Tuesday, February 28, 2006

EU regrets 'offensive' cartoons

Dhimmitude from the EU, throwing freedom of speech overboard. From the BBC, with thanks to Hutchrun:
EU foreign ministers have expressed regret that cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in European papers were found offensive by Muslims.
At a meeting in Brussels they also agreed on a common line of action to rebuild ties with Muslim nations.
Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik said the EU would seek dialogue and mutual understanding.
How can you have a dialogue when one of the partners is unilateral and absolutist?
However, the ministers also defended freedom of speech and condemned the violent response to the cartoons....
It adds: "The Council acknowledges and regrets that these cartoons were considered offensive and distressing by Muslims across the world."
Diplomats said that at least one country, the Netherlands, had at first opposed the decision to express "regret".
The Czech government was also reported to be concerned that apologising would undermine the freedom fo the media.
While they upheld freedom of expression as a fundamental right, the ministers said freedoms "come with responsibilities".
"Freedom of expression should be exercised in a spirit of respect for religious and other beliefs and convictions. Mutual tolerance and respect are universal values we should all uphold," they said.
In other words, there is no freedom of speech when it comes to what might offend Muslims.


Monday, February 27, 2006

EU to stave off Palestinian funds crisis

As expected, the jizya from Eurabia will continue. From Reuters, with thanks to JE:
The European Union will release substantial aid to the Palestinians to stave off a looming financial crisis despite the appointment of a leader of the Islamist militant group Hamas as prime minister.
EU foreign ministers are gathering for talks on how to respond to the impending formation of a Palestinian government by the movement, which does not recognise Israel's right to exist.
"Today I will announce a very substantial package of assistance to meet basic needs," European External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said.
She says the package will total 120 million euros ($A192 million), including 40 million euros to pay electricity bills and 64 million euros channelled through the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees.
"In effect we will pay electricity bills for them, direct to the utilities concerned, including in Israel," she said.
The EU is the largest donor to the Palestinian Authority, but its funding has been thrown into doubt by the election of Hamas, which the bloc lists as a banned terrorist group.
No, it hasn't been thrown into doubt at all, really.



Gary Busey and Billy Zane are the stars of a sick antisemitic Turkish film—a film that is a huge hit in Muslim areas of Germany:
Outcry in Germany as anti-Semitic film sells out. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
A virulently anti-Semitic film about the Iraq war has provoked a storm of protest in Germany after it sold out to cheering audiences from the country’s 2.5 million-strong Turkish community.
Valley of the Wolves, by the Turkish director Serdan Akar, shows crazed American GIs massacring innocent guests at a wedding party and scenes in which a Jewish surgeon removes organs from Iraqi prisoners in a style reminiscent of the Nazi death camp doctor Joseph Mengele.
Bavaria’s interior minister admitted last week that he had dispatched intelligence service agents to cinemas showing the film to “gauge” audience reaction and identify potential radicals.
Edmund Stoiber, the state’s conservative prime minister, has appealed to cinema operators to remove what he described as “this racist and anti-Western hate film” from their programmes.
The £6 million film, the most expensive Turkish production ever made, had already proved a box office hit in Turkey, where it first opened last month at a gala attended by the wife of the country’s prime minister.
The production went on general release in Germany a fortnight ago and has had full houses ever since. More than 130,000 people, most of them young Muslims, saw the film in the first five days of its opening. At a packed cinema in a largely Turkish immigrant district of Berlin last week, Valley of the Wolves was being watched almost exclusively by young Turkish men. They clapped furiously when the Turkish hero of the film was shown blowing up a building occupied by the United States military commander in northern Iraq.
In the closing sequence, the hero is shown plunging a dagger into the heart of a US commander called Sam, played by Billy Zane. The audience responded by standing up and chanting “Allah is great!”

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fitzgerald: Independence for a Muslim Kosovo?

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the prospect of an independent Kosovo, now being bandied about:
Independence for a Muslim Kosovo? No. Without commenting in detail on the history of the Serbs in Kosovo, one can simply offer the following:
Ibrahim Rugova, recently deceased, was always presented as a "moderate" Albanian in Kosovo. Yet he never uttered a word about the destruction, in recent times, of Orthodox churches, or the harrying, and murder, of Serbian villagers. Nor did he ever note that Izetbegovic's plan to thoroughly islamize whatever area he controlled was set out long before there was any "in the heat of battle" to explain it away.
In World War II, the United States and Great Britain had to do whatever they could to stop Hitler. To this end, they made common cause with, and even gave aid to, a regime that was not exactly to the liking of either country, and certainly not to Winston Churchill or to Franklin Roosevelt: the Soviet Union. That aid, offloaded at Murmansk, was not only in tangible tanks and guns. It was also in diplomatic support, financial support, all other kinds of support. And there was no stopping, during that war, to tell the Soviet regime how badly it behaved, because all that mattered then was to stop Hitler and the Nazis.

