Thursday, January 18, 2018

Right Wing Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to ‘Visit the UK in Near Future’

Theresa May has invited Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the leader of the nation’s new Conservative-Populist coalition government to “visit the UK in the near future”.

According to a Downing Street spokesman, Mr. Kurz, who is also chairman of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), has accepted the invitation.
The prime minister and chancellor had “a positive phone call” this Tuesday, the spokesman said in a statement, in which Mrs. May “gave a brief update on Brexit and confirmed that the government will respect the decision taken by the British public to leave the EU”.

According to the spokesman: “Chancellor Kurz updated on his recent European engagement, and they both agreed to stay in touch on Brexit and Austria’s forthcoming European Council Presidency.”Austria will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) from Bulgaria in the second half of 2018.
Speaking at a press conference alongside Angela Merkel Wednesday, he told the German chancellor that strengthening the bloc’s border was the best way to solve the migrant crisis.
“I am convinced that the solution to the migration issue lies in proper external border management and greater local assistance,” he said, according to Die Welt.
Mr. Kurz became the Austrian premiere in December 2017, with his party going into coalition with the anti-mass migration, populist Freedom Party (FPÖ), which has promised to ban radical Islam.
The right-wing government has angered many establishment globalists, including the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who claimed their policies are “dangerous”.
During last year’s election campaign, Mr. Kurz promised to protect European “Christian culture” and control mass migration, and both the FPÖ and ÖVP called for tax cuts for low earners and companies.
Mr. Kurz has consistently opposed the European Union’s (EU) migration policies and said that he “understands” why U.S. President Donald J. Trump wants to build a southern border wall.
Since taking office, his government has taken a hard line on immigration, and in November last year the coalition partners agreed to slash benefits for migrants and introduce five-year residency rules to curb welfare for EU nationals.
The Austrian chancellor met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris last week and met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in Berlin.

Adult Migrant in Teen Love Documentary is Supporter of Radical Islamic Extremists

Adult asylum seeker Diaa, who appeared in a documentary with his underage German girlfriend on a television channel aimed at children, has now been revealed as a fan of radical Islamic preachers.

The 19-year-old Syrian, who claimed to have been underage for the controversial television programme, is a fan of German radical Islamic preacher Pierre Vogel, according to several “likes” he made on social media platform Facebook, Kronen Zeitung reports.
As well as liking several posts by the radical Islamic hate preacher, the asylum seeker also entered a raffle that if he had won, would have seen him travel with Vogel and another even more radical Salafist preacher named Abul Baraa, to Mecca.

Vogel, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Hamza, is said to have directly inspired 15-year-old Safia S. who was sentenced to six years in prison last year for stabbing a police officer at a train station in Hanover in 2016. Safia was said to be under the influence of the radical Islamic preacher since she was only seven years old.
Both Diaa and his underage German girlfriend Malvina have now had to ask for police protection because they claim to have received threats not only from outraged Germans but also from Islamic extremists who have declared Diaa “un-Islamic”.
The documentary, which initially aired in November and was re-shown over the weekend, sparked outrage among many Germans as it not only promoted adult asylum seekers having romantic relationships with minors, but did so on the publicly-funded television channel Kika which is aimed at 3 to 11-year-olds.
Others took issue with the fact that Diaa told his underage girlfriend how to dress and how to behave telling her what length her dresses and sleeves should be in order to maintain modesty.
During the film, Diaa justified his actions saying: “I grew up in an Islamic-Arab culture. I believe in my culture and my religion.”
“Religion gives you rules. Without this religion, you have no rules and without rules, you have no life,” he added.;postID=3843223429912479734

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

German city promotes wearing the burqa using taxpayer money

The Adult Education Centre (VHS) in Dresden will present a course next summer called: Dress codes in Islam. Participants can test burqas and other ‘women oppressing’ Islamic garments.
According to the course book “colourful headgears make curious about the wearers” and people can try out “how a burqa feels”.
The initiative is criticised by Muslim feminist Seyran Ates, who thinks that the course consolidates the traditional role of women in Islam. “The language used in the description of the course uncritically diminishes the worldviews behind the cover: a society in which the sexes are as far apart as possible”, she said.
CDU politician Jörg Kiesewetter criticises the course as well and says: “This course is full of naivety. We want a society where we can look each other in the eye and not have to learn how to cover up.”
A spokeswoman of the education centre says “that she sees it as a place of integration. The course is “value-free” and serves citizens to form an opinion.”
The event is scheduled for June the 11th at 7 pm in the VHS field office Helbigsdorfer Weg 1. and admission is free. The event is funded with taxpayer money from the City of Dresden.

