Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gideon's Reich

By Jeremy Last,
A poem which praises the murder of Jews by the Nazis has been included in a book of children’s poetry to be distributed in U.K. The publication, entitled Great Minds, features the work of school children ages 11 to 18 who won a nationwide literary competition.
But one poem has generated outrage amongst Jewish groups, politicians and Holocaust charities for its anti-Semitic content. The entry by the 14-year-old Gideon Taylor is apparently written from the viewpoint of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. It includes the lines "Jews are here, Jews are there, Jews are almost everywhere, filling up the darkest places, evil looks upon their faces." Another part reads: "Make them take many paces for being one of the worst races, on their way to a gas chamber, where they will sleep in their manger… I'll be happy Jews have died."
The Publisher's Defense
The book was produced by Forward Press, who ran the Great Minds competition through its website. Winning entries were rewarded with cash prizes of up to 20ukp for pupils and 1,000ukp for schools. According to the Jewish Telegraph newspaper, the poem was the only entry in the entire book not to include the writer’s school or location.
Young Writers editor Steve Twelvetree, who also edited the book, said the poem was included as it illustrated how the writer was able to empathise with the infamous Nazi Fuehrer.
Twelvetree told the Telegraph: "From Gideon's poem and my knowledge of the National Curriculum Key Stage 3, his poem shows a good use of technical writing and he has written his poem from the perspective of Adolf Hitler.”
The editor continued: "Key Stage 3 history requires pupils to show knowledge and understanding of events and places - to show historical interpretation and to explain significance of events, people and places, all of which World War II and the Holocaust is part of.
"The poem clearly states 'I am Adolf Hitler' and it recounts a historical fact, something Young Writers and Forward Press are not willing to censor."
Widespread outrage
However, community leaders were less than impressed with the poem’s inclusion in a book which they said could be influential on youngsters' views of Jewish people.
Jon Benjamin, spokesman for the Holocaust Educational Trust Chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: "It is totally insensitive and inappropriate for this kind of hatred to appear... It is the duty of the publisher to consider the consequences of the poem."
He added, "It is also immensely insulting to those who lost their lives in the Holocaust and to those who survived." The charity is now urging the publishers to issue a formal apology for the book and remove the offending poem.
Jewish Labour MP, Louise Ellman, who represents the constituency of Liverpool Riverside, spoke of her concern. "It's an incitement to racial hatred. The words are absolutely outrageous and appalling."

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saddam's Siemens

The investigation of the United Nation's corrupt Oil-for-food Program, headed by former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, released its final report this week. More than 2,400 companies, including giants Siemens and DaimlerChrysler, made $1.8 billion in illicit payments to Saddam Hussein through the oil-for-food charade. French and Russian diplomats, business executives, UN officials, a former Vatican official and British anti-American-parliamentarian George Galloway allegedly took kickbacks or solicited Iraqi oil. Russia got $19 billion in oil contracts, while France managed to get $4.4 billion in deals. (Anyone still wonder why they were opposed to the war?)
The payments took the form of illegal surcharges on oil purchases and illegal kickbacks to the Iraqi government for contracts to supply humanitarian services. All in all, some 4,500 companies participated in the program, meaning almost half were in bed with the Butcher of Baghdad. Companies from 66 countries are named in connection with the kickbacks; companies from 40 countries in regard to the illegal oil surcharges. The commission estimates that Saddam received the mind-boggling total of $1.8 billion in kickbacks between 1997 and 2003 and that Iraqi oil smuggled in violation of sanctions amounted to $11 billion. And Kofi Annan still has a job...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Allah's Adolf

More news from the "religion of peace"... This week, Iran's newly installed president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was quite vocal about his "peace process," saying that it would involve ensuring Israel was "wiped off the map." According to Ahmadinejad, a new wave of Palestinian attacks "will wipe this stigma from the face of the Islamic world." We suppose he's letting his country's nuclear weapons programs go to his head. The U.S., Australia and many European countries joined Israel in immediately condemning the remarks. Furthermore, Israel is calling for Iran's removal from the United Nations...but can that really count as punishment?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nightlines II

David Letterman... "Top Ways To Cheer Up George W. Bush": Fully loaded Tex-Mex fixins bar at every cabinet meeting; Use wacky sound effects for weekly radio addresses; Replace Oval Office bust of Theodore Roosevelt with bust of Kenny Rogers; Remind him it's only 6 weeks until "The Dukes of Hazzard" comes out on DVD; Speechwriters sprinkle in the occasional "You might be a redneck if..." joke; Two words: Free Gum; Get Air Force One pimped.

