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Tommy Robinson's Last Stand

By Anne-Christine Hoff

Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment and the events that followed show just how swiftly Britain has become Sharia-compliant. The country has already submitted to its dhimmi status within Islam even though their Muslim population makes up just 5% of the country’s total population.
 According to The Dhimmi: Jews & Christians Under Islam by Bat Yeor, dhimmi is an Arabic term used to describe the second-class status of non-Muslims in Islamic-conquered lands. Sharia deemed dhimmis to be subjugated individuals with fewer legal and human rights than Muslims. Laws in these lands denied due process to dhimmis. Strict rules of behavior r vis-à-vis the conquering Muslims were enforced by law. Dhimmis by law had to treat Muslims with deference, meaning they had to control their natural resentments against their subjugation or else face severe punishments. They had to, for example, not wear certain colors. Their dress had to be distinctive and identify them as dhimmis so as to prevent non-Muslims from walking in Muslim areas or mixing with Muslims.  
The tragedy of Britain’s appeasement is that its dhimmitude is being enforced for the most part by the non-Muslim British majority -- by the British police, the British elites, the British media, and the British government -- while there is a campaign of terror being waged against the sensible majority who rightly resist being made into dhimmi subjects while they still constitute the demographic majority.
There is no better example of their submission to Sharia than the gag order placed on media coverage of the so-called “grooming gangs” trials. This gag order is so extreme that, according to Craig Biddle, British censors will not allow his article “Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws that Violate It,” to be shared on social media sites in the UK simply because the names of the Muslim defendants are included. He writes on June 19:
Because the original version of the article includes an excerpt from The Sun listing names of the defendants in the Leeds child-rape trial mentioned herein, UK censors have blocked the original article from being shared on social media in the UK. This version of the article has the “offending” material removed, and thus presumably will make it past the censors.
Just think about this for a moment. The names of the defendants can be found at any court website. This is public information. It is the names of the rape victims that are typically supposed to be kept anonymous so that their identity would not be exposed and presumably their trauma not exacerbated. These defendants are being given the privilege of anonymity to continue to make a living and presumably to carry on with any nefarious grooming that they may be called to take part in.
Peter McLoughlin has been banned from Twitter and Facebook for shining a light on the depth of the problem through his book Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal which contains extensive documentation of the massive cover-up in Rotherham that allowed Muslim gangs to continue their sex trafficking and rape of native English Christian and Sikh girls for many decades. He is at present the only Brit who maintains statistics on such cases at his website.
On June 13, rumors arose that Tommy Robinson had been moved to a heavily Muslim prison. Well-known Robinson supporters such as Raheem Kassan, Alex Jones, and Katie Hopkins posted videos suggesting that Robinson was in grave danger.  There was a near-hysterical atmosphere among the #FreeTommy crowd, and yet the British establishment remained largely silent.
The following day, Milo Yiannopolis posted a video facetiously titled “Tommy Robinson Scandal: UK Prime Minister Speaks Out.”  In reality, Prime Minister Theresa May offered no statement at all on Tommy Robinson’s prison transfer. Instead, she published her annual Eid Al Mubarak video, illustrating once again yet more proof of the country’s complete dhimmitude:
It has been said that on Eid Al-Fitr it seems as though all the noise suppressed for a month has concentrated itself into one night. But, of course, the end of Ramadan is about more than simply having fun. It’s a time for Muslims to come together with family, friends and neighbors. It’s an opportunity for spiritual renewal, a chance to help those less fortunate and give thanks for all that is good in your life. And it is an opportunity for all of us here in the UK to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contribution to our national life made by Britain’s three million Muslims.
It has been a surreal month for Britain. On the day of Robinson’s arrest, protestors chanted and climbed the gates of Downing Street, and the prime minister said nothing. The judge ruling on Robinson’s case declared that no British media outlets were allowed to publish any stories on Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment -- an unprecedented breach of freedom of speech -- and the prime minister said nothing.
Yet Downing Street on June 14 puts out a video celebrating Eid Al Mubarak and the contribution of Britain’s three million Muslims. As one commenter on YouTube stated, it is as if Prime Minister May is one of those misfortunate individuals in the orange jumpsuits with a sword being held to her throat, saying nothing about anything that truly matters, only parroting the words of what she is being told to say by her puppeteers.
The British people seem to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I just hope it’s not too late to wake them before their country goes the way of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and all of the other formerly Christian lands.

A crazed 30-year-old man was arrested in the French city of Tours after he attempted to stab random people with a knife on a bridge while yelling “Allahu Akbar”.

