Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Germany: 15-year-old girl sexually harassed by an Afghan in a regional express train

A 22-year-old asylum seeker sexually harassed a 15-year-old girl in a regional train on the trip from Herrenberg to Stuttgart yesterday afternoon at about 15:10 pm. According to initial findings, the Afghan citizen tried to kiss and touch the child against her will. Furthermore, the suspect is said to have verbally harassed the 15-year-old. She then called the police. An alarmed patrol of the federal police met both persons after their arrival at Stuttgart main station. The man, who lives in the district of Calw, is now under investigation on suspicion of sexual harassment. Witnesses who can provide relevant information about the incident are asked to report to the federal police at +49711870350.

Strasbourg assassin could flee to Germany

The suspected Christmas market terrorist from Strasbourg is possibly planning to set off for Germany. According to newspaper BILD, this was discovered in German and French intelligence agencies. Accordingly, the French security authorities no longer rule out the possibility that the wanted Cherif Chekatt (29 y/o) has already fled to Germany or - if this has not yet happened - intends to flee to Germany. According to the newspaper BILD, German authorities received a corresponding warning by telephone from France early Wednesday morning.German police investigators consider the warning credible, as Cherif Chekatt has German connections and spent a year in German prison for serious property offences. Cherif Chekatt's area of action in Germany during his stay was mainly in the southwest: according to BILD information, he committed several crimes in the Konstanz, Mainz and Frankfurt am Main areas.According to BILD information, Cherif Chekatt was deported to France in 2017 directly from the prison where he served his prison sentence for serious theft in Germany. According to information provided by BILD, the immigration authorities in charge have obtained a multi-annual re-entry ban against the Frenchman. Cherif Chekatt is a French citizen with Algerian roots. In France, he is classified as an Islamist threat.

Murder of a girl in Steyr, Austria: Saber A. is said to have already killed in Afghanistan

The suspected murderer of 16-year-old Michelle F. from Steyr in Upper Austria has been arrested. Saber A. (17) turned himself in to the police in Vienna on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, to the grief of the young girl's death, there is also a lack of understanding about the authorities: For the young man from Afghanistan, who arrived in Austria with traffickers in the spring of 2016, could not be deported despite a rejected asylum decision. The asylum protocol of the suspect  in detail: As an unaccompanied minor, Saber A. officially comes to Austria illegally in spring 2016 at the age of 14 years, submits an asylum application here. Although this is rejected, the Afghan may remain. Apparently his reason for fleeing is also a murder, which he is supposed to confess to the brother of his later victim. Since he is facing political or religious persecution in his home country or the death penalty for such a serious crime, the juvenile who was blameless until the presumed murder of his girlfriend (16 years old) cannot be deported. In bureaucratic terms there is the term subsidiary protection (this year alone already granted for 3600 persons). In February 2018, the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs and Asylum (BFA) extended the stay of the now 17-year-old by a further two years to 2020. In the middle of the year, Saber A. was allowed to move to a youth home in Steyr, after he had fallen in love with Michelle via Facebook and wanted to live near her. "I often had to sign that he was allowed to be in our apartment.  That was what the carers and authorities wanted," the mother (52) knows. She was not happy with the relationship with the Afghan: "He treated Michelle like his property, lived at our expense. After the separation - the boy had cheated on Michelle F. with a school friend - there was reconciliation on Thursday. Sunday, three days later, the deadly pulmonary sting in the children's room. On the run, the murder suspect, who had gone underground, asked the mother of the 16-year-old girl on the phone where she was, cold as ice, in order to check whether the crime had already been discovered.Until Tuesday there was no trace of Saber A.. Then, at 12.50 a.m., an emergency call was received by the police from Vienna-Floridsdorf railway station: "I am the wanted one". Officials arrested the Afghan man without any resistance. 15 years imprisonment is the maximum sentence under juvenile criminal law in the event of a conviction. In addition, proceedings are under way to withdraw the subsidary protection. Too late for Michelle F.

Majority of French Reject Macron’s Offers, Want More Yellow Vest Protests

A poll has revealed the majority of French do not think the new policies unveiled by French President Emmanuel Macron this week are enough and say they want the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protests to continue.

