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Germany denies its UN ambassador is antisemitic amid intense criticism

The German foreign ministry on Tuesday flatly rejected the allegation that its ambassador to the UN, Christoph Heusgen, engaged in antisemitism amid massive criticism leveled at him by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Working Circle of Jewish Social Democrats and the Bild newspaper.
After the Wiesenthal Center announced on Monday that comments made by Heusgen are a contender for its top ten list of antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents in 2019, a spokesperson for Germany’s foreign ministry told The Jerusalem Post that “We reject the antisemitism accusation.”
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean, told the Post on Monday that “We are looking at a few dozen candidates that includes serious incidents on both sides of the Atlantic. Among them include the German Ambassador to the UN for equating Hamas and Israeli actions.”
Referring to Heusgen, Cooper said “His outrageous and dangerous statement at the United Nations Security Council in March” puts him in contention to be “on the top 10 list of antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents” for 2019.
The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that “Germany opposes unfair treatment of Israel in the United Nations. In the United Nations, we are strongly committed to balanced resolution texts in the interest of lasting peace in the Middle East as part of a negotiated two-state solution.”
Last week, Germany joined authoritarian Islamic regimes in the Middle East and communist China in voting for seven anti-Israel resolutions. Heusgen merely abstained from one resolution.
According to the German spokesperson, “The EU’s common negotiating and voting strategy in the resolutions enables us to influence the textual negotiations in order to prevent even more detrimental decisions for Israel.”
However, the Working Circle of Jewish Social Democrats rejected Germany’s argument that it softened the anti-Israel resolutions in an open letter to the social democratic foreign minister Heiko Maas, published on the website of the weekly Jewish paper Jüdische Allgemeine Zeitung.
“We are ashamed that Germany has approved these resolutions,” wrote the Jewish Social Democrats. “This is a slap in the face of Israel, but also a severe blow to us Jews in Germany. Antisemitism and Israel-hatred are two sides of a coin that stands for hatred and violence.”
The Working Circle declared that “We hereby urge you to put an end to this” anti-Israel voting pattern at the UN “and vote in the future for such votes with no. Such behavior will ensure that the inhibitions continue to decline as it is considered normal to hate Israel. The mood in the Jewish community has reached a new low – we are counting on you to change that with a clear attitude.”
Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff wrote on Twitter that “I hoped this tweet in May would have led to a change in the latest German votes in the UNGA last Friday. These votes can still be changed when they come before the GA for final approval and there are more one-sided political resolutions still to be voted against later this month.”
The ambassador referred in his tweet to a statement from Maas in May in which the foreign minister wrote: “On this occasion, the Federal Government would like to reiterate once again today in New York that Germany stands, also in the UN, shoulder to shoulder with Israel, whose security and right to exist must never be called into question by anyone anywhere.”
Maas added “Nevertheless, Israel is still being denounced, treated in a biased manner and marginalized inappropriately in UN bodies to this day. This state of affairs is painful and unsatisfactory, and especially since the UN is at the heart of the multilateral, rules-based order and vital to international security and peace.”
The social democrat pledged that “We will continue, including as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, to support Israel’s legitimate interests, to help strengthen its representation in the UN and to do our utmost to oppose any attempt to isolate or delegitimize Israel.”
In a stinging Bild commentary titled “He [Heusgen] always again votes against Israel,” Filipp Piatov wrote: “But as long as the German representative, together with Israeli haters, raises his hand in the UN and unilaterally condemns the Jewish state several times a year, the Israel solidarity of the Federal Government and the Foreign Minister remains above all one thing: unbelievable.”
If Heusgen is listed, it would be the first time a German diplomat was included on this list.
After over 130 Hamas rockets were fired on Israel in March, Heusgen said: “Civilians must live without fear of Palestinian rockets or Israeli bulldozers.”
Israel’s government bulldozes the homes of Palestinian terrorists. The US, the EU and Germany classify the Jihadi organization Hamas as a terrorist entity.
Heusgen, who has garnered an anti-Israel reputation over the last decade, was German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former chief foreign policy adviser. Last week, he voted seven times against Israel while abstaining once. Germany voted 16 times at the UN in 2018 to condemn Israel. Germany’s Heusgen frequently votes with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and other repressive regimes against the Jewish state.
A spokesperson for Merkel’s administration told the Post it had nothing to add to the Foreign Ministry statement.

Labour MP Says There Is Something Wrong With The Working Class Who Back Brexit

Biased ITV Debate Host Repeatedly Stops Boris From Speaking

Austria: "Honour murder" by an Afghan - 37 stab wounds and throat cut

A 32-year-old man, who probably killed his friend in this summer with 37 stab wounds out of jealousy, was unanimously found guilty of murder by a jury in the Leoben Regional Court on Monday afternoon. The Afghan was sentenced to life imprisonment. He asked for three days to consider the verdict. The verdict is therefore not yet final. Before that, prosecutor Viktoria Steinecker had pleaded for the conviction in her plea: she considered the evidence and the interrogation of the accused to justify her accusation: "It was an honor killing, not a manslaughter." The 32-year-old had exaggerated with his descriptions of his alleged drug use on the day of the crime: "He wanted to fool us and tell us a fairy tale." The convicted man is said to have killed his friend in June with 37 stab wounds and a throat cut. The accused disputed the intention to kill and told the court that he had defended himself. However, the prosecution considered a "coldly planned murder" out of jealousy.