A crazed 30-year-old man was arrested in the French city of Tours after he attempted to stab random people with a knife on a bridge while yelling “Allahu Akbar”.

On Wednesday, a shirtless man had attempted to stab several random passersby crossing the pont de Fil, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Loire river, as well as try to throw a man in his 60s off the bridge before police intervened, French broadcaster France Bleu reports.
When police arrived on the scene, following panic from the pedestrians in the area, the man demanded that the officers shoot him while he yelled “Allahu akbar”.

Police took the 30-year-old into custody and are still investigating a possible motive for the incident as the man is said not be on the French terror watchlist, known in France as the S-File.Investigators later released information showing that the man was of West Indian origin. He claimed to have smoked a lot of cannabis before the incident and said did not remember anything about the incident or why he shouted “Allahu Akbar”.
“I shouted Allahu Akbar without knowing what it means! I had smoked a lot of cannabis the day before and the morning of the acting out,” the 30-year-old said.
While police have ruled out terrorism, the West Indian could still face charges of attempted murder, threats with a deadly weapon, and could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.In the last few months, several similar incidents have occurred across France including a woman who yelled “Allahu Akbar” while wounding two people in a supermarket in la Seyne-sur-Mer with a box cutter.
In April, another woman yelled the phrase near the site of the world-famous Cannes film festival threatening to blow herself up while her two young children were with her. She was arrested and her children were placed into protective custody following the incident.

GERMAN IMMIGRATION POLICY AND JEW-HATE -- The wrinkle in the German immigration story is Muslim migrant attacks on Jews.

Germany’s immigration policy under Chancellor Angela Merkel is under attack again, this time from within her own government.  There is however another wrinkle to the immigration story, it is the case of Muslim migrant attacks against Jews in Germany.  The recent rape and murder of a Jewish girl named Susanna Maria Feldman, 14, from the city of Mainz, in Western Germany, by a 19-year Muslim migrant, that Merkel enthusiastically admitted into Germany, stirred the country, and raised further questions about the open-door immigration policy of Merkel’s government.
Angela Merkel’s coalition government may be torn apart on the issue of immigration.  Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian conservative party, has pledged to reverse Chancellor Merkel’s open-door policy toward migrants.  Germany has absorbed 1.4 million migrants since 2015, the vast majority of them being Muslims from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Seehofer, the Interior Minister in Merkel’s coalition government is concerned by the rise of the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD) whose success in the polls, and its surprise showing in the 2017 election (capturing 12.6% of the votes) may now threaten the supremacy of his party in Bavaria.  State elections in Bavaria are scheduled for October this year.  For now, Merkel and Seehofer have agreed to wait for a resolution to the immigrant issue at next week’s European Union (EU) summit in Brussels. 
Seehofer has gotten a back wind from his neighboring Austrian government, which tightened its immigration laws, and the more recent victory in Italy of the anti-establishment, anti-immigrant, and anti-European Union coalition of the 5-Star Movement and the Northern League.  This month, Slovenia also elected an anti-immigrant party, the Slovenian Democratic Party, led by former Prime Minister Janez Jansa.  Victor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, and a staunch opponent of Muslim immigrants, stumping for Jansa, declared, “If Europe surrenders to mass population movement and immigration, our own Continent will be lost…The aim is to settle among us people who do not belong to our culture, and who will want to live here according to their own religions and customs.” Seehofer has caused controversy in March this year when he declared that “Islam does not belong to Germany.”  Bavaria’s premier, Markus Söder, siding with Seehofer, said, “Asylum tourism must end, we have to consider our own people, not always focus on the whole of Europe.”