The data, released by polling firm Odoxa, shows that 59 per cent of French are not convinced by the measures to quell the Yellow Vest protests announced by President Macron earlier this week which included a 100 euro raise in the minimum wage and several tax breaks, Le Figaro reports.

Only 21 per cent of those who watched Macron’s address to the nation on Monday found his policies convincing, despite the viewership seeing a 40 per cent increase from a previous speech last month.A majority of respondents were in favour of the various proposals, however, with 61 per cent in favour of the 100 euro a month raise in minimum wage, 55 per cent for tax-free year-end bonuses, and 85 per cent backing a policy of not charging tax on overtime pay.

While there is broad backing for the proposals offered by the French leader, the Yellow Vest support remains in the majority with 54 per cent of those surveyed saying the protests should continue.One of the largest proponents for the protests has been far-left France Insoumise (Unsubmissive France) leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon who reacted to Macron’s speech by calling for “Act V” of the protests to be held on Saturday. Populist Rassemblement National (National Rally) leader Marine Le Pen has also supported the movement.

The Odoxa poll found that among supporters of Mélenchon and Le Pen, support for the Yellow Vests was still very high with 81 per cent saying the protests should continue. The majority of supporters of France’s establishment parties took the opposite stance and now believe the protests should end.The Yellow Vest movement, which began as a protest against higher taxes on fuel, has gained momentum every week over the last four weeks of protest and most recently saw violence and property damage expand outside of Paris to Bordeaux and Toulouse. Over 1,000 protestors were arrested as the country’s police saw their largest mobilisation in years.

The movement has also spread beyond the borders of France to both the Netherlands and Belgium where protestors made a brief attempt to storm the European Union headquarters in Brussels.

WATCH: Deadly Terror Attack Near Christmas Market In Strasbourg

The goal: No Jews in Europe and no Jewish State in the Middle East

by Giulio Meotti

So 40 per cent of European Jews have considered leaving their countries over the past five years, according to a new poll conducted by the EU agency for fundamental rights, which highlighted the growing concern among Jewish communities in Europe, with almost 90 per cent of Jews saying that anti-Semitism has increased since 2013.

“Decades after the Holocaust, shocking and mounting levels of anti-Semitism continue to plague the EU”, Michael O’Flaherty, the director of the European agency, said in a statement. “Jewish people have the right to live freely, without hate and without fear for their safety”. Nice words. But that is exactly the point.

European Islamists, the lead actors of this new anti-Semitism along with the leftist useful idiots, are trying to stage a “final solution” 2.0 of what they call the “Jewish-Zionist cancer” in the Middle East (Iran's Rouhani holds the copyright for that term).

They really want a jüdenrein world, without Jews. Without Jews in Europe, fleeing from anti-Semitism, and without Jews in the Middle East, with the destruction of Israel.

Europe has become the epicenter of the new war against Israel and the Jews. Europe fights the Jewish State in the political arenas, in the corridors of power in Brussels, in various Western European capitals and the United Nations, inside Israel with the NGOs it funds, the media and the diplomacy. So that those responsible for the massacre of Jews in the pizzeria Sbarro di Gerusalemme, of the massacre of Jewish kids at the Dolphinarium discotheque in Tel Aviv, of the carnage of entire Jewish families during the Passover dinner at the Park Hotel of Netanya, are not termed “terrorists” in Europe, but “militants”.

Europe is a bystander no more. It has become deliberately responsible for the abominable crime of cultural genocide: wiping out the past existence of a people – the Jews – to eliminate their current political legitimacy and its human, religious, cultural and historical rights. That is why Europe voted along with the Islamic regimes at the recent UN resolutions denying the Jewish history of Jerusalem.

Europe's lights are fading under the pressure of different phenomena. First of all, Islamism that it is submerging Europe under the darkness in many of its territories and which it degrades severely. The mass arrival of migrants coming from the Middle East, from the Maghreb and from Africa that Europe can not integrate, nor help return to their countries of origin and are left shamefully to stagnate in precariousness, are the source of great evils. Erosion, decadence, and powerlessness.

But they are also the source of the development of this violent anti-Semitism with the permanent denigration of Israel.

