Friday, February 09, 2018

Borna / Germany: Syrian refugee stabs woman in front of the children

A terrible bloody deed shook Germany today, Friday: A 33-year-old Syrian has killed his wife with a knife in an asylum shelter in the Saxon town of Borna. According to media reports, the couple's two young children were forced to watch their mother's death. According to the daily "Leipziger Volkszeitung", the police and emergency services would drive up the asylum centre, where the blood act occurred, on a weekly basis. In most cases, the occasion is fights or brawls. Last Sunday, a man from Syria killed his wife in the late evening hours. According to the online report of the "Leipziger Volkszeitung", the 33-year-old stabbed his wife in front of the children with a knife. The two toddlers were transferred to the custody of the Youth Welfare Office according to the district administration. According to the spokesman of the public prosecutor's office in charge, the 24-year-old victim had been taken to hospital after the attack, but died shortly afterwards from the injuries. The prosecutor did not mention any further circumstances concerning the motive of the crime and the weapon in view of the ongoing investigation, which had taken place inside a building and had been carried out within the family, is the reason for the fact that the authorities had been keeping secrecy for days. A spokesman for the Leipzig public prosecutor's office said on Friday that the Syrian had been issued with an arrest warrant for urgent murder suspicion.

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