director of children’s services at Barnardo’s London, explaining it is important to help victims feel safe.Detective Superintendent Steve Ellen said the Met has been trying to improve how it records and recognises child sexual exploitation offences, but acknowledged that the figures could point to a rise in the number of crimes.
He said: “Child sexual exploitation is a real priority for us and we are getting better at looking for it and dealing with it and we are encouraging people to come forward.”
The Metropolitan Police claimed it had seen no evidence London was facing similar scandals to towns like Telford and Rotherham, where ‘politically correct’ police and authorities failed to act as hundreds of girls were raped, beaten and trafficked.
However, officers in London acknowledged they were “tackling child sexual exploitation linked to gangs and other issues such as County Lines drug dealing”, according to the Standard, which recalled police identifying a grooming gang targeting girls “as young at 13”, operating around a McDonald’s restaurant in Stratford last year.

Indeed, Scotland Yard was worse at safeguarding children at risk of child sexual exploitation and rape than it was 12 months earlier, according to a report published in November.
Described by sources at Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services as the “most damning review” in the watchdog’s history, it revealed that Britain’s biggest police force failed to properly handle 90 per cent of child protection cases.
Challenged over the concerning report, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick claimed the issue of grooming gangs was hundreds of years of years old, and suggested the apparent increase in offences could be a result of “raised awareness”.
“I don’t think this was a phenomenon invented in the last few years – it really wasn’t – it has been part of our society for probably centuries and centuries and centuries,” she claimed.
Despite research showing that 84 per cent of CSE offenders are ‘Asian’ while the vast majority of victims are white, the Commissioner also appeared to reject the notion of any cultural or racial aspect to grooming gangs.

Mohammad and his gang abuse and rape two German teen girls; one was freed after three days

Two German girls, aged 14 and 16, were allegedly raped in Berlin by six men. Mohammad S. and his buddy Wael I., are accused of gang rape among other things. During the act 22 photos and videos were made, Germany’s Bild reports.
The two young girls were abused by six men who are from the city’s migrant suburbs Neukölln and Wedding. Mohammad S. (17), is said to have met the younger of the two, the 14-year-old, in summer 2015 via Facebook. From the consensual sex with her he made photos and videos.
He threatened to publish the recordings, thus forcing the girl to further sexual acts with the five co-defendants, the prosecutor said. Out of fear, the girl is said to have participated. September 22nd 2015, she reported the rape.
On September 20, 2016, it was a 16-year-old girl who was said to have been abused in an apartment in Berlin’s Neukölln migrant suburb.
The teen had been made so drunk at a vodka drinking game that she could not fight back, according to the prosecutor. She supposedly cried out loud and vomited while she was beaten and laughed at repeatedly.
Against the will of the 16yr old, there were several attacks over a 3 day period. Later she was released from the apartment by the police.
None of the defendants are in custody. Only one was classed as an adult when the crime took place: Wael I., who is 26-years-old. About the 14-year-old student, he says: “The intercourse was consensual; of pressure and coercion I had no knowledge. I did not know that the person was blackmailed into sexual acts with me. ”
He only wants to talk about the 16-year-old pupil when the audience leaves the hall. Anything else would hurt his “sexual sphere,” says his lawyer.
The court pointed out that S. did not pay attention to the girl’s personal lives when filming his suspected victims. The other five men were silent.
These are the allegations in the process before the Berlin district court: Severe coercion, rape, production and distribution of juvenile pornographic writings, violation of the very sphere of life through captured images & deprivation of liberty
The process continues on 22 March and the court’s decision is to be expected on 29 May.

Sh*thole Watch: Air Ambulance Called to More Stabbings and Shootings than Road Accidents in Sadiq Khan’s London

London’s Air Ambulance had to attend more stabbings and shootings than road traffic accidents for the first time in its almost 30-year history in 2017.

Newly released figures reveal that airborne trauma specialists and paramedics treated some 560 shooting and stabbing victims over the course of the year, compared to 533 cyclists, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who had been involved in road traffic accidents, the Evening Standard reports.Dr. Gareth Grier, the Air Ambulance service’s lead clinician, said it is now “not unusual now for our teams to perform open-chest surgery for stab wounds twice in a single day,” adding: “This would have been unheard of a few years back.”
He tried to offer the public some reassurance by telling them his team’s “world-leading treatments mean that we can give these [stabbing and shooting victims] and other patients we treat the best possible chance of survival.”Meanwhile, apologists for city Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has overseen a massive rise in crime and terror attacks since he took office in 2016, have tried to downplay the news, noting that the number of collisions attended by Air Ambulance crews declined compared to 2016 — but this does not disguise the fact that the number of shootings and stabbings attended increased by 60.