EU censors access to US info-page containing information about the Syrian terrorist working at a German primary school.

According to the FRONTPAGEMAG.COM portal, the tip about the Syrian terrorist who works at a primary school in Berlin came from the US secret service:
"Don't give Germany too much credit here. The tip seems to have come from the United States."
If you click on the link, you get the following message:

This is censorship! But here some people get so scared that the background of the Syrian terrorist can be revealed !

Syrian Refugee Who Worked as Janitor in German School Plotted Terror Attack

Mass migration and open borders have really worked out beautifully for the European Union. Especially Germany.

But you've gotta give Abdullah credit. Unlike your average Syrian refugee in Germany, he actually had a job. And a second job in the Jihad.

Police in Berlin on Tuesday arrested a 26-year-old Syrian man accused of planning an Islamist attack, with prosecutors saying he had begun to acquire chemical materials for a bomb.

The accused man, Abdullah H., exchanged instructions on ways to manufacture weapons and explosives with other suspected Islamists in a chat group on the Telegram messaging app, Berlin prosecutors said.

The Syrian stands accused of preparing "a serious act of violence against the state" and was arrested at his Berlin home, they added.

The suspect was employed as a cleaner at a primary school in the capital. Previously, he had worked until September in the Bode Museum on Berlin's Museum Island, said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) on Tuesday.

Abdullah H. was originally reported to be 37. The State Attorney General's Office has corrected this to 26.
Usually the age correction goes the other way, but Abdullah might have wanted to bring a whole bunch of "little children" in their twenties over to Germany.
"This was to be detonated at an unknown time in an unknown place in Germany in order to kill and injure as many people as possible", said Geisel.
I wonder where a school janitor hoping to commit an atrocity might have chosen to detonate his bomb.
Don't give Germany too much credit here. The tip seems to have come from the United States.
German special police forces arrested a Syrian man in a raid on his apartment Tuesday after receiving intelligence from American officials that he was planning an extremist attack, authorities said.
Good thing he wasn't planning a moderate attack.

Jihad bombs Israel, Europe tries it at the UN

by Giulio Meotti

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad last week used a new rocket with a 300-kilo warhead against Israel. Citing intelligence sources, Channel 12 reveals that the rocket, which left a huge sixteen-meter crater in southern Israel, was developed with the "help of Iranian engineers". The report states that Islamic Jihad has managed to supercede the technical capabilities of the Hamas terrorist group, equipping itself with missiles similar to those of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

At the same time, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei returned to threaten the Jewish State with destruction. "The destruction of Israel means the destruction of that regime and criminals like Netanyahu, not Jews," said Ayatollah Khamenei. "The elimination of Israel means that the Palestinians, Muslims, Christians and Jews, who are the true owners of the Palestinian land, must be able to decide their destiny”. Iranians are smart and understand how to connect with the Western vision, in some ways not dissimilar from that of the ayatollah.

While Iran's armed wing in Gaza was launching 450 missiles at Israel and the leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution spoke of "destroying Israel", the United Nations orchestrated a most intense diplomatic attack on Jerusalem.

On Friday, the fourth commission of the UN General Assembly voted on eight resolutions against Israel. None of them talk about Palestinian Islamic Jihad. "Assistance to Palestinian refugees", "refugees as a result of the 1967 war", "assistance to Palestinian refugees", "Palestinian property", "how Israeli actions affecting Palestinian human rights", "Israeli settlements", "Jerusalem occupied "and the" occupied Syrian Golan ".

“An assault on peace, especially by many US allies”, said the American ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft. Among the Western countries, only Canada and Australia voted against the eight resolutions. It was not possible that this occurred. It could and should have been done. Italy, my country, voted in favor of all eight initiatives wanted by the bloc of Islamic countries.

And how many resolutions has the UN voted on Iran that killed ten protesters and arrested a thousand in recent days? Zero.

And how many about China that continues to brutalize Hong Kong citizens? Zero.

Zero is also the credibility of the UN and the European countries that are now in a compact against the Jewish scapegoat in the "palaces" of humanitarianism. We are facing a catastrophe of civilization.