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"Fitzgerald: Independence for a Muslim Kosovo?"


Germany: Anti-Semitic Turkish film cheered with cries of 'Allah is great'

Eurabia Update: "Anti-Semitic film cheered with cries of 'Allah is great': German authorities worried by audience reaction of Turkish movie goers to 'Valley of the Wolves,'" from WND, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:
The raucous reception by some members of Germany's 2.5 million-strong Turkish community to "Valley of the Wolves," a movie depicting crazed U.S. troops in Iraq massacring a wedding party and a Jewish doctor removing organs from prisoners, has German politicians worried – so worried, Bavaria's interior minister sent intelligence service agents to theaters showing the film to "gauge" audience reaction and identify potential radicals.
The $10 million dollar film, by Turkish director Serdan Akar, has already been wildly successful in Turkey, where its debut was attended by the wife of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "It is an extraordinary film that will go down in history," Turkish Parliament speaker Bulent Arinc, president of the Turkish National Assembly told the Anatolia press agency.
But that's not the way German officials see it.
Edmund Stoiber, Bavaria's conservative prime minister, asked theater owners to not show "this racist and anti-Western hate film." Bernd Neumann, Germany's expressed concern that the film "raises serious questions about the values of our society and our ability to instill them". This week, Cinemaxx, Germany's largest theater chain, announced the movie would be pulled from its offerings.
"These kinds of hate messages aren't what we need in a society filled with immigrants and mixed ethnic and religious groups," said Michael Kohlstruck, a political scientist at Berlin's Technical University. "All it takes is a few people mobilized by the film to become a danger by carrying out attacks."
The movie, which began showings in Germany three weeks ago, has played to sold out audiences since. Over 130,000 people, mostly young Muslims, saw the film in its first five days. The London Telegraph reports Berlin audiences, made up mostly of Turkish young men, clapping furiously when the building housing the U.S. military commander in northern Iraq is blown up and a standing ovation – accompanied by shouts of "Allah is great!" – when the movie's American antagonist, played by Billy Zane, is stabbed in the chest.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A German Terror Apologist...

John Rosenthal identifies "Germany's Terror Apologist" who - unsurprisingly - works for a government agency dedicated to the political education of the German youths.
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Interesting times

AP: 'Pakistani Shiite Muslims burn United States and Israeli flags to condemn the bombing on the Golden Mosque, one of Shi'ite Islam's holiest sites in the Iraqi city of Samarra, at a rally in Karachi, Pakistan on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006.'

Reuters: 'Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Western powers like the United States and Israel that they would face the wrath of Muslims following the devastating bombing of a Shiite Muslim shrine in Iraq.
Echoing Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ahmadinejad pinned the blame for Wednesday's Samarra shrine bombing on "Zionists" and foreign forces in Iraq."These heinous acts are committed by a group of Zionists and occupiers that have failed. They have failed in the face of Islam's logic and justice," Ahmadinejad said in a speech broadcast live on state television.'
Like Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag, Ahmadinejad is now trying to manipulate the Shiitte emotions after the destruction of their holy shrine in Samarra. His proxy, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, told a rally attended by thousands of Lebanese Shi'ites in the southern suburb of Beirut:
"I tell the Americans, the Zionists and the criminals who committed yesterday's crime in Samarra that all your aims will fail" ."I tell them that this (Muslim) nation will not be torn apart ... It will not fall for the tricks of the occupier."
It is clear that a group alligned with Al Qaeda or so-called 'insurgent' groups destructed the mosque. There are proven lines between Tehran and these groups - I know it sounds like a conspiracy, but it also could be that Tehran tries to enrage the Shiites in order to prevent the Jews and Yanquis to attack its nuclear installations.
Hey, this is the Middle East, any form of lunacy or mental disease is part of everyday reality.
One thing is for sure, and this is the bottom line of the present situation: we are full steam ahead to a huge confrontation with Iran, and this is how Iran's rethorics should be understood: one, worldwide, the Jews will pay a heavy price for destructing our nuclear toys, and two, in Iraq the Americans will face a Shiite revolt.
What to do?
Finance and organize a revolt of Iranian Kurds and Azeri's, finance all kinds of insurgencies in Iran (no, I am not a pacifist), which is a multi-ethnic nation of Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Turkmens, Arabs, Baluchies and other people.
The present situation cannot be understood outside the Iranian context. Al Qaeda is an element, but a minor one compared to Iran.
Regime change in Tehran is the main US goal right now, and guess what? Ahmadinejad has been informed about this.
The Mullahs read Haaretz too:
'The bombing of Iran's nuclear installations may still be a bad idea for other reasons, but not because it would require a huge air offensive. On the contrary, it could all be done in a single night. One may hope that Iran's rulers will therefore accept a diplomatic solution rather than gamble all on wildly exaggerated calculations.'
We are in the middle of interesting times, as the Chinese say.


