Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Germany: African man armed with knives attacks passers-by

Following the deployment of police in the Große Bleiche street in Mainz and the arrest of the 25-year-old last Monday evening, the police may publish further details of the facts.The perpetrator is a Sudanese citizen who, after a verbal dispute in the Allianz House, for reasons as yet unknown has stood at the crossroads of Grosse Bleiche and Bauhof street.According to the current state of investigation, he was approached standing there by a 23-year-old motorcyclist and asked to leave the intersection. The result is a dispute in the course of which the motorcyclist falls over with his motorcycle, the perpetrator pulls a knife and makes stabbing movements in his direction. Shortly thereafter, he directed his aggression against a 35-year-old cyclist and also made stabbing movements towards the upper body of the cyclist. No person is injured. The perpetrator has a bigger and a smaller knife in his hands. Courageous passers-by and guests of the adjacent localities overwhelm the perpetrator by using chairs against him and for their protection. They can arrest the perpetrator and hand him over to the police who arrive shortly afterwards. The perpetrator is first placed in a psychiatric ward with the assistance of the Mainz City Public Order Office. In close coordination with the public prosecutor's office in Mainz, the legal classification of the facts and the examination of further criminal procedural measures are currently taking place. In close coordination with the public prosecutor's office in Mainz, the legal classification of the facts and the examination of further criminal procedural measures are currently taking place. In the meantime, a mobile phone video of the incidents has been made available to the Mainz police as evidence. The police Mainz asks to publish no videos or photos of the incident, but to provide the investigating authorities as well as witnesses to call 06131-65-4110.

Watch: Qatari sociologist blames Jews for New Zealand massacre

A Qatari sociologist posted two videos on his popular YouTube channel on Friday in response to the terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The sociologist, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, claimed in one of the videos that the Jews instigated the massacre against Muslims in New Zealand in order to create discord between the Muslims and the Christians.

Later on, Dr. Al-Ansari addressed Christians in the West and told them that the Jews were their "real enemies." He warned of "an approaching major discord between Islam and Christianity," which might lead to a "great massacre."

The video was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which noted that in two days, Al-Ansari’s commentary on the New Zealand massacre was watched over 200,000 times on YouTube. One of the videos was posted also on Facebook, where it was watched close to 100,000 times.#


‘It’s over’: Under-Fire Macron Vows Crackdown on Yellow Vest Protests

French president Emmanuel Macron has declared that Yellow Vest protests against his globalist regime are “over”, as he vowed a serious crackdown on future demonstrations.

The globalist leader’s announcement came after he was slammed by politicians from across the political spectrum over ‘apocalyptic’ scenes of violence in Paris over the past weekend, which saw a demonstration of around 10,000 protesters hijacked by a group of 1,500 of what Interior Minister Christophe Castaner described as “ultra-violent” activists.
“It’s over. I insist that this type of scene cannot happen again, especially on this Avenue,” said Macron, asserting that measures would be put in place to quell future Yellow Vest demonstrations, which first took place late last year in protest at the introduction of punishing ‘green’ taxes, and have since broadened in scope to oppose a wider agenda of neoliberal reform.Black-hooded anarchists smashed windows, hurled paving stones at police, and looted and torched cars along with almost 80 shops and restaurants on the famous Champs-Elysées avenue, as well as vandalising the Arc de Triomphe war memorial and leaving a memorial to the victim of an Islamist terror attack in the capital defaced and plastered with Antifa stickers.

As Saturday marked the 18th week of Yellow Vest demonstrations against the Europhile French government, which has been under fire from human rights groups over the treatment of peaceful protesters, opposition parties in France charged Macron of allowing what were described as ‘apocalyptic’ scenes over the last weekend for political gain.With the president away on a ski trip in the Pyrenees as chaos exploded in the French capital on Saturday, leader of the centre-right Les Republicains (LR) party, Laurent Wauquiez, accused Macron of having allowed the violent situation to “degenerate”.National Rally (RN) president, Marine Le Pen, commented: “In Paris, activists in black hoods have replaced yellow vests. The ‘black bloc’ destroys, burns, and exerts violence — all with total impunity.”