Spain: Surge in Support for Conservative Populists

Spain's populist party, Vox, more than doubled its seats in parliament after winning 3.6 million votes in general elections held on November 10. The fast-rising conservative party, which entered parliament for the first time only eight months ago, is now the third-largest party in Spain.
Vox leaders campaigned on a "traditional values" platform of law and order, love of country and a hardline approach to anti-constitutional separatists in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia.
Vox's meteoric rise is a direct result of the political vacuum created by the mainstream center-right Popular Party, which in recent years has drifted to the left on a raft of domestic and foreign policy issues, including that of uncontrolled mass migration.
The Socialist Party won the election with 28% of the vote — far short of an outright majority. The Popular Party won 20.8% and Vox won 15.1%. The rest of the votes went to a dozen other parties ranging from the far-left party Podemos (9.8%), the centrist libertarian party Ciudadanos (6.8%), Basque and Catalan nationalist parties and a hodge-podge of regional parties from Aragón, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Galicia, Melilla and Navarra. In all, more than a dozen political parties are now represented in parliament.
Spain has had a multi-party system since the country emerged from dictatorship in 1975, but two parties, the Socialist Party and the Popular Party, predominated until the financial crisis in 2008. After it, both parties underwent ideological splits that resulted in the establishment of breakaway parties.
The fragmentation of Spanish politics has made it difficult to form a coalition government: the November election was the fourth in four years. In the election held in April 2019, Vox won 2.6 million votes, or 10.3%, and entered Parliament for the first time with 24 seats. In the November vote, Vox won nearly a million additional votes and will now have 52 seats in Parliament.
Vox was established in 2013 in response to concerns that mainstream politicians in the Popular Party were failing to stop the Catalan independence movement, halt mass migration and combat the "cultural hegemony" of the left.
Vox's rise has been fueled by its uncompromising stance after Catalan separatists in 2017 declared independence from Spain. Mainstream politicians, fearful of fueling the independence movement, have appeared weak and wavering. Vox leader Santiago Abascal, by contrast, has called for a state of emergency to be imposed in Catalonia, and for Catalan separatist parties to be outlawed.
Politicians on both the left and the right have sought to undermine Vox by branding the party, among other terms, as fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, reactionary, homophobic and anti-democratic.
Vox, however, does not fit the traditional left-right paradigm: an estimated 300,000 voters who normally vote for the Socialist Party are believed to have voted for Vox in this election.
After Vox entered Parliament in April, prosecutors in Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, said that they were investigating Javier Ortega Smith, the second-ranking leader of Vox, for an alleged hate crime after they received a complaint from a Muslim group called "Muslims Against Islamophobia" (Musulmanes Contra la Islamofobia).
At a rally in Valencia on September 16, 2018, Ortega Smit had declared that Europe's "common enemy" is the "Islamist invasion":
"Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion.
"What is at stake is what we understand or know as civilization. It is under serious threat. We are not alone. More and more Europeans are standing up because they are suffering in their cities, on their streets and in their neighborhoods due to the application of Sharia law. They are not willing to have their cathedrals torn down and forcibly replaced with mosques.
"They are not willing to have their women cover their faces with a black cloth and be forced to walk ten steps behind — to be treated worse than camels. They are not willing to extinguish what we understand as civilization and a respect for rights and freedom."
The criminal inquiry appeared aimed at silencing critical discussion of Islam ahead of national elections.
Spain's media establishment has also prohibited representatives of Vox from appearing on national television — apparently in an effort to prevent Spanish voters from knowing more about the Vox platform.
After Vox entered Parliament in April 2019, however, Abascal and other Vox leaders were granted more media exposure. Vox received a major boost after Spanish television was required to allow Abascal to participate, for the first time, in a nationally televised presidential debate, on November 4. More than eight million voters tuned in to the debate, in which Abascal was confident, relaxed, looked his opponents directly in the eye and exuded common sense. Millions of Spaniards who had never before seen the Vox leader speak learned first-hand that the party is patriotic, not the fascist threat portrayed by its detractors in the media.
Vox (based on the Latin word for voice) describes itself as a socially conservative political project aimed at defending traditional Spanish values from the challenges posed by mass migration, multiculturalism and globalism. Vox's foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. In foreign policy, Vox is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-NATO. Party leaders have called for Spain to double its defense spending to meet its commitments to the transatlantic alliance. In domestic policy, Vox's stated priority is to enact constitutional reforms aimed at preventing the territorial disintegration of Spain from threats by Basque nationalism and Catalan separatism.
Vox says that it is "a movement created to put the institutions of government at the service of Spaniards, in contrast to the current model that puts Spaniards at the service of the politicians." Its mission statement says:
"Vox is the common-sense party, which gives voice to what millions of Spaniards think in their homes; the only party that fights against suffocating political correctness. Vox does not tell Spaniards how they should think, speak or feel. We tell the media and the parties to stop imposing their beliefs on society.
"Our project is summed up in the defense of Spain, of the family and of life; in reducing the size of the state, guaranteeing equality between Spaniards and expelling the government from your private life.... Our discourse stems from our convictions, regardless of whether they are more or less popular. In short, Vox is the party of a living Spain, free and brave.
A 100-point electoral program shows that Vox is not "far right" or "extreme right" but rather a traditional conservative party. Vox's electoral program includes the following policy proposals:
  • Spanish Unity and Sovereignty: Implement a series of legal measures aimed at ending Catalan separatism; provide "maximum legal protection" to national symbols and emblems, especially the flag, the national anthem and the Spanish Monarchy; create a comprehensive plan for the education, dissemination and protection of national identity and Spain's contribution to civilization and universal history, "with special attention to the deeds and feats of our national heroes."
  • Immigration: Deport illegal immigrants; deport legal immigrants who commit serious crimes in Spain; increase the legal penalties for those involved in people smuggling; increase the language and integration requirements for the acquisition of Spanish nationality; and adapt immigration quotas to the needs of the Spanish economy.
  • Defense, Security and Borders: Close all mosques that adhere to Wahhabism, Salafism of other fundamentalist interpretation of Islam; require Islamic leaders in Spain to collaborate with Spanish authorities to detect Islamic radicals; prohibit the teaching of Islam in public schools; include in national crime statistics data about the nationality and countries of origin of offenders.
  • Economy and Resources: Reduce public spending; eliminate redundant government positions or organizations; reduce income taxes; introduce a flat tax; eliminate inheritance taxes; improve the tax situation for families with one or more children; promote the reindustrialization of Spain; make it easier to open new businesses by reducing red tape.
  • Healthcare: Eliminate free healthcare for illegal immigrants and require co-payments for anyone who has lived in Spain for less than ten years.
  • Europe and Abroad: Promote a new European treaty along the lines defended by the Visegrad Group of countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) in terms of borders, national sovereignty and respect for the values of European culture; increase the weight of Spain in EU decision-making; reduce the EU budget; promote bilateralism in international relations; withdraw from supranational organizations if they are contrary to the interests of Spain; creation of an agency to help threatened Christian minorities, imitating the initiative of Hungary.
Vox's growing appeal also rests on the fact that it is the only political party in Spain fundamentally to reject political correctness. Vox leaders speak with a frankness and clarity of conviction long unheard of in multicultural Spain.
"We are neither a fascist party, nor the extreme right, nor do we eat children, nor are we totalitarians," Ortega Smith recently said in an interview with the Espejo Público television program. "We are the only party that is defending the constitution and democracy [against Catalan separatists]."
Vox could best be described as "civilizationist," a term coined by historian Daniel Pipes to describe parties that "cherish Europe's and the West's traditional culture and want to defend it from assault by immigrants aided by the left." In an essay titled, "Europe's Civilizationist Parties," Pipes wrote:
"Civilizationalist parties are populist, anti-immigration, and anti-Islamization. Populist means nursing grievances against the system and a suspicion of an elite that ignores or denigrates those concerns....
"Civilizationist parties, led by Italy's League, are anti-immigration, seeking to control, reduce, and even reverse the immigration of recent decades, especially that of Muslims and Africans. These two groups stand out not because of prejudice ('Islamophobia' or racism) but due to their being the least assimilable of foreigners, an array of problems associated with them, such as not working and criminal activity, and a fear that they will impose their ways on Europe.
"Finally, the parties are anti-Islamization. As Europeans learn about Islamic law (the Shari'a), they increasingly focus on its role concerning women's issues, such as niqabs and burqas, polygamy, taharrush (sexual assault), honor killings, and female genital mutilation. Other concerns deal with Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, including Christophobia and Judeophobia, jihadi violence, and the insistence that Islam enjoy a privileged status vis-à-vis other religions."
Addressing voters after the November 10 election results, Abascal said:
"For us, the main urgency today, beyond debates about electoral acts, is to demand from the government the complete restoration of the constitutional order in Catalonia and the return of freedom to millions of Catalans who feel kidnapped by a separatist coup that acts with impunity....
"We estimate that approximately 300,000 Spaniards who voted for the Socialist Party on April 28 have now opted for Vox. These results make Vox a true containment dike and a hope for millions of Spaniards. The containment dike is against Catalan separatism and against the totalitarian legislation of the progressives who, for the first time in a long time, will have a firm opposition and close vigilance."
A Spanish political commentator called "Elentir" wrote about the significance of Vox's electoral success:
"Some thought that the progressive dictatorship had no turning back, that little or nothing could be done in the face of the imposition of gender ideology and the culture of death, in the face of the efforts of the big parties to impose a social-democratic consensus that puts an increasing share of our wealth in the hands of politicians, in the face of multiculturalism and illegal immigration, in the face of a leftist feminism that criminalizes males, and in the face of an absurd territorial model that has put the necessary resources in the hands of separatists to break our national unity. A handful of brave men, however, kept the flame of hope burning and refused to surrender. They decided to do what until then was a taboo in public life: to engage in a battle of ideas against this progressive dictatorship....
"The rise of Vox began with the 12 deputies elected in the Andalusian elections in December 2018. In April 2019, Vox won 24 seats in Parliament becoming the fifth-largest political force in all of Spain. Today Vox has achieved what only a year ago seemed impossible: to become the third-largest force. And it does so by overcoming the barrier of the 50 deputies.
"This number is not trivial. According to Article 162 of the Constitution, the number of 50 deputies enables a party to present resources for unconstitutional actions. If with 24 deputies Vox already made themselves felt considerably in the Congress of Deputies, with their current strength they will have a very important role in Spain's national life. Thanks to those resources, Vox will be able to start acting before the Constitutional Court against the laws that threaten our rights and freedoms.
"Long live Spain!"