We are at the point that many Jews prefer to leave Europe to live in Israel. What a step back, the Jews flee again from Europe to seek peace and security in a country that has only enemies around it, those who as a single entity cultivate the will to find the way to destroy Israel and throw its corpse into the sea.

“Israel is a vital component of this emerging order as the paradigm nation-state totally committed to its defense and survival” Melanie Phillips just wrote. The order of operations is that made of Trump's America, Brexit, Eastern Europe and the Jewish State.

That new order is the Western last chance for cultural survival. That is why anti-Semitism has become a major engine of the Western chaos.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Shooting at a Christmas Market in France in latest terror attack – 4 dead, 11 injured

French police are saying at least four have been shot dead with at least 11 others injured by a gunman in Strasbourg tonight at the city’s Christmas market.
According to witnesses the shots began around 8pm near the Christmas market.
“There were gunshots and people running everywhere,” a shopkeeper told BFMTV. “It lasted about 10 minutes.” It has been reported that several of the injured are in a critical condition.
- At least 4 dead
- 11 injured
- 7 in critical condition
- Terrorist on the run, and wounded
- Terrorist escaped anti terrorist raid this morning
- Situation remains active
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One waiter in a nearby restaurant told BFMTV that staff and customers tried to save the life of one diner who had stepped outside and was shot, saying they used napkins to try to stem the blood. The man later died.
The incident has been declared an act of terrorism and an enquiry has been opened. France’s Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, told reporters that the gunman “has been identified” and was known to police.
The gunman, Cherif Chekatt, confirmed by police, is aged 29 and is on the national “Fiche S” list and considered a potential security risk, having shot at soldiers patrolling during part of the nationwide Operation Sentinelle injuring one.
Police warn residents in the centre of Strasbourg to remain home and restaurants have been ordered to close, not allowing customers to leave.
The European Parliament is currently sitting in Strasbourg and has been put on lockdown. The parliament’s safety awareness division messaged MEPs to “please stay inside and don’t go out” if they were planning on dining in the city centre.

The Christmas market began in 1570 and is one of the most popular seasonal events in France. It attracts millions of tourists every year is taking place now.

Shooting in Strasbourg: At least two dead, 11 injured

Army officials have been seen deploying in the Christmas market in the city of Strasbourg, France, twenty minutes from the European Parliament, as an ongoing shooting incident continues to unfold.

According to reports, there are at least two are dead and at least 11 wounded, one of whom is a tourist who was shot in the stomach.

The assailant is said to be armed and still at large. He has reportedly been identified by French police, who exchanged gunfire with him, according to AFP.

French media outlets reported that the shooter is a 29-year-old man born in Strasbourg who was known to the local police for "Islamization."

The European Union Parliament in Strasbourg is in lockdown after the shooting.

"There were gun shots and people running everywhere," one local shopkeeper told BFM TV. "It lasted about 10 minutes."

Strasbourg Christmas Market Shooting: One Dead, Three Injured

One was killed and three injured in a shooting in the vicinity of the Christmas Market in the historic French city of Strasbourg Tuesday evening.
A “major public safety event” was underway Tuesday evening, according to the French ministry of the interior, after shots were fired in Strasbourg, the French city which serves as one of the two homes of the European Parliament. The ministry instructed local residents to stay in their homes.

No further details including the status of the shooter have been yet released by authorities.The French fire brigade confirmed that one had been killed in the shooting, which Le Figaro reports may have involved an automatic weapon, with early reports conflicting over whether there were three or four others injured.

The shooting took place by the Place Keber square, by the city’s annual Christmas market.British state broadcaster the BBC cites a local journalist who reported a dozen shots having been fired.

Unverified videos uploaded to the Twitter microblogging platform showed residents running and screaming in fear, and injured people lying on the city pavements.

Several staff members of the European Parliament in the city have also taken to Twitter to describe the scene, with press officer Emmanuel Foulon reporting to have heard “the sound of shots”, and to have been told by security that the shooter is still at large.

Greek member of the European Parliament Eva Kaili meanwhile wrote: “European Parliament has activated emergency protocol. We are currently in lockdown to safeguard people here.”