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Kosovo Bishop Warns Not to Hand Jihadists a Victory

From CNSNews.com, with thanks to all who sent this in:
A leading Serbian Orthodox bishop, visiting the U.S. on a mission of "peace and understanding," has warned the international community against granting independence to Kosovo, saying such a move would hand a victory to radical Muslims and their jihadist supporters.
Kosovo's independence from Serbia would also mean "a virtual sentence of extinction" for minority Serbs in the province, according to Dr. Artemije Radosavljevic, the bishop of the Serbian cities of Raska and Prizren.
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The War against the (Dead) Jews

By P. David Hornik

In a recent op-ed on “The New British Anti-Semitism” in Haaretz, Israeli historian Robert Wistrich remarks that “in absolute numbers, Great Britain is today second only to France in serious anti-Semitic incidents among European countries.” This has included “acts of vandalism in the months following the American invasion of Iraq, such as the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the East End of London, where more than 400 graves were smashed. Last June, particularly ugly desecrations took place in Manchester and London cemeteries.”
While those incidents were serious enough, involving swastika daubings and the like along with headstone smashings, even they fell short of the May 1990 desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Carpentras, France, in which a Jewish man’s corpse was exhumed and impaled.
As Bernard Lewis notes in an article on “The New Anti-Semitism” in the current issue of The American Scholar, the main thing differentiating anti-Semitism from other forms of hatred is “the accusation against Jews of cosmic evil. Complaints against people of other groups rarely include it. This accusation of cosmic, satanic evil attributed to Jews, in various parts of the world and in various forms, is what has come to be known in modern times as anti-Semitism.”

Indeed, the cemetery desecrators are not the only ones for whom the uniquely, satanically evil Jews must be attacked and humiliated even after their deaths. Hamas, the terrorist organization that is now the elected government of the Palestinian Authority, recently got into the act with a video in which a suicide terrorist says in his parting statement:

“My message to the loathed Jews is that . . . we are a nation that drinks blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews. We will not leave you alone until we have quenched our thirst with your blood, and our children's thirst with your blood. . . . ”
This venture into cannibalism goes beyond even Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish’s exhortation to Israeli Jews, in one of his most popular poems, to “Dig up your dead!/ Take their bones with you/ and leave our land”—which was, literally, what Israel did as part of the disengagement from Gaza for fear of what would happen to any Jewish graves that were left behind.
The attack on dead Jews occurs on the largest scale, of course, regarding the Holocaust—as most recently manifest in the Iranian government’s simultaneous sponsoring of a Holocaust-denial conference and a Holocaust-cartoon contest. For contrast’s sake, today, as far as I know, there is no effort to deny that the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s happened or to humiliate the memory of the victims. The Jewish genocide, however, continues to evoke a strange mix of feelings in the anti-Semite in which aggression at live Jews for supposedly deriving too much political, economic, and moral power from the event coexists with aggression at the victims for their innocent status, or perhaps just for not being dead enough.
Meanwhile, in a supposedly more civilized corner of the world, a film that portrays two imminent mass murderers of Jews as sympathetic, sensitive souls is in the running for an Oscar. Paradise Now might be called a preemptive attack on dead Jews, since, even though the bus passengers haven’t yet been killed, we’re to know that it is not these anonymous, faceless oppressors who will merit our compassion but the killers.
Thus, 2006, six decades after the still much-solemnized Holocaust, finds much of the world plumbing new depths of anti-Semitic depravity and twisted attitudes toward Jews and Israel. Jews would do well to realize that they are in an all-out war for survival.