Speaking to local media on Sunday, the populist former presidential candidate said she agreed with some LR politicians that the chaotic criminality could have been “contrived” by the government, “for the simple reason Macron believes these atrocities [in Paris] will let him embody order and so rise in the polls”, and questioned why authorities allow violent, far-left outfits like Antifa to run wild in France.“The government has taken the decision to dissolve a whole series of very small, ultra-right-wing groups. That is fair enough, but it should also be done with respect to far-left organisations,” she told France 3.

“It seems that when it comes to the arrest of these professional thugs, it is not possible for authorities to take action. But they know who they are.”Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo also criticised the government, asking how such “extraordinary” violence had been allowed to take place while her Socialist Party colleague Olivier Faure expressed concern that “the strategy of the government” was to “dodge” debate on social concerns by emphasising security issues.

On Monday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that, in future, Yellow Vest protests will be banned in certain areas, if authorities “see signs of the presence of radical groups and their intent to cause damage”.According to the BBC, he also announced the sacking of Paris police chief Michel Delpuech, and admitted that officers had received “inappropriate instructions” regarding how to deal with criminality over the weekend.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Main suspect in Utrecht shooting arrested

The suspect wanted for shooting dead three people in Utrecht on Monday morning has been arrested, police said at a news conference on Monday evening. Three people were killed and five injured, three seriously, in the attack which took place on and outside a tram on Monday morning in the Kanaleneiland area of the city. The circumstances of the arrest are still unclear, and officials at the news conference were taken by surprise by the development, which came as the meeting was ending.

Utrecht attack leads to heightened security for Dutch Jews: the terrorist threatened violence in the past against a conservative news website

Security around Dutch Jewish community buildings was increased significantly as police searched for the gunman suspected of killing at least three people in what the prime minister said may have been a terrorist attack in Utrecht.

The incident, in which several people were wounded, happened Monday morning inside a tram in the central city near Amsterdam. Police released a picture of a 37-year-old Turkey-born man named Gokman Tanis whom they suspect of shooting multiple people before fleeing.

Using the handle “HateDemocrat,” Tanis has threatened violence in the past against PowNed, a right-wing news website.

The Federative Jewish Netherlands group wrote on Twitter that elite police troops are patrolling Jewish community buildings with semi-automatic weapons.

In Utrecht, the government for the first time ever raised the terrorism threat level to 5, its highest state.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it “may be a terrorist attack and an an attack on our democracy.”

Mosques in Utrecht were temporarily shuttered, De Telegraaf reported.

Utrecht’s Chabad House also was not operating on Monday, but only because there were no activities scheduled for the day, a spokesman told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. But Chabad Utrecht said Purim celebrations are to take place later this week as scheduled.


Turk with loaded firearm and forged identity card on the road in Cologne, Germany

Last Friday evening, Cologne police arrested a 48-year-old Turk in the district of Höhenberg after a traffic check. The officers had found the man with a loaded firearm and a forged Luxembourg passport. According to the current state of investigation, he had opened an account with a German bank with these fake personal details. A magistrate sent the suspect, who is suspected of being in Germany illegally, to custody. Around 10.45 p.m. the officers of the riot police on Fuldaer Street stopped a 30-year-old man from Bonn with his Mercedes SL55 AMG.The 48-year-old sat in the co-driver's seat, proved himself with a Turkish passport and admitted to carrying a pistol in a leg holster. The police disarmed the man and took him to the station. Meanwhile, specialists checked his companion's sports car. The wheels are not approved for the car and can have a negative effect on the driving and braking behaviour of the vehicle. The officers seized the allegedly traffic-insecure Mercedes and instituted administrative offence proceedings against the 30-year-old. The policemen were originally deployed in a special mission to fight biker crime. According to current information, the 30-year-old and the 48-year-old have no connections to the biker milieu.