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New BBC Bias Targets Brexiteers

Germany: Syrian terrorist suspect was working in German elementary school

On Tuesday, a special unit arrested Abdullah H., a suspected terrorist in the Berlin district of Schöneberg. The man had informed himself on the Internet about the construction of bombs. He is said to have already procured the first necessary materials. His chat messages indicate that he wanted to murder as many people as possible. Explosive: The refugee from Syria worked in a primary school as well. It is currently still unclear where the 26-year-old man wanted to attack. Whether the man had been known to the police before was not revealed. He came to Germany in 2014, was recognised as a refugee and was married. It is certain that he wanted to commit terrorist attacks in Germany. For this purpose he had chat messages with other Islamists. All those involved should have a close connection to the terrorist organisation Islamic State. Special investigators had already been observing the man for three months. The hint that Abdullah H. was dangerous came from a friendly secret service abroad.When the opportunity was good, the police stormed the suspect's apartment. Further information is to be obtained from the confiscated documents and computers. In their online chats, the Islamists talked about plastic explosives, parcel and magnetic bombs, door traps with explosives, assault rifles and submachine guns, according to the findings of the German magazine Focus. The police report that Abdullah H. was a considerable threat. For weeks it had been hoped that the arrest could take place in time before an attack. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the man was employed as a cleaner in a primary school.

Hate Hoax? Migrant Beaten by ‘Fascists’ Was Actually Attacked by Other Migrants

A Nigerian migrant who was said to have been beaten up by “fascists” was actually assaulted by Roma from eastern Europe, according to police sources.