Today we have released our mission stats for 2017. Our medics treated 1797 critically injured patients across London last year. To donate to our charity and help us to deliver our service 24/7 visit 

Dr. Grier’s revelations concerning the Air Ambulance echo similar revelations by Dr. Martin Griffiths, a top vascular and trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, about the number of gunshot victims being treated in modern London.
“Our numbers of victims of gun injury have doubled [since 2012],” he revealed.
“Year on year, we have seen a 20 to 30 per cent rise in the past two or three years. We will admit 50 to 60 patients this year with gunshot injuries.”
Gun crime increased by 16.3 per cent from 2015/16 to 2016/17, and by an incredible 42 per cent from 2015/16 to 2016/17– despite draconian restrictions on the right of law-abiding citizens to personal firearms.
This all forms part of a wider picture put in stark relief by crime data released by Sadiq Khan’s office recently, which showed homicides in London up by 27.1 per cent and youth homicide up by an astonishing 70 per cent.

German Interior Minister: "Islam Does Not Belong to Germany"

by Soeren Kern
  • "Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany is shaped by Christianity. This tradition includes work-free Sundays and church holidays and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.... My message is that Muslims have to live with us, not next to or against us." — Horst Seehofer, Germany's new interior minister
  • "Many Muslims belong to Germany, but Islam does not belong to Germany. Islam is at base a political ideology that is not compatible with the German Constitution." — Beatrix von Storch, Alternative for Germany (AfD)
  • "The state must ensure that people feel safe whenever they are in the public realm. People have a right to security. This is our top responsibility. It means that there should not be any no-go areas — areas where no one dares to go. Such areas do exist. We must call them by name. We must do something about it." — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, RTL television, February 26, 2018
Germany's new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, in his first interview since being sworn in on March 14, has said that "Islam does not belong to Germany." He has also vowed to pursue hardline immigration policies, including the implementation of a "master plan" for speedier deportations.
Seehofer's remarks prompted an immediate firestorm of criticism from the self-appointed guardians of German multiculturalism, including from Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has repeatedly insisted that "Islam belongs to Germany."
The backlash will raise questions about how much Seehofer — a former minister-president of Bavaria and a vocal critic of Merkel's open-door migration policies — will be able to accomplish during his tenure.
Germany's new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, whose hardline remarks about immigration elicited harsh criticism from the country's multiculturalists, as well as from Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: Wikipedia.
In a March 16 interview with Bild, Germany's largest daily newspaper, Seehofer was asked if Islam belongs to Germany. He responded: "No. Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany is shaped by Christianity. This tradition includes work-free Sundays and church holidays and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas."
Seehofer added that Muslims living in Germany are "of course" part of Germany. But that does not mean, he said, "that we therefore, out of false deference, give up our country's traditions and customs." He added: "My message is that Muslims have to live with us, not next to or against us. To achieve that, we need mutual understanding and consideration, which is only achieved by talking to one another."
Seehofer's commonsensical remarks opened yet another chapter in the decade-long debate over the phrase, "Islam belongs to Germany." The words were first uttered in September 2006 — at the time there were 3.5 million Muslims in Germany, compared to more than six million today — by then Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.
Speaking ahead of the first-ever German-Islam Conference, an institutionalized dialogue between representatives of the German government and of Muslims in Germany, Schäuble said:
"Islam is a part of Germany and a part of Europe. Islam is a part of our present and a part of our future. Muslims are welcome in Germany."
The phrase was repeated in October 2010 by Germany's then president, Christian Wulff, during a keynote speech to mark the 20th anniversary of German reunification. Wulff proclaimed that "Islam belongs to Germany" because millions of Muslims now live there:
"Christianity doubtless belongs to Germany. Judaism belongs unequivocally to Germany. This is our Judeo-Christian history. But now Islam also belongs to Germany (Der Islam gehört inzwischen auch zu Deutschland)."
Wulff then quoted the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who in his West-Eastern Divan (West–östlicher Diwan, 1819) wrote: "He who knows himself and others will understand: East and West are no longer separable."
Since then, Merkel has repeatedly stressed that "Islam belongs to Germany." During a January 2015 meeting in Berlin with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, she declared: "Former German President Christian Wulff said: 'Islam belongs to Germany.' That is true. This is also my opinion." Six months later, during Ramadan, Merkel said: "It is indisputably obvious that Islam now belongs to Germany."