Germany: Several asylum seekers attack police officers - one officer was injured - legal proceedings initiated for attack on police officers and attempted escape from prisoners

A major police operation took place yesterday morning in the downtown area of Giessen. A 41-year-old police officer was injured and could no longer perform his duties. Two asylum seekers from Eritrea, aged 23 and 26, were arrested and taken into police custody. First the police had received a report about a helpless person in the Ludwig street at 06.30 am. When the officers wanted to take care of the person lying on the sidewalk in front of a hotel, a group of five, including the two later arrested, apparently came by chance. One of the group opened the door of the patrol car. When he was addressed by a police officer, he apparently acted very aggressively towards the patrol car crew. During a subsequent wrangling, the 23-year-old Eritrean was first captured. When the other members of the group of five also ran aggressively and threateningly towards the patrol, the 23-year-old was able to free himself. Before the 23-year-old could be handcuffed, he struck and kicked after the 41-year-old police officer. Immediately after the arrest, the 26-year-old asylum seeker apparently tried to free the 23-year-old. The use of pepper spray enabled the officers to fend off the attack. The 26-year-old and the other three fled. However, the initiated search quickly led to the arrest of the suspects. Proceedings were initiated against the two asylum seekers for resistance to and attack on police officers and for attempted escape from prisoners. The investigations are ongoing. Witnesses who witnessed the early Sunday morning incident in Ludwig street are asked to call the police. Please call the police station Giessen Süd on 0641/7006-3555.

Once again a migrant mass brawl in Pforzheim, Germany

Around 03.30 a. m. a brawl with ten persons involved was reported to the police in a discotheque on Mannheimer Street in Pforzheim, which is why several patrol car crews arrived at the location. In front of the discotheque, three Turkish men could be found with facial injuries.Obviously there had already been some serious disputes in the locality. Between the different people of different nationalities who had travelled to the discotheque, the mood of the visitors became more and more aggressive, even in the presence of the police officers, which is why several expulsions had to be made. Since the demands of the police officers were partially not carried out and fisticuffs among the counterparts also became visible in the closer vicinity of the discotheque, further police forces were called in. It was only thanks to a strong police presence that it was possible to stop the threatening conflicts. Two 17-year-olds subsequently had to be taken into custody because they repeatedly failed to comply with the expulsion orders and repeatedly instigated disputes with other groups of people. Who can give pertinent references to the committed assaults, is asked to contact with the police station Pforzheim north under 07231/186-3211.

In the wake of Islamist terror in Utrecht, German police are also on the alert

The North Rhine-Westphalian police carry out checks at the border with the Netherlands and other neuralgic points. Ongoing information is provided by the Essen police via press releases and Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Polizei_NRW_E

Die Polizei NRW führt Kontrollen an der Grenze zu den Niederlanden und anderen neuralgischen Punkten durch.

Weitere Tweets von Polizei NRW E ansehen

Suspect ID'd in Utrecht shooting; Terrorism investigation underway

Gökmen T. suspected in the Utrecht shooting on Oktoberplein
Gökmen Tanis, 37, a Turkish-born suspect in the shooting on 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht. 18 March 2019. (photo: Politie Utrecht)

Police in Utrecht are searching for 37-year-old Gökmen Tanis in connection with the apparent fatal shooting at 24 Oktoberplein in the city. Police released a photo of the man, while simultaneously authorities were investigating the scene of an abandoned car with broadcast reports of a possible explosion threat. Tanis was born in Turkey, police said. He is sought in connection with the Monday morning shooting that was being investigated as a possible terrorist attack. Authorities were asking that anyone who knows Tanis's whereabouts contact them directly. "Do not approach him yourself, but immediately call the investigation hotline, 0800-6070," police said. Meanwhile, a red Renault Clio was found abandoned on Tichelaarslaan near Boomgaardlaan. The location is about five kilometers away from where the shooting took place on a tram in city. A woman who discovered the car told the broadcaster, "The car had been running for some time, up to three hours with the engine on, the window slightly open and a note hanging from it." When pressed to describe the note, she added, "I read the last line, but I prefer not to say what it said." By 2 p.m., the broadcaster said that there was a threat of explosion at the location. However, authorities had not declared such a threat on official channels as of 2:30 p.m. Back closer to the site of the shooting, armed police were actively investigating a first-floor flat on Trumanlaan. A large, heavily armed team entered a housing block there, but did not immediately reveal what they had found. The municipality of Utrecht was telling people to stay indoors and off the street as the police hunt for suspects continued.

Utrecht: UPDATE -- Three Killed •Nine Injured -- Turkish born male named as a suspect in the shooting

The police asks you to look out for the 37 year old Gökman Tanis (born in Turkey) associated with the incident this morning at the in . Do not approach him but call 0800-6070.