The Muslim migrants’ religious and political culture is steeped in violent anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments.  It has already been evident in anti-Jewish violence.  In April this year, a 19-year old Israeli-Arab wearing a kippah, to prove the lack of anti-Semitism in Germany, was attacked by Muslim immigrants in Berlin.   A 2017 survey by the Research Office on Anti-Semitism in Berlin documented 947 incidents of anti-Semitic attacks, threats, and anti-Jewish vandalism in Berlin.  It amounts to more than twice the number from the previous year.  In May, 2018, coinciding with President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, waves of anti-Semitic hate protests in Berlin and Munich took place, where Arab and Turkish demonstrators burned Israeli flags, chanted anti-Semitic slogans, and flew the flags of the terrorist organization Hamas.  Synagogues and Jewish centers in Germany are now under police protection.  It is a reminder that Jews are once again persecuted in Germany, albeit, not sanctioned this time by the German government. 
In April this year, a German rap group, Kollegah and Farid Bang, who converted to Islam, received an award for their anti-Semitic lyrics that coincided with the Holocaust Remembrance Day.  German Culture Minister Monika Gruetters said that the lyrics “crossed the line,” and Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas tweeted, “anti-Semitic provocations do not deserve awards, they are disgusting.” Still, other than words, nothing has been done to punish these anti-Semites.  The German authorities are seemingly more sensitive to Muslim concerns than protecting Jews or for that matter, Christian German girls raped by gangs of Muslim migrants during the 2015/2016 New Year celebrations.Three years ago Angela Merkel opened Germany’s doors to over a million migrants, most of them fleeing the Syrian civil-war.  They were admitted without being properly vetted.  Some among the majority of single men who arrived in Germany have proven to be terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State who blended with genuine refugees.  Merkel has apparently sought to rehabilitate Germany’s image given its Nazi past.  She undoubtedly meant well.  Her decision however, failed to consider the culture and education of the migrants she admitted.  These migrants were inculcated with hatred toward Jews and Israel, and with little love for Christians and western culture as well.  Yet, little has been done by the German authorities to re-educate the migrants on such values as religious tolerance, or the norms of western democracy, before letting them loose upon German society.
A study last December by the American Jewish Committee found widespread anti-Semitism among Syrian and Iraqi Arab refugees the researchers interviewed.  Merkel, being forced to admit that this about the new arrivals, said “We have a phenomenon, as we have many refugees among whom there are, for example, people of Arab origins who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country.” Dr. Günther Jikeli, an historian and expert on anti-Semitism who conducted the AJC survey in Berlin concluded that, “This study should send a wake-up call to government and civil society.  Our political leaders must make certain that anti-Semitic attitudes will not be tolerated, and that infractions of the law will be prosecuted.  In addition, the classes that newcomers take to integrate them into German life should include information about Jewish life in Germany and the country’s connections with Israel, as well as values of liberal democracy.”
As a result of the visible rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Germany perpetrated by Muslim migrants, Merkel said that she has appointed a special commissioner to fight against anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, with a multitude of radicalized Muslim immigrants already in Germany, it will be impossible to stamp out the imbedded anti-Semitic attitudes of these migrants, short of expelling them from Germany.  
In the meantime, the EU summit on migration and asylum scheduled for the end of the month will test whether the EU can come together on a unified immigration policy.  It is unlikely however, that Italy for example, would accept migrants currently in Germany as Seehofer wishes to implement.  For Seehofer to act unilaterally in Bavaria, against the explicit opposition from Merkel, could lead to the collapse of the German government, which was sworn in only three months ago.
What Europe is experiencing is another sort of invasion.  In 1683, the Ottoman Turks stood at the gates of Vienna, ready to march on the Vatican and make Europe ‘safe for Islam.’ Today, it is no longer an armed invasion, but nonetheless, the aim of many among the Muslim migrants is to Islamize Europe and Germany.  Given the demographic death-wish of the European natives, it may take only a few decades for Islam to conquer Europe without firing a shot.

Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump was Right

by Vijeta Uniyal
  • According to the narrative peddled by the mainstream media, after a series of horrendous migrant crimes and string of deadly terrorist attacks perpetrated by newly-arrived Muslim migrants, towns and cities across Germany were reverting to some sort of idyllic harmony.
  • According to Germany's 2017 crime statistics, more than 1,100 foreigners were charged with murder or manslaughter, as opposed to around 1,500 suspects holding German passports. Given that Germany was home to roughly 10 million foreigners as opposed to 70 million German nationals, these are staggering numbers.
  • "The number of homicides rose by 3.2%" and "the number of sexual assaults had risen as well," the Süddeutsche Zeitung disclosed, while correctly maintaining that the crime report showed an overall drop of 9.6%.
US President Donald Trump attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel's migrant policy this week. The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition," he tweeted on June 18. "Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!" he added.
President Trump's comments come at a time when Merkel is facing the biggest crisis of her career. She is struggling to hold her government together, with the Bavarian Catholic party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), threatening to leave the governing coalition over immigration. The CSU wants the police to have the authority to turn away illegal migrants at the border, a move bitterly opposed by Merkel.
While Trump slammed Merkel's handling of the migrant crisis during his presidential campaign, until now, he has refrained from publicly criticizing her over the issue.
Predictably, the mainstream media were quick to criticize President Trump for his remarks.
"Trump falsely claimed that crime in Germany is on the rise," wrote The New York Times.
The Washington Post ran a "fact-checking" story entitled, "Trump says crime in Germany is way up. German statistics show the opposite."
"Statistics contradict Trump's remarks," German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.
"Trump's comments are certain to irk German ministers, especially as Europe's largest economy recently reported the lowest crime figures in more than 25 years. The number of crimes fell almost 10 percent in 2017 over the previous year."
CNNBBCVox and even the youth fashion magazine Teen Vogue published similar reports.
With major media outlets on both side of the Atlantic reciting the same talking points in unison, millions of viewers and readers across the globe could come to believe that the Trump had made a false claim while attacking Merkel's open borders policy that let millions of migrants into Europe since the autumn of 2015.
According to the narrative peddled by the mainstream media, after a series of horrendous migrant crimes and string of deadly terrorist attacks perpetrated by newly arrived Muslim migrants, towns and cities across Germany were reverting to some sort of idyllic harmony.
All the media reports were based on the 2017 police crime statistics that registered a drop of almost 10% in the crime rate over the previous year. Speaking to reporters in May 2018, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer cited the report to assert that "the number of crimes committed in Germany is the lowest since 1992."
Let us examine that report closely.
On April 22, 2018, writing for the German newspaper Die Welt, Ansgar Graw challenged the much-quoted crime report in an article entitled, "The Reality Behind the New Statistics on Crime":
"When all [categories of] crimes are taken into consideration, then the crime has certainly gone down (by 9.6%) over the previous year. In case of violent crimes -- that particularly lead to fear -- the picture is nuanced. There was, however, a slight improvement compared to 2016 (and as well as to 2011 or 2012). But in general terms, violent crimes subjected to high fluctuation are above the levels [recorded] between 2013 and 2015."
Cases of murder. manslaughter, rape and sexual assault have risen measurably. In 2014, for example, a total of 180,955 acts of violence were reported, in previous year they were 188,946.
As Graw concludes, "the crime statistics drop only when compared to 2016, but have risen in comparison to the period before the refugee crisis." Addressing the issue of migrant crime, he wrote that "the proportion of non-German suspects across the board, and particularly when it came to violent crimes, was disproportionately high."
According to the 2017 crime statistics, more than 1,100 foreigners were charged with murder or manslaughter, as opposed to around 1,500 suspects holding German passports. The previous year's statistics showed a similar correlation: 1,137 foreigners were charged with homicide-related crime, compared to 1,638 German suspects. These are staggering numbers given the fact that Germany was home to roughly 10 million foreigners as opposed to 70 million German nationals.
In an article meant as a rebuttal to President Trump's tweets, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on June 19, 2018 admitted that the police crime report of 2017 showed a rise in homicide and sexual assault across the country. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, while correctly maintaining that the crime report showed an overall drop of 9.6%, disclosed that, "The number of homicides rose by 3.2%" and "the number of sexual assaults had risen as well."
On June 8, 2018, German public broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR) admittedthat there was a "correlation between refugee influx and rising crime."
Concerning violent crimes, the 2017 government crime report found that the police charged 69,163 foreigners for such crimes compared to 112,346 Germans. In 2016, the report showed a ratio of 67,869 non-German, compared to 110,494 for German suspects.
There is nothing new about the mainstream media seizing an opportunity to ridicule and discredit the US President. However, the issue of mass migration into Europe is bigger than a fresh round of Trump-bashing or finding delicacies for the next news cycle. By shielding Merkel's migrant policy from legitimate scrutiny and criticism, and hushing up a public debate, the mainstream media have become an accessory to the seriously flawed open-door migrant policy pushed by Merkel and the rest of European political elite.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Germany: The body of social democratic politician Sophia Lösche found in Spain -- Moroccan truck driver confesses rape and murder of "Refugee welcome" activist

Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German "Refugee welcome" activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain. For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan truck license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany. She hitchhiked to her hometown Bamberg, about 260 kilometers south. A Civil Guard traffic control stopped the truck on Tuesday on a road near the Spanish city of Bailén in Jaén. He wanted to go to the Strait of Gibraltar, take a ferry and get off in Morocco, where he wanted to protect himself from European justice. On Wednesday he was transferred to the Central Examining Court No. 6 of the Audiencia Nacional. His confession would have made it possible to locate the body of the young woman yesterday, her case had been reported in the German media after her family reported her disappearance 24 hours after her death. She had worked with an NGO on the Greek island of Lesbos, where she helped so-called refugees. Sources consulted by the media emphasized that the body showed "clear symptoms of violence". The perpetrator intended to rape her. The autopsy, which will probably be performed today in the Department of Forensic Pathology in Vitoria, will determine the cause of death. Also the approximate time at which it happened, so that we can determine whether it was in Germany, France or the Basque Country. This will clarify which court will handle the case.