The same day that Bild published Seehofer's comments, Merkel, through her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, distanced herself from the new interior minister: "Muslims belong to Germany, their religion also belongs to Germany, Islam too. We must do everything we can to ensure good relations between different religions."
By contrast, the AfD parliamentary leader in Saxony-Anhalt, André Poggenburg, said that Seehofer's statement that well integrated and loyal Muslims belonged to Germany, but that Islam does not, was a "core message" of his party. He said that Seehofer's comments "affirm how right we are."
The deputy leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD), Beatrix von Storch, has said: "Many Muslims belong to Germany, but Islam does not belong to Germany. Islam is at base a political ideology that is not compatible with the German Constitution."
Alexander Gauland, another deputy leader of the AfD, elaborated: "Islam is not a religion like Catholicism or Protestantism. Intellectually, Islam is always linked to the overthrow of the state. Therefore, the Islamization of Germany poses a threat."
Seehofer has also promised to crack down on criminal migrants and speed up the deportation of migrants whose asylum applications have been rejected. He added: "There must be a consensus throughout Germany that we will no longer tolerate lawless zones."
On February 26, Merkel publicly admitted, for the first time, the existence of no-go zones — lawless areas in German cities where the state has effectively lost control to migrant gangs and where native Germans, including the police, increasingly fear to go. In an interview with RTL television, Merkel said:
"Naturally, the arrival of so many refugees has raised many questions regarding internal security. The state has the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force (Gewaltmonopol). The state must ensure that people feel safe whenever they are in the public realm. People have a right to security. This is our top responsibility. It means that there should not be any no-go areas — areas where no one dares to go. Such areas do exist. We must call them by name. We must do something about it."
Merkel made the comments after pledging earlier in the day that her new coalition government would adopt a "zero tolerance" policy on homeland security. "Security is not negotiable," she said at a conference of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Berlin. "Security is one of the core tasks of a strong state," she added. "Zero tolerance is our motto."
Some commentators quickly dismissed Merkel's comments as mere empty words — a belated attempt to win back angry CDU voters who have defected en masse to the AfD over her 2015 decision to allow into the country more than a million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Other commentators noted that Merkel's comments on no-go areas reflects of the growing power and influence of the AfD, which, according to a recent INSA poll, has overtaken the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) as the second-largest party in Germany. In fact, Merkel's decision to form a coalition government with the SPD has thrust the AfD into the role of being the main opposition party in the German parliament. The AfD's presence there will almost certainly ensure that migration and security remain top public policy issues.
Arguably the greatest consequence of Merkel's admission is that it has pierced the veil of silence over no-go zones. European political and media elites have long tried to stop discussion of the negative consequences of mass migration by branding opposing voices as racist and xenophobic. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has been relentlessly disparaged by Europe's self-appointed guardians of multiculturalism for his politically incorrect stance on mass migration, hailed Merkel's comments as a victory. A blog post on the Hungarian government's website stated:
"Remember that time back in the autumn of 2016 when the government of Hungary had the audacity to talk about 'no-go zones'?
"In voicing our opposition to the EU's compulsory migrant resettlement quotas and policies that would continue to encourage further immigration to Europe, we pointed to the 'no-go zones' found in certain urban areas of western Europe. Inhabited by significant numbers of immigrants, these areas suffer from notoriously high crime rates and are called 'no-go' because local police and authorities are no longer able to maintain public order and security.
"Critics dismissed it as fiction and denounced us as intolerant or worse. How dare that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán draw a link between immigration and a decline in public security....
"Today, it seems this taboo has been broken. Guess who is talking about 'no-go zones'? Chancellor Angela Merkel. In an interview with the daily news program RTL Aktuell, the German chancellor referred specifically to 'no-go zones.' And she also said this: 'Freedom can only prevail if security is guaranteed.'
"Prime Minister Orbán has been saying virtually the same thing for years now when urging Europe to make border security the first priority. If we cannot defend our borders and maintain our security, he has said, then our hard-won liberties — like the freedom of movement in the EU — will be in jeopardy.
"In addition to calling them by name, Chancellor Merkel pledged to adopt a policy of 'zero tolerance' for no-go zones to get to a place where 'there are no public spaces where no one dares to go.'
"That we're finally calling them by name signals a step in the right direction."