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P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Jerusalem. He can be reached atmailto:pdavidh2001@yahoo.com.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


David Letterman: "Top Surprises In The Dick Cheney Interview": Admitted he's the guy who popped a cap in Suge Knight; Sentenced himself to a week at Gitmo; Revealed list of the next ten old guys he plans to shoot; Pinned Brit Hume to the wall with a ninja throwing star; Spent most of the time talking about who's going to win "American Idol"; His clumsy attempt to pin the entire thing on Michael Brown; Claims it was all part of the plan to make Bush look smarter.

Jay Leno: I did something dumb this weekend—I walked into a Muslim bakery and asked for a Danish. ... There's a new comic book coming out where Batman goes after Osama bin Laden. And you thought radical Muslims hated cartoons before. Holy Shi'ite Batman! ... Did you know this is Black History Month? You'd never know it watching the winter games. Not a lot of brothers curling. ... At the Olympics they had the premiere of a new event called "boardercross." Boardercross? I'd never heard of boardercross. But I figure if there was ever an event where Mexico is going to win the gold this would be it. ... NBC now has 418 hours of Olympic viewing. I think this is day 112 of Olympics. You know what NBC normally calls 418 hours of programming? "Law and Order." ... Hillary Clinton blasted the Vice President for failing to disclose all the facts [about his hunting accident]. She wants Dick Cheney to give exact details. You know like, "How do you shoot someone and make it look like an accident?" ... Hillary said that she finds the administration's refusal to level with the American people "troubling." She also finds it somewhat nostalgic. ... She now has her own wax likeness at Madame Tussaud's. It has a "do not touch" sign on it. Just like the real Hillary.

Hamas Uber-Alles

By David Meir-Levi

Welcome to the Palestinian Nazi Party. More>


German Blasphemy Law Convict

Here’s a nauseating story from Germany, where they’ve apparently already accepted their new masters: German court convicts man for insulting Islam. (Hat tip: mglazer.)
DUESSELDORF, Germany (Reuters) - A German court on Thursday convicted a businessman of insulting Islam by printing the word “Koran” on toilet paper and offering it to mosques.
The 61-year-old man, identified only as Manfred van H., was given a one-year jail sentence, suspended for five years, and ordered to complete 300 hours of community service, a district court in the western German town of Luedinghausen ruled. ...
Manfred van H. printed out sheets of toilet paper bearing the word “Koran” shortly after a group of Muslims carried out a series of bomb attacks in London in July 2005. He sent the paper to German television stations, magazines and some 15 mosques.
Prosecutors said that in an accompanying letter Manfred van H. called Islam’s holy book a “cookbook for terrorists.” He also offered his toilet paper for sale on the Internet at a price of 4 euros ($4.76) per roll, saying the proceeds would go toward a “memorial to all the victims of Islamic terrorism.”
The maximum sentence for insulting religious beliefs under the German criminal code is three years in prison.






Tuesday, February 21, 2006


'Nigerian Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad attacked Christians and burned churches on Saturday, killing at least 15 people in the deadliest confrontation yet in the whirlwind of Muslim anger over the drawings.' (AP)
Let me say it clear, without any euphemism: people who burn churches and kill human beings because they feel offended by cartoons, are primitive, backward, ignorant, barbaric, medieval, hysterical, delusional, and cruel fools.
The Islamic fools and political cowards have no clue that they are playing a dangerous game: after the confusion, after absorbing the shock that the world is filled with millions of mental patients suffering from religious schizoid paranoia, after wondering why The Dialogue did not work as European appeasers promised, after having absorbed millions of poor Muslim immigrants looking for a better life, after telling themselves that it must be the Occupation or the Imperialists or their Profane Lifestyle or their Gays which have caused so much rage among the Followers of the Prophet of Peace, the Western infidels may conclude that it is the Religion, stupid, and they may lose their carefully controlled patience.
'A MINISTER in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has offered a £6m reward to anyone who beheads one of the Danish cartoonists who outraged Muslims by depicting the prophet Muhammad.
Yaqoob Qureshi, minister of minority welfare, said the killer would also receive his weight in gold. He made the offer during a rally in his constituency in Meerut, northeast of Delhi. Protesters then burnt an effigy of a cartoonist and some Danish flags.'