Germany: Another Day, Another Knife Attack At Cottbus Shopping Center

Another stabbing attack occurred today at a shopping center in Cottbus. Last Friday, Syrian teenagers attacked a German couple there (Syrian “Youths” Attack Couple, When Wife Refuses To “Show Respect”).

Another Knife-Attack at Blechen-Carré in Cottbus

January 17, 2018
Cottbus. On Wednesday, another knife attack took place at Blechen-Carré in Cottbus. A Syrian youth wounded a 16-year-old from Cottbus. Police are still hunting for the perpetartor.
By Bodo Baumert
As police announce tonight, the incident took place just after 3 PM. The officers were alerted to a grievous battery at the street gram station Stadtpromenade. “According to first investigations, a brawl ensued after a verbal confrontation and an insult. From a group of Syrian and German youths between 16 and 18 years old, who superficially knew each other from school and time out, a 16-year-old boy from Cottbus was pressed against a standing tram by a Syrian yout”, says police spokesman Torsten Wendt. In doing so, a knife slash was inflicted upon the left side of the youth’s face. After the incident, the 16-year-old ran into Blechen-Carré, looking for help. “The victim was tended to by paramedics there and then taken to CTK hospital for further treatment”, says Wendt.
Police did not announce further details. Criminal Police took over investigatioins. A police search for the suspect, who is still on the loose, and his accomplices, is still ongoing. Several witnesses of the incident were already interviewed in the early evening hours.
Translator’s note:
In answer to Friday’s knife attack on the married German couple, one of the Syrian attackers, a 15-year-old, was expelled from the city of Cottbus and the whole parish, along with his father. The head of the municipal public order office stated that this was the first time ever the city has taken to this harsh measure, as the youth was already prior known for violent offenses: “We declare the integration of the youth a failure.”
Also, an attack by unknown perpetrators on a refugee accommodation was reported.
As a response to Friday’s stabbing, even before this new stabbing, police have already announced to increase their presence.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has called for stronger external borders for the European Union if it wants to solve the migrant crisis.Kurz held a press conference with the architect of the EU’s decline, Angela Merkel, during which he said: “I am convinced that the solution to the migration issue lies in proper external border management and greater local assistance.”He also called for the EU to butt out of national issues and focus more on the bigger picture: “We need a European Union that focuses more on the big issues and withdraws when it comes to small issues on which nations or regions can better decide for themselves.” Various cities and towns around the EU have complained about the impact the migrant crisis is having on their communities and have felt there’s been a lack of help from the EU elites that caused the problem – last year the mayors of 7 French cities wrote an open letter saying their regions were in a state of ‘social emergency’ and ‘distress’. So, Kurz said that if the EU wants a borderless system between member states it has to have strong external borders – hardly revolutionary. As Austrian Foreign Secretary, Kurz criticised Merkel’s ‘welcome policy’ towards migrants. Finally a European leader seems prepared to stand up and speak out against the ridiculous open border farce that’s endangered a continent.

Asylum seekers repeatedly rape a 52-year-old disabled woman in Austria

A 52-year-old woman, with multiple disabilities, was gang raped by at least two asylum seekers at the Hartheim Institute near Alkoven.
The shocking incident, that already happened in September last year, gained new attention after the perpetrators could not be found. According to the police the woman was forced into sexual activity by two, or even three, asylum seekers. She was raped several times.
The victim was taken to hospital after she told her caregiver what happened. She received treatment for light injuries and DNA samples were collected as well.
The Hartheim Institute is originally a home for mentally impaired people, but it houses 40 asylum seekers as well. The investigating authority confirmed that they are looking for the perpetrators in the neighbouring asylum accommodation.
A spokeswoman of the region’s prosecutor said: The woman is still suffering from the consequences of this horrific act:“She can barely talk”.