Jay Leno... They say Saddam is delusional. He still thinks he's president and gives speeches standing next to his bed at night. No, wait, that's Al Gore. ... [Saddam's] trial has begun. And Saddam's lawyers say they will accept any judge except Harriet Miers. They don't feel she is qualified. ... U.S. forces have captured Osama bin Laden's barber. I believe his name is Vidal Kaboom and his brother Infidel Sassoon. I believe they worked at a shop called Fanatical Sam's. ... As you know, President Bush's approval rating at its lowest number ever. It's gotten so bad that even Harriet Miers is refusing to take his phone calls. ... Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced he planned to expel every illegal immigrant in the United States. Boy, more bad news for the New York Yankees. [And it] would reduce the population of Los Angeles to 142 people.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


David Letterman... "Top Signs Your Barber Is Working for al-Qa'ida": You change part in your hair, that night it's top story on Al Jazeera; Instead of small talk about sports, it's small talk about streets flowing with Zionist blood; Customers pay with cash, credit card, or goat; Disinfects his combs in a jar of sarin gas; When he makes a mistake, says, "Ah, the turban will cover that"; Got his license at the Al Masadah Barber School and Training Camp; Manicures are done by sister, Tammi Bin Laden; During haircut he shouts, "Death to uneven sideburns!"

Jay Leno... The FBI now says they are considering relaxing their drug policy on new applicants who want to join the FBI. If you've smoked marijuana it's ok. So much for the war on drugs. I guess the new slogan is "if you can't beat, join them!" ... The Bush administration announced that they have captured al-Qa'ida's top barber. Well, who says we're not winning the War on Terror? Osama's cable guy—you're next! ... Al Gore said this week he is ruling out ever running for president again. He said he has no desire to be a presidential candidate ever again. Apparently sounds like he might have had some bad experience in the past. ... Listen to what the Democrats are doing: For a $2,500 donation, you can sit next to Hillary Clinton at a U2 concert in Washington, DC. And what could be more fun than going to a rock concert with Hillary Clinton? Maybe going to a disco with Al Gore? ... In speech earlier this at Harvard, Bill Clinton said he has no idea if Hillary will run for president. But he says if he ever sees her again he'll certainly ask. ... Ted Kennedy is being called a hero after he tried to rescue some fishermen who were in trouble. If you were drowning and the first face you see is Ted Kennedy...

This week's "Alpha Jackass" award

"I'm a big-mouthed Irish rock star. Of course it frustrates me." —U2's Bono on the war in Iraq, following his one hour and forty minute meeting with President Bush this week.

Honestly, don't both of these guys have better things to do?

From the warfront with Jihadistan

The Iraqi people support the new constitution.
One would never know it from listening to the German media, but the Iraqi constitutional vote that took place this past Saturday appears to have been highly successful. Though far from perfect, the election is another major step forward for freedom in Iraq, and it succeeded in drawing a larger number of minority Sunnis into the democratic process than had participated during the previous election. Final results are not expected before this weekend, but it appears that the new constitution has been accepted by the Iraqi people, with more than 60 percent of eligible voters casting a ballot. As of this writing, no deliberate fraud has been found, as even UN election observers have acknowledged. Surprisingly, the Jihadis, either by design or by having been driven underground by increased security, were nearly absent during voting.
Three more major steps lie ahead for this infant democracy. First, Iraq's parliamentary elections are scheduled for 15 December, and it is hoped and expected that Sunni participation will increase. Second, the Iraqi security forces must continue to increase their share of security duties. The Iraqis were responsible for security over the weekend and appear to have performed very well, so there is hope on this front as well. Finally, the butchery of Saddam must be broadcast to the world during his trial, the fear of Saddam must be purged from Iraqi society, and the lesson of Saddam must be indelibly etched into the minds of would-be tyrants everywhere. Sic semper tyrannis.
Notably, Saddam's trial has been postponed until the end of November at the defense's request. Just this morning, Saadoun Sughaiyer al-Janabi, one of Saddam's defense lawyers, turned up with two bullets in his head after being abducted by masked men.
Of course, Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of the Butcher of Baghdad, is standing by her man: "He was the most wonderful and courageous father. He's a hero, and he will remain a hero. For us, and for the people who love him...the great remains great."