The victim of the assault claimed two individuals assaulted him in a Florence, Italy underpass, punching him in the mouth and the side of his head, newspaper Il Giornalereports.

“There were two people around 40 years old who gave me dirty looks while staring at me. I asked them why they were watching me, and they beat me. I bled. I was very afraid. I fell to the ground, and they ran away,” the 28-year-old Nigerian migrant male told Italian media.

The Nigerian works as a peddler of goods, selling small items such as lighters on the street near the underpass, and came to Italy by boat in 2014. He has a permanent residency permit according to reports.

Immediately after news of the attack was published, claims began to circulate online that the perpetrators were “fascists”. One user cited in the Il Giornale report claimed: “Two infamous fascists have beaten up that very nice [man] who always stops down there.”

The social media response led to hundreds of supportive messages for the Nigerian and many in the neighbourhood offering support to the man.

Police, however, have contradicted the claims, saying that the attackers were two Roma men from eastern Europe, possibly Romania, and there was no fascist motive at all.

Criminality among the Roma community has been a significant issue in Italy for years, with illegal Roma squatter camps placed across the country. Former Italian interior minister and leader of the League Matteo Salvini had promised to clear out the estimated 148 illegal camps within five years.

Salvini is also known for his remarks toward Roma, including a statement made on the International Day of Roma, Sinti, and Caminanti last year in which he said: “If many of them worked more and stole less, if many of them sent their children to school instead of teaching them to steal, then it really would be something to celebrate”. Mr Salvini has been persistently criticised for his stance on Roma Gypsies, but regardless his party continues to poll strongly in Italy, frequently in first place.

Mainstream Media’s Silence On Uprising In Iran & Gilets Jaunes In France

Germany: 19-year-old girl sexually assaulted in discotheque - photo of the wanted person

POL-K: 191119-4-K Öffentlichkeitsfahndung nach Sexualdelikt
After a suspected sexual offence in downtown Cologne, the police are investigating an unknown man via photos. He is suspected of having grabbed a young woman (19 years old) in a discotheque on the Hohenzollernring under her skirt and panties in the genital area on Tuesday the 16th of July at about 10.30 pm. The 19-year-old later recognized the wanted person on photos of the party on the Internet and reported him to the police. Information on his identity can be obtained from the Criminal Investigation Department 12 by calling 0221 229-0 or sending an e-mail to .

Terrorism: terror suspicion: special unit arrests Syrian in Berlin

The police have taken in Berlin a man suspected of terrorism. The 37-year-old Syrian is said to have informed and exchanged on the Internet about the construction of bombs. The purpose of the chat traffic should have been the preparation of terrorist attacks, said the Attorney General Berlin. A special unit of the Federal Police arrested the man in the morning. The Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe investigates on suspicion the preparation of a serious state-damaging violence.