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Guardian : "Israel's policies are feeding the cancer of anti-semitism"

The noxious article with the title above is here. Waiting for the Guardian's companion piece, entitled "Global Islamic violence, intimidation, and irrationality are feeding the cancer of Islamophobia"? Don't hold your breath. You see, that too is the fault of the democratic nations. In the Western press, as in the Muslim press, the Islamic world bears no responsibility for any of its actions, no matter how destructive or mad -- such as cartoon rage. They are forever passive reactors, perpetual victims lashing out in entirely understandable outrage against Western enormities.
What's that? A jihad ideology of global supremacism, totalitarianism, and subjugation? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?


Monday, February 20, 2006

David Irving Gets 3 Years

Holocaust denier David Irving (who hates to be called a Holocaust denier) has been sentenced to three years in an Austrian prison: Holocaust Denier Gets Three Years in Jail.
VIENNA, Austria - Right-wing British historian David Irving was sentenced to three years in prison Monday after admitting to an Austrian court that he denied the Holocaust — a crime in the country where Hitler was born.
Irving, who pleaded guilty and then insisted during his one-day trial that he now acknowledged the Nazis’ World War II slaughter of 6 million Jews, had faced up to 10 years behind bars. Before the verdict, Irving conceded he had erred in contending there were no gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp. “I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz,” Irving testified, at one point expressing sorrow “for all the innocent people who died during the Second World War.”
Irving, stressing he only relied on primary sources, said he came across new information in the early 1990’s from top Nazi officials — including personal documents belonging to Adolf Eichmann — that led him to rethink certain previous assertions. But despite his apparent epiphany, Irving, 67, maintained he had never questioned the Holocaust.
“I’ve never been a Holocaust denier and I get very angry when I’m called a Holocaust denier,” he said.


Jihad in Europe: Past as Prologue?

By Andrew G. Bostom

The Continent slowly slides into full Islamic domination.



Bernard Lewis: The New Antisemitism

A must-read new essay from Bernard Lewis, posted at History News Network by Judith Klinghoffer: The New Antisemitism.

The Western form of anti-Semitism—the cosmic, satanic version of Jew hatred—provided solace to wounded feelings. It came to the Middle East in several stages. The first stage was almost entirely Christian, brought by European missionaries and diplomats. Its impact was principally on the local Christian minorities, where we find occasional recurrences of the previously little known blood libel. In the 15th and 16th centuries this had indeed been explicitly rejected in orders issued by Ottoman sultans. It was now revived on a massive scale.The first major case was the Damascus blood libel in 1840. This kind of anti-Semitism continued to grow, at first on a small scale, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, with a limited response. At the time of the Dreyfus Affair in France, Muslim opinion was divided, some against Dreyfus, some supporting him. A prominent Muslim thinker of the time, the Egyptian Rashid Rida, wrote defending Dreyfus and attacking his persecutors, accusing them not of fanaticism, since they had no real religious beliefs, but of prejudice and envy. Despite this response, one consequence of the affair was the first translation into Arabic of a batch of European anti-Semitic writings.
Then came the Third Reich, with connections to the Arab world and, later, to other Muslim countries. Now that the German archives are open, we know that within weeks of Hitler’s coming to power in 1933, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem got in touch with the German consul general in Jerusalem, Doctor Heinrich Wolff, and offered his services. It is interesting that the common image of the Germans pursuing the Arabs is the reverse of what happened. The Arabs were pursuing the Germans, and the Germans were very reluctant to get involved. Dr. Wolff recommended, and his government agreed, that as long as there was any hope of making a deal with the British Empire and establishing a kind of Aryan-Nordic axis in the West, it would be pointless to antagonize the British by supporting the Arabs.
But then things gradually changed, particularly after the Munich Conference in 1938. That was the turning point, when the German government finally decided that there was no deal to be made with Britain, no Aryan axis. Then the Germans turned their attention more seriously to the Arabs, responding at last to their approaches, and from then on the relationship developed very swiftly.
In 1940 the French surrender gave the Nazis new opportunities for action in the Arab world. In Vichy-controlled Syria they were able for a while to establish an intelligence and propaganda base in the heart of the Arab East. From Syria they extended their activities to Iraq, where they helped to establish a pro-Nazi regime headed by Rashid Ali al-Gailani. This was overthrown by the British, and Rashid Ali went to join his friend the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Berlin, where he remained as Hitler’s guest until the end of the war. In the last days of Rashid Ali’s regime, on the first and second of June 1941, soldiers and civilians launched murderous attacks on the ancient Jewish community in Baghdad. This was followed by a series of such attacks in other Arab cities, both in the Middle East and in North Africa.
Read the whole thing...


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WELCOME TO THE EU! Turkish Reporter Attacked by