Sunday, October 02, 2005

From Hitler to Schröder

'On 6 December 1942, the German-controlled Arabic language radio broadcast from Paris sent the following call to the Moroccan population, laced with the customary Nazi subtleties :

What do the Americans want. Moroccans? They want to help the Jews...General Nogues supports the Jews in your country against you, Moroccans, in the charge of the Americans...The Americans are still coming to you as false friends with small gifts, with tea and sugar, but with brutal soldiers, who do not know your ancient religion and culture, and who will place you on the same level with the blacks in America...Proud, valiant Moroccans, believe in your own strength, act with all cleverness which you have always manifested in difficult times, for your religion and for your customs, for your children. You know that you have powerful friends in Adolf Hitler and his soldiers, who already in Tunesia are fighting against the traitors Nogues and Darlan and against the American intruders. Support this struggle with all your means. Takeup arms wherever you find them. Do damage to the enemy wherever you can. Commit sabotage. Have patience until the German victory also brings the liberation of Morocco from Jewish-American slavery.' *1)

Please change the names of the generals and politicians and substitute Iraqis for Moroccans. And you will get a brilliant description of Schröder's policy.

*1) Goda, Norman J. W., 1961 - Tomorrow the World : Hitler, Northwest Africa, and the path toward America / Norman J. W. Goda. - 1 st ed.

A letter from Switzerland:

Soccer World Championship and Antisemitism in Germany
04.09.2005 15:57:12 (MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerze
Kopie an:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Siegfried Plattner Oberbürgermeister (mayor) der Stadt (City of) Gelsenkirchen Buer Rathaus 45894 Gelsenkirchen Germany mailto:

Copy:Magazine Konkret,Ruhrstraße 111,22761 Hamburg,Tel.040-8512530,, Internet:

Spiegel Magazine ,

Wiesenthal Center: Rabbi Abraham Cooper -- Associate

Dr. Shimon Samuels

Efraim Zuroff

Mark Weitzman, Director, Task Force Against Hate

Bundesversicherungsanstalt Für Angestellte:Gelsenkirchen

Geneva, Switzerland September 4th. 2005

Dear Mr. Plattner;

Your city Gelsenkirchen, Germany, is proud to be one of the cities of the Soccer World Championship 2006.That´s why surely your city Gelsenkirchen wants to present itself as the utmost sophisticated and tolerant city, to shine in the eyes of the world with great tolerance.But to my astonishment Mr. Mayor, there is one member of the town council, who is not very tolerant at all.His name: Friedhelm Rikowski.Rikowski is an official of the Bundesversicherungsantalt fuer Angestellte and an independent member of the Gelsenkirchen town council.The former member of the Christlich-Demokratische Partei (CDU) and the former member of the Schill-Partei, he was fired from the Pro-Buerger-Partei (PBP) because of racist instigation.
Rikowski agitated for instance against the rebuilding of the Gelsenkirchen synagogue, which was destroyed by the former Nazi-regime.But it seems that Mr. Rikowski does NOT have to bear the consequences for his behavior.He is still a member of the town council and an official of the Bundesversicherunganstalt fuer Angestellte.

Mr. Mayor; in all due respect, do you find this a tolerable situation, considering Germany's past, and their tremendous willpower to fight and overcome Anti-Semitism, to fight the new facing of the renewal of Anti-Semitism, times and actions that recall to us sadly enough what we saw in the 30's and 40's. It started as well then always with one person, it ended into millions leading the hate and the atrocious deeds we can never forget. Situations start with words and lead do actions.

I am first generation Swiss, my family were holocaust survivors, having gone through the hell of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's in the midst's of the city of Berlin, through the Kristallnacht, through infernal powers and facing death. If it would not have been for American troops and the allies to liberate us from this evil we would have perished along as well.

Do you find it acceptable that any person such as Friedhelm Rikowski should be allowed in his positions ?

I believe Sir, it is in Your interest and that of Germany to remove such person from their post, and condemn same strongly with the right measures within the legal system.

I am looking forward Mr. Mayor to have some positive answer from your office, showing us actions that will prove we can trust you in the fight of Racism and Anti-Semitism.
Thank You for Your attention.

Ms. G. Goldwater
Switzerland, Geneva Internet Correspondent and Commentator of "Funding for Peace Coalition" [FPC][ ]FPC REPORT EXPOSES MASSIVE CONTRADICTIONS IN EUROPEAN AID TO PALESTINIANS

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. --Albert Einstein