Denmark: Shootings, Car Torchings, Gang Violence

On September 24, the US embassy in Denmark published a security alert. It warned US citizens in Copenhagen that:
"The Danish National Police urge individuals living in or visiting the areas of Nørrebro, Ishøj, and Hundige to exercise heightened awareness at all times due to a recent increase in gun violence. Copenhagen Police have instituted a stop-and-search zone in a large area covering Nørrebro. The ordinance – which will run through September 30 – allows police officers to stop and search anyone within the area without cause".
The alert also encouraged US citizens to "keep a low profile", "do not physically resist any robbery attempt" and "use caution when walking or driving at night".
Police in Copenhagen eventually decided to extend the stop and search ordinance in parts of Copenhagen until October 14.
The police have confirmed that the numerous shootings, one of them lethal, are connected to rivalries between two criminal gangs, "Brothas" and "NNV". The situation is beginning to resemble that of Sweden, where shootings and bombingshave become commonplace. In late August, in Denmark, a residential building in Greve, a suburb of Copenhagen, was targeted. A bomb with the approximate explosive force of a hand grenade was detonated at the entrance to the building. In June, also in Greve, a man was shot; and in April, several cars were blown up.
In 2017, when shootings in Copenhagen grew more frequent as the conflict intensified between the two gangs, "Brothas" and "Loyal to Familia" (the latter has since been prohibited by Danish authorities), statistics published by the daily Berlingske Tidende showed that 30% of the gang members involved had foreign passports.
"These numbers underline, first of all, that we are talking about a problem that has to do with ethnicity. The argument that this has nothing to do with foreigners has to be taken off the table," said the legal affairs spokesperson for the Social Democrats, Trine Bramsen, at the time.
"In addition to a common fondness for crime, the culture of immigrant gangs is a cocktail of religion, clan affiliation, honor, shame and brotherhood," wrote Danish Conservative Party MP Naser Khader, who is also a co-founder of the Muslim reform movement .
"They also distinguish themselves from the rockers [predominantly ethnically Danish biker gangs, Ed.] by an incredibly strong cruelty. The harder and the more brutal [you are], the stronger you are, and then you create awareness of yourself and attract more [people]".
The flare-up in gang violence has also led to what appears to be a new trend in Denmark: Carjackings at gunpoint. The Danish police confirm that there have been at least three armed carjackings in the conflict between the Brothas and NNV gangs. In one incident, two people were threatened with guns to get out of their cars and leave them.
As in Sweden, car-torchings have also become commonplace. In the first nine months of 2019, according to the Danish police, there were 648 car torchings, the highest number in the past four years.
Nørrebro, where 17.6 % of the inhabitants were non-Western immigrants and their descendants in 2018, has some of the most serious problems, and is where many of the criminal gangs originate. In July 2019, Mathilde Graversen of the daily Berlingske Tidende visited a small neighborhood in the area, where, according to locals with whom she spoke, just 20-25 local boys and young men of ethnic minority background, between the ages of 12 and 20, are causing all the problems. Describing the measures some residents take for personal security, she wrote:
"It has become a habit to use the back door instead of the front door [to their apartment building]. They pass a fence into the garden... and go through the basement up to their apartment. In this way, they avoid having to pass a group of boys and young men, who often hang out in front of the building. Other residents periodically give up using their bedroom. They blow up an air mattress every night and sleep in the living room because the group of boys and young men listen to loud music, shout and occasionally knock on the windows to the [residents'] bedrooms at night. Others say that they have friends who dare not visit them in the evening".
In September, Christian Lunøe, who lives with his children in Nørrebro, wrote an op-ed in Berlingske Tidende, in which he described his intention to move away from there.
"Last Sunday it became so dangerous at my house that I can no longer defend living [in Nørrebro] with my children," Lunøe wrote. He added that he had been out for an evening walk with his children when they encountered a group of boys and young men "with an aggressive and confrontational attitude". When he and his children passed the group on the street, the group "explodes in a... brawl, with two out of the five pulling a knife".
Lunøe described how there has been, "a spread of gang crime and associated groups of admirers, right down to the age of ten. Children who are left to the street and themselves. Young people with knives and threatening behavior". When he called the police, they told him, "We know it's bad out there, but we have no patrol cars to send."
"It is clear," Lunøe wrote, "that young criminals must be punished and weapons removed from the streets, and it is clear that there can be no denying that in my street, boys and young men with ethnic minority backgrounds make up 100 % of both the gangs and their aspirants..."
Lunøe is not the first person wanting to move away from Nørrebro because of the problems there. After his op-ed, the historian and columnist Niels Jespersen wrote, "I also left Nørrebro, because I couldn't stand the gangs". More importantly, Jespersen asked in his op-ed, "how many Danes, who do not have... access to [write] an op-ed in Berlingske, not to mention the resources to move away, have been exposed to the same things [as Lunøe] over the decades?"
"[T]he price for the failed integration [of immigrants] is [paid] by those with the least resources. It is the schools and neighborhoods of the working classes that are destroyed, while it is rare that the well-educated and progressive middle classes meet other immigrants than those who are equally well-educated and progressive".
People with the means to move, such as Lunøe, will take their children and run to safer areas. What will happen to the many people who are unable to do so and have no choice but to stay in the crosshairs of the shootings, the knives and the car-torchings?

Germany: Dark skinned guy steals two right shoes and wants to exchange one later for a left shoe

A hitherto unknown and obviously drunk shoplifter in Kassel behaved brazenly on Friday afternoon. After the unknown man had stolen two right shoes from a shop shelf and fled, he returned to the shop shortly afterwards and, to the surprise of the employees, wanted to exchange one of the stolen right shoes for a left one. Last but not least, the perpetrator, fleeing from the employees, even grabbed a backpack and fled outside. The police officers in charge of further investigations, the Operational Unit of the Kassel Police, are now looking for witnesses who can give clues to the cheeky shoplifter.The employees of the shoe shop on Leipziger Street had called the police on Friday around 7:45 p.m. when the offender had taken flight with the backpack. The immediately initiated search by police officers at the East Police Station was unsuccessful. According to a report by the police patrol, the unknown man allegedly stole the two right shoes at 6 p.m. according to the employees. All the more astonishing for them that the same man returned around 7:30 p.m. and wanted to exchange one of the two right shoes for a left one, while the other right shoe had already been worn by him.After the employees had taken the shoes off the brazen thief, who is said to have been visibly drunk, the thief took flight at a favourable moment and grabbed the backpack worth 30 euros. For unknown reasons, he left a men's perfume in its original packaging in the shoe shop, although it is extremely questionable whether he had acquired it legally due to previous events. The investigation is ongoing.The perpetrator is said to have been a man about 1.80 metres tall with dark skin, dark black hair and a laceration at his right eye, dressed in a black cap, a black leather jacket, dark jeans and dark shoes. Witnesses who can tell the investigators of the Operational Unit who the perpetrator is, please contact the Kassel police by calling 0561 - 9100.

Will an anti-Israel act by Germany’s UN amb. be listed among top 10 worst?