American Tourist Raped Near London’s Trafalgar Square

A 22-year-old American tourist was raped just yards from one of London’s most iconic tourist attractions, Trafalgar Square.

The young woman, who was on holiday in the British capital, attended a south London hospital after having suffered what emergency services described as “vaginal injuries” in the early hours of Sunday the 3rd of June, according to details released by the Metropolitan Police on Thursday.
The American national told police she had been ordered to get out of a taxi, after her friend vomited. She was then seen on CCTV with her companion in the company of two men at 3 am in Haymarket – just yards from Trafalgar Square, home of the National Gallery and Nelson’s column with its iconic four lions.

She said she could not remember what occurred between her being thrown out of the taxi and waking up and reporting her injuries to the hospital, but the CCTV footage showed her being carried by one of the men to a nearby doorway, where evidence suggests she was raped.Police released footage of a man sought in connection with the assault (pictured), and the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command (CASO) has launched an investigation.
Under London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, rape in the capital has risen by almost 20 percent – but police claim to not know the causes of the increase.
Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Force Sir Craig Mackey said in February that “there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand, the causes of it. We see the end of it, [but] we don’t understand the causes.”
In April, London overtook New York City for the number of murders for the first time in over 200 years, with New Yorkers in London claiming to be in fear following the “crazy” spike in violent crime.Postgraduate student Adam Janeway, 28, told the Evening Standard in April: “I don’t know what you’ve got going on here, man – it’s crazy.
“You got people throwing acid in other people’s faces, kids riding around on mopeds stealing cell phones.”
Documentary producer Leslie Lee told the evening paper that London resembled New York before former mayor and Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani got tough on crime and cleaned up the city in the 1990s, saying the Republican mayor’s “infamous zero tolerance approach to crime resulted in a much, cleaner and safer Big Apple”.

Islamist Tunisian Migrant Arrested in Cologne Prepared Deadly Ricin ‘Biological Bomb’ For Terror Attack

The 29-year-old Tunisian migrant arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack was making a deadly biological ricin bomb, according to investigators.

Cologne investigators released new details of the plot Wednesday after arresting the 29-year-old, identified as Sief Allah H., and his Islamic convert wife last week, saying that they had found 3,150 castor bean seeds used to make the biological weapon ricin, of which they also found 84.3 milligrams, Deutsche Welle reports.
Ricin is known as one of the most toxic biological weapons in the world and has been favoured by Islamic extremists for the purposes of terror in the past.

In 2003, UK anti-terrorist forces found a large quantity of castor bean seeds in the apartment of 31-year-old al-Qaeda sympathiser Kamel Bourgass who was given a life sentence for murdering a police officer in a separate raid.The federal prosecutors’ office said that the Tunisian migrant had been in contact with Islamic extremists and was still investigating to what extent he communicated with them, but added: “There are as yet no leads indicating that the accused was a member of a terrorist group.”
According to German newspaper Die Welt, it was U.S. intelligence officials that gave crucial information about Sief Allah H. which led to the raid and his arrest.The tip-off comes only weeks after U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell toldBreitbart London during an exclusive interview in Berlin that he wanted to see more cooperation between the intelligence services of the two countries when it came to identifying threats within the migrant and asylum seeker population.
The European police agency Europol also warned Wednesday that, “As IS [Islamic State] gets weaker, it has been urging its followers to carry out lone actor type attacks in their home countries, rather than guiding them to travel to the so-called caliphate.”
Head of the German Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen also commented on the terror plot saying it showed the threat level to Germany was still at a heightened state.

‘Monty Python Was Too Male, Pale, Stale,’ Says Diversity-Obsessed BBC

John Cleese has been defending Monty Python‘s legacy.

BBC's Head of Comedy puts Monty Python's lack of originality down to a surfeit of education and racist bias

Unfair ! We were remarkably diverse FOR OUR TIME

We had three grammar-school boys, one a poof, and Gilliam, though not actually black, was a Yank. And NO slave-owners

He was responding to the ludicrous suggestion by the BBC’s Head of Comedy Shane Allen that Monty Python were somehow not “original” because their members were too white, male, and middle class.[...] 
And as John Cleese points out in another of his tweets, the BBC was similarly resistant to Monty Python.
Some Comedy History

When Python started, the Head of Light Entertainment loathed it, and at a Heads of Department meeting, six of them disliked it. Only Desmond Wilcox, out of eight, approved

So Allen is just the latest in a long line who don't really know what they're doing
The BBC is and always has been the Enemy of Promise: a monstrous state bureaucracy which stifles creativity, crushes individuality, and enforces the politically correct values of the liberal elite.