Are we undergoing global cooling?

By Dale Leuck

Data available in both text and csv formats at the NASA, GISS website have been routinely cited as indicative of global warming despite their known weaknesses.  The three years 2015 through 2017 are widely reported as the three hottest years on record.
Tony Heller, however, has demonstrated that tampering with data from the U.S. Climatology Network (USHCN) has created the illusion of much higher temperatures in reported data than in the original data, for the continental United States.  This leads one to wonder how much not so widely known "adjustments" in GISS data have been responsible for similar results at a global level.
The GISS data are updated around the middle of each month, and I have compared the January and March versions in figure 1, for the years 1881 through 2017.  The data are smoothed over two years, in that, for example, the 1881 data point is the average of 1880 and 1881 and 2017 the average for 2016 and 2017.  This is commonly done to make data more presentable, allowing movements to be more clearly discerned and to smooth out the effects of "abnormal" years.
This comparison allows two interesting observations.  Firstly, the March revised data indicate somewhat higher temperatures in roughly the early third of the period, and somewhat lower temperatures the last third of the period.  The overall pattern, one of warming, however, remains...
...albeit slightly more muted than in the January version of the data, with 2015 through 2017 still being indicated as record hot years.  Importantly, the data points for 2016 and 2017 are much lower in the revised data, and the three years 2015 to 2017 show no acceleration in temperatures.
The second observation is that the 2017 data point (an average of 2016 and 2017 anomalies) is slightly lower than the 2016 point (an average of 2015 and 2016).  This implies that temperatures have fallen substantially during some months in 2017 below those of 2016, as if some sort of cycle may be taking place.  One can observe this from the monthly data in Figure 2, where temperatures peak in the first three months of 2016 before declining sharply in April and falling below those of 2015 from October through December.  Temperatures for the first eleven months of 2017 are below those of the corresponding months in 2016.  Importantly, the downward trend in temperatures continues into 2018, where January and February anomalies are both below December 2017, and those of the previous three years.
At least part of the cycle in the record temperature anomalies begun in late 2015 is related the "El Niño" effect and was recognized as making 2016 the "hottest" year on record, as early as July of that year, by Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).  El Niños typically occur every three to five years, with related temperature effects often lasting for many months.
Of course, any data set from only 1880, and inadequately covering the earth's surface area, does not provide a definitive answer to the question of "global warming" in terms of geological time of thousands of years, and representing the entirety of the Earth.  But, as it has been the data set often referenced to substantiate global warming, one would have thought the substantially lower temperatures of the last many months would have merited highlighting in the mainstream media.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Intelligence could be measured with a swab of saliva, or drop of blood, after scientists showed for the first time that a person’s IQ can be predicted just by studying their DNA.

In the largest ever study looking at the genetic basis for intelligence, researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University discovered hundreds of new genes linked to brain power.Previous studies have suggested that between 50 per cent and 75 per cent of intelligence is inherited, and the rest comes through upbringing, friendship groups and education.

Another bloody deed in Germany: Ex-girlfriend and new partner stabbed to death in the city of Kaiserslautern

And again a brutal knife murder frightens the German population. A 31-year-old woman was attacked and seriously injured by her ex-partner. The woman's new partner died at the scene. Then the man fled with the couple's three-year-old son. The police report conceals the background:

In the western part of the city there was a serious physical confrontation on late Wednesday afternoon. A 31-year-old man suffered such serious injuries that he died shortly afterwards in hospital. According to the findings to date, he and his girlfriend had got into a fight with the woman's former partner. The 37-year-old suspect injured both his former partner and her boyfriend with a knife. Afterwards, the perpetrator fled and took the 3-year-old child with him.
Meanwhile, the seriously injured 31-year-old was first given emergency medical treatment on site and then taken to hospital, where he died in the evening. The exact background and circumstances of the incident are still to be determined. The police immediately started extensive investigations. Around 3 a.m. the suspect was arrested with special forces in an apartment in Kaiserslautern. He was taken into custody. The child was also in the apartment. It was apparently unharmed and was looked after by specialists.

Meanwhile, a photo was published on "Kandel ist überall" Facebook page to show the suspect. It shows a man with a clearly recognizable immigrant background holding a three-year-old child on his lap.

Merkel: ‘Islam belongs to Germany’

Yes, “Islam belongs to Germany,” and given Islam’s political, authoritarian and supremacist character, before too long Germany will belong to Islam.
No one would have been more pleased than Adolf Hitler, who once said: “Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers — already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity!-then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”
How Hitler would have loved Merkel!
“German Chancellor Merkel: ‘Islam belongs to Germany,'” by Ayhan Simsek, Anadolu Agency, March 16, 2018:
Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday rebuffed comments by her interior minister claiming Islam did not belong to Germany, saying the religion of four million of its citizens was part of the country just like Christianity and Judaism.
Speaking at a joint news conference with Swedish Premier Stefan Lofven in Berlin, Merkel underlined the significance of Christianity and Judaism in the country’s history, and highlighted that Islam too was part of the country’s culture.
“Our country is largely shaped by Christianity, and it continues to be so,” Merkel said, adding that Judaism had also been significant in the country’s history and culture.
Uh, yeah, that is indeed true, but “significant” is a bit cosmetic, no?
“But now four million Muslims are living in Germany, and they are practicing their religion here.
“These Muslims belong to Germany, and also their religion of Islam belongs to Germany,” she said.
Her remarks contradicted remarks of Horst Seehofer, the country’s new interior minister, who has chaired Merkel’s sister party, the CSU, for 10 years.
“Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany is characterized by Christianity,” Seehofer told German daily Bild on Friday.
“Muslims who are living here of course belong to Germany. But of course that doesn’t mean because of that we would make false considerations and give up our country-specific traditions and customs,” he said….