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the human rights organization is considering including an act by Germany’s ambassador to the UN on its annual list of worst outbreaks of antisemitism and anti-Israel incidents for his dangerous comparison between Israel and the terrorist entity Hamas. “We are looking at a few dozen candidates that includes serious incidents on both sides of the Atlantic. Among them include the German Ambassador to the UN for equating Hamas and Israeli actions,” said Cooper, referring to Christoph Heusgen. "His outrageous and dangerous statement at the United Nations Security Council in March” puts him in contention to be “on the top 10 list of antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents” for 2019.Cooper said the organization is "in the editorial process" and that the list will be released at the end of the calendar year. If Heusgen is listed, it would be the first time a German diplomat was included on this list. After over 130 Hamas rockets were fired on Israel in March, Heusgen said: “Civilians must live without fear of Palestinian rockets or Israeli bulldozers.” Israel's government bulldozes the homes of Palestinian terrorists. The US, the EU and Germany classify the Jihadi organization Hamas a terrorist entity. Heusgen, who has garnered an anti-Israel reputation over the last decade, was German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former chief foreign policy adviser. Last week, he voted seven times against Israel while abstaining once. Germany voted 16 times at the UN in 2018 to condemn Israel. Germany’s Heusgen frequently votes with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and other repressive regimes against the Jewish state.German foreign minister Heiko Maas appears to have reneged on his pledge to stop UN bias against Israel by green-lighting Heusgen's anti-Israel votes, say critics. A Wikileaks cable revealed in 2010 that Heusgen, who was Merkel’s foreign policy adviser at the time, urged the US to water down its opposition to the UN’s anti-Israel “Goldstone Report” in order to force Israel to freeze settlement construction. The Post has learned from Israeli diplomats over the years that there is deep hatred of Heusgen due to his anti-Israel activities that allegedly endanger the security of Israel. The German magazine Der Spiegel reported in 2017 that Heusgen used nepotism to secure a job for his wife at the UN.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Friendly reminder

German government tells public not to panic over returning Islamic State jihadis who will not be arrested

Diane Abbott Accidentally Leaks Labour’s Open Border Policy

German State Radio celebrates halal fair as "Ethical Life Concept"

The German public broadcaster NDR is completely over the moon:

Deutsche Messe AG in Hanover is setting new standards: it is inviting visitors to Germany's first Halal trade fair from the 6th to the 8th of March 2020. The Arabic word "halal" is a key term in the Koran and means "permitted". The public discussion in Germany is often focused on the ban on pork and alcohol. In fact, halal refers to all areas of life, thus stands for an Ethical Life Concept.
The organizer of the fair lets us know:

For the first time in March next year, a Halal trade fair will take place at the Hanover Exhibition Centre. The organizer is Deutsche Messe AG.
The European Halal industry will be meeting from 6 to 8 March 2020 at the “Halal Hannover”. Then national and international exhibitors show their latest products and services. According to Deutsche Messe AG, the trade fair’s target group are visitors from the wholesale and retail trade, supermarkets, snack bars, caterers, food chemists, quality managers and consumers. At the first event, the fair will focus on the areas of food and beverages, suppliers and cosmetics.
The parallel international congress will discuss political, economic and social Halal issues. A series of presentations will cover topics such as certification, production and marketing of halal foods, halal tourism and logistics. Also planned is a gastronomic special area “Die Dönertheke” where visitors have the opportunity to taste halal-compliant food and drinks.

Aussie taxpayers to pay for asylum seeker's botched penis enlargement

An Iranian asylum seeker who tried to enlarge his penis using palm oil while in detention in Papua New Guinea will receive expensive treatment in Australia after he botched the procedure. The man injected the oil into himself in an effort to enlarge his penis but when he developed swelling, discomfort and limited function, a doctor ordered that he be flown to Australia for corrective treatment, reports the Daily Telegraph. The transfer was mandated by the medevac laws which passed through the Australian parliament earlier this year, supported by Labor and independent crossbenchers.The man, in his mid-30s, first arrived in Australia by boat in 2013 before being detained. He was later transferred from Christmas Island to Papua New Guinea. He has a long history of infringements during his time in detention, including throwing boiling water on a guard and punching a security officer who confiscated his pornography. Currently in detention in Queensland, he will receive treatment at a private hospital on the Gold Coast. Genital reconstructive surgery can cost up to $10,000, reports Daily Mail Australia. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who approved the transfer, has previously said that his powers to block such transfers have been dramatically cut.The case has generated fierce debate across the Tasman, with politicians from both sides of the house weighing in. National MP Barnaby Joyce told the Sunrise show: "This individual had a pretty chequered past, he'd been up for assault against one of the guards. "He's been creating real problems and this brings into focus the Medevac laws and why we'd be bringing this person to Australia." Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon said: "Medevac laws have made no change to this situation. "Peter Dutton would have brought this person to Australia pre-Medevac laws because despite the ridiculous nature of the events that lead to it, he would have always been brought here if he self-harmed and faced such serious injuries."
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WATCH: Van smashes into Spain’s Ceuta enclave with 50 migrants inside

A speeding van carrying 50 migrants smashed through a border barrier between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta today, local police said. The white van raced toward the border “at full speed” and “smashed” a border gate, a spokesman for Spanish police in Ceuta told AFP. There were 50 sub-Saharan migrants inside the vehicle, including women and children, he added. Police detained the driver of the van which had French licence plates.Footage shot by the local Faro de Ceuta television showed police escorting the migrants to a Red Cross post where they received medical aid. The front of the van was badly dented, the images showed. Spain’s two North African enclaves, Ceuta and Melilla, have the European Union’s only land borders with Africa. They have long been magnets for African migrants, who usually climb over their border fences or swim along their coastlines. Since the start of the year, 5,216 migrants have entered these two cities by land, 12.4 per cent less than in 2018, according to the latest interior ministry figures. Of these, 1,163 arrived in Ceuta. Once on Spanish territory, they are usually taken to a migrant reception centre where they can ask for asylum. A total of 27,584 migrants have arrived in Spain either by land or sea so far this year, a 50.7 per cent drop over the number of entries in 2018 when Spain for the first time surpassed Italy to become to main entry point for migrants arriving in Europe. Greece is the main entry point this year.

