Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cologne / Germany: UPDATE- Antifa celebrates the murder of the policeman who was pushed in front of a train at the Chlodwigplatz in Cologne - --32 year old policeman rolled over by city railway and killed -- The policeman employed in the fight against Islamists was deliberately pushed onto the tracks

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The dead man from Chlodwigplatz in the city of Cologne - it was a police officer who, according to the German politician Dietmar Gedig, was used in the fight against Islamists. The night after Saturday he fell between two cars of the tram and was overrun. The officers at the scene of the crime had to find out the identity of the hitherto unknown man after the 32-year-old had been declared dead by the emergency doctor, and in his clothes they discovered a service ID card identifying the man as the police commissioner Veit R., who was last on duty in the city of Düsseldorf. Shortly after the drama, the police had evaluated the video surveillance of the railway company and found out that Veit R. was pushed by one person and then fell between the two wagons. When the train arrived, the 32-year-old was run over and was dead on the spot.

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