Despite earlier reports of multiple shooters, Dutch police now speak of one suspect, a 37-year-old Turkish origin male named as Gökman Tanis. While officers in the city have surrounded a particular building in the city, as that operation was ongoing the official account shared a security camera image of a male standing on a tram. Police told the public not to approach him if spotted but to telephone with any information, strongly implying that police have not yet successfully pinned the alleged assailant down.

Germany: Turk stabs a colleague at work

Last Friday, police officers arrested a 48-year-old Turk who is suspected of having severely injured a 59-year-old co-worker with a knife in Stuttgart. According to the current state of the investigation, the two employees initially got into a verbal argument during their shift.When another colleague intervened to mediate, the 48-year-old suspect obviously attacked the 59-year-old man with a knife and injured him considerably, but not life-threateningly. Emergency personnel took care of the man and took him to a hospital for further care. The 48-year-old Turkish citizen was brought before a competent judge on Saturday with an order from the public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart, who issued an arrest warrant.

Gunman Opens Fire on Tram in Netherlands, Perpetrator on the Run

A number of people have been injured after what was reported to be a single or “several” people opening fire, onboard an urban tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday morning.

Multiple police and ambulance helicopters responded to the 24th of October Square tram station in the city around 1045 local time after reports of injured people and shooting. Counter-terror police are on the scene.

Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper with a local office in Utrecht reported that “several” gunmen have attacked passengers onboard the tram before fleeing the scene. The latest indication is that there may have been shootings at multiple locations and that the attacker or attackers are on the run, and being hunted by police officers.

Police have so far released few details about the incident, nor have they given an indication of how many were injured. There has also been no confirmation on the identity, or motivation of the perpetrator, or if there were multiple gunmen.
BREEK - Volgens getuigen heeft een man in een tram op weg naar Utrecht CS een wapen getrokken en meerdere personen neergeschoten. Hulpdiensten massaal aanwezig en bezig met eerste hulp in de tram.
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The Dutch government is holding a crisis meeting Monday in the wake of the apparent terror attack.

The other people slaughtered by hate-filled fanatics the same day the Christchurch shooter did his evil

By Michael Nollett

Elsewhere in the world on the same day as the shootings at the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the following slaughters by hate-filled bigots occurred...

At least 13 civilians have died in fresh attacks in Mozambique’s volatile northern Cabo Delgado province where Islamists have terrorized villagers in remote communities for more than a year, local sources said Saturday. (From Agence France-Press)

- At least six people were killed as suicide bombers dressed in women’s attire attacked people fleeing the Islamic State’s final holdout zone in Syria. (From the South China Morning Post)

Boko Haram attacked a Christian Village in Nigeria, killing one person, abducting two sisters, and destroying the village church and six houses. Taking time zone differences into account, this occurred at about the same time as the Christchurch shootings. (From persecution.org)

- On the same day as the Christchurch shootings, Christian Post reported that since February, 2019, Islamic Fulani tribesmen have murdered 120 Christians and destroyed 140 houses in Nigeria.

- Robert Spencer reported in Jihad Watch that hope has been given up that the 3,000 missing Yazidi female sex slaves taken by ISIS will ever be found alive. They are all believed to have been murdered, some of them by beheading.

And remember, all of this happened, or was reported on the same day, as the shootings at the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. And this is just one typical day in the ongoing story of modern jihad. The Religion of Peace website has documented nearly 35,000 jihad attacks since the original 9/11 of2001, in which at least one person was killed. In some of these attacks, e.g. in the Bataclan attack in Paris in 2015 and in the Bastille Day attack in Nice in 2016, far many more people were killed than in Christchurch.

So how come we’re not hearing about these?


WATCH: Anti-Assad protesters clash with police during demonstration in Berlin

Last Saturday, 16th of March, opponents of the Syrian president Bashar Assad had called for a "big rally" for the "Syrian Spring", "a democratic revolution" and the overthrow of the "dictator Assad".Around 250 people came to the march through the city - with a stop in front of the Russian embassy - to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the Syrian uprising, waving banners and shouting slogans like ‘Assad must go,’ and ‘Out with Putin,’ among others.
Protesters clashed with police in Berlin after the demonstration turned chaotic.Police detained several protesters who broke through a police cordon that was guarding counter-demonstrators near the Russian embassy.