Dutch Narco-State pays for investigation of Israeli Supreme Court

Within the broad array of European arrogance toward Israel, the Netherlands holds a special place. The Dutch have an unofficial policy of obfuscating -- or only superficially investigating -- their major crimes. This is true for instance concerning their colonial past in what is now Indonesia. A lengthy thesis by a historian claims that the Dutch colonial history was as cruel as that of the British, French and Portuguese in their colonies.
The latest in this ‘hiding of information policy’ is that it has only now been published that at least 70 civilians in Iraq were killed by Dutch pilots in the battle against ISIS. It has also become known that the Ministry of Defense and Security knew these facts since 2015. So far the detailed internal report of the Ministry about these killings has not been found.
This obfuscating policy also emboldens the Dutch government in its attitude toward Israel. Earlier this year the extreme leftist Israeli NGO B'tselem published a report attacking the Israeli Supreme Court about its decisions on construction in the 'West Bank.' The Dutch Government financed this study.
In the agreement between B'tselem and the Dutch government the latter stated that “the situation [in Israel] of human rights development, rights of women, the most serious violations and freedom of expression are all under pressure.” The Dutch government specified the report's goals and aimed to "erode the status quo by challenging the principal mechanisms that maintain the occupation (...).”
The Israeli Supreme Court enjoys high standing in international legal circles (although many Israelis are sharply critical of its internal policies). There were several parliamentary questions about this extreme interference of the Netherlands in Israel's internal affairs. The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, said that the mission of B'tselem is perfectly in line with the Dutch policy: "which aims at realization of peace and security through reaching a two-state solution". Blok did not explain how creating a Palestinian state, led either by the majority party, the genocide promoting Hamas or Fatah which rewards murders of civilians, increases peace and security.
Blok who has little background in foreign policy succeeded Halbe Zijlstra. The latter resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs after less than four months in office when he was found out to have lied. He falsely claimed to have attended a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in 2006.
The Dutch government could only allow itself such a major impertinence against Israel because it knew that the Israeli government would not react in kind to this travesty. The Israeli non-reaction was a pity.
A very interesting report could easily be written about the major shortcomings of Dutch justice and police. What would come to international attention would be damning for the country.
Since 2015 two Dutch ministers of justice and two deputy ministers had to resign because they misled parliament. One of the ministers was Ivo Opstelten who resigned in 2015. Only a few weeks ago, Opstelten admitted that he committed a series of blunders about a deal made by his deputy, Fred Teeven. The latter had – when he was a prosecutor – left more than two million Euros in the hands of a major drug-criminal when the latter agreed to pay a fine. Opstelten also revealed that after one debate his wife said that his statement in parliament was just about the most stupid thing possible.
Opstelten's successor as minister, Aard van der Steur, resigned in January 2017. Media write that his ministry was marked by many incidents, incomplete information and careless communication. It was revealed that Van der Steur knew the amount of the so-called "Teeven-deal" when he was a member of parliament, but had exercised pressure to withhold the information from parliament.
In May 2019, the Deputy Minister of Justice and Security, Mark Harbers, resigned. He was responsible for asylum matters. It turned out that his ministry had distorted data about criminality among asylum seekers. The ministry's report had given exact numbers about cases of shoplifting and stealing of bicycles. Yet serious offenses by asylum seekers such as suspicions of sexual crimes, murders and attempting manslaughter had been included under the nondescript heading "other crimes".
From the 2018 annual report of the Dutch public prosecution, it became known that organized crime in the Netherlands is increasing. Furthermore, also the leakage of information from the police is increasing. The report also said that during 2018 the police did not do anything with 27,500 complaints of criminal acts. This despite the fact that there was information for investigation and prosecution.
A special committee investigated the goings on in the public prosecution department. The “Fokkens report” found that internal relations at the top had been disturbed in a major way as a result of a longtime hidden romantic relationship between two top-prosecutors.
In August 2019, the current Minister of Justice and Security, Ferd Grapperhaus, said that drug criminality in the Netherlands would have to be confronted. He added that otherwise the country would become a narco-state. The minister reacted to a report on drug–related criminality in Amsterdam titled "The Backside of Amsterdam." This document concluded that due to the gigantic amounts of money in the local underworld a giant and violent shadow economy has emerged which is leading to the dislocation of society.
An independent opinion on the prominent Dutch role in the European drug world was given by a leading Italian expert on the mafia, Roberto Saviano. He said that London and Amsterdam are the two most corrupt cities he has ever seen. Saviano added that this did not concern corruption at street level, but rather the Dutch financial system. The financial infrastructure whitewashes criminal money.
The above gives an impression of the Dutch reality, which is almost unknown internationally. A more detailed overview than the above summary can expose many more negative facts about the Dutch justice and police system as well as the Netherlands in general.

Germany: Algerian asylum seeker throws manhole covers at car and attacks witnesses

A 28-year-old man rioted in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the street Theodor-Groz-Straße. The accused removed a manhole cover and threw it against a parked car. Two passers-by became aware of the 28-year-old man and followed him to the train station. There he unfastened his trouser belt and struck with the belt towards the witnesses.Finally, the man is said to have thrown several stones in the direction of the two passers-by. But they were not hit. At the station, a patrol of the police station managed to arrest the 28-year-old. The officers had been kept up to date by the courageous witnesses via mobile phone. During the body search of his person, 0.3 g of marijuana were found in the 28-year-old's wallet. It also turned out that the man was in Albstadt without permission. The Algerian citizen is only allowed to stay in the district of Sigmaringen. The defendant is now under criminal investigation.