Report: Soros to Make Millions from Collapse of UK Construction Giant

Billionaire speculator George Soros, the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’, is believed to be in line to make millions from the collapse of the United Kingdom’s second-biggest construction firm.

Carillion, which also manages facilities such as prisons and 50,000 homes for military personnel through public sector contracts, went into liquidation on Monday.
Collapsing under the weight of £1.5 billion debt, including a £587 million pension shortfall, the company was left with just £29 million before going bust. The company employs 43,000 staff globally, 20,000 of which are based in the UK, where most of its business is focused, including construction workers, hospital cleaners, and energy and utility personnel.
However, amidst the job losses and affected public services, 12 hedge funds have made £200 million short-selling shares in Carillion, including an investment vehicle linked to George Soros, according to regulatory data collated by Castellain Capital as reported in The Times.
Short selling is where investors borrow shares for a fee and sell them in hopes of buying them back at a later date if the share price falls, making a profit, before returning the security to its original owner.
Soros benefitted before from short-selling the construction giant when his SFM UK Management shorted Carillion stock in the summer, allegedly earning the hedge fund $2.5 million from its short position.
The billionaire, whose network of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) lobby for progressive, leftist agendas around the world, infamously sold short sterling in 1992 which had a profound effect on the UK’s economy, resulting in the British government pulling the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) on Black Wednesday (16 September 1992).
The Hungarian-American speculator then became known for a time as “the man who broke the Bank of England”.
Soros has also made bets on other countries’ economies through his Quantum Fund, one of the world’s first hedge funds, including short selling the currency in Thailand in 1997, triggering a financial crisis that plunged much of Southeast Asia into a depression.
Then-prime minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad branded the hedge fund owner a “criminal” and slamming him for undermining “all these countries [that] have spent 40 years trying to build up their economies”.

The globalist ‘philanthropist’ recently vowed to renew his fight against nationalism after transferring $18 billion of his own wealth into his Open Society Foundations in October.

Arabic Classes Overtakes English and French in Sweden

Arabic language classes for adults are becoming increasingly popular in Sweden with a major adult education federation saying more students are now studying Arabic than English or French.

The Swedish educational association Folkuniversitetet, which focuses on language courses for adults and projects with an “international emphasis”, has seen a surge in the number of adults interested in learning Arabic, Sveriges Radio reports.
Anas Idlibi, who teaches Arabic at campuses in Kristianstad and Hässleholm, said that the number of Arabic classes has dramatically increased since he started teaching at the association.
“I started two years ago with just one course and now we will get nine courses next semester,” Idlibi said.
According to Idlibi, one of the reasons for the spike in students has come from professionals like social workers and others who deal with newly arrived migrants.
“We have people who work with integration, social, and employment services. They may need Arabic to be more effective at their jobs,” he said.
Cristina Boldrini Tisci, who also works at the Folkuniversitetet in Kristianstad in the business department, said that she thought that the reason for the increase was the increase of migrants from Arabic speaking countries coming to Sweden in recent years.
“We may need to learn more about the Arab culture to be able to socialise. So it’s getting bigger and there is more interest,” she said.
During the height of the migrant crisis in Germany, left-wing Green Party politician Volker Beck argued that Germans should learn Arabic to help newly arrived migrants integrate. Beck was heavily criticised by other politicians for his remarks and was lambasted on social media.
Despite the backlash against Beck’s comments, Arabic has managed to find its way into German life.

On New Year’s Eve, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Beatrix von Storch was temporarily suspended from Twitter after she commented on the Cologne police putting out messages in Arabic on their Twitter account saying: “What the hell is happening in this country? Why is an official police site tweeting in Arabic? Do you think it is to appease the barbaric, gang-raping hordes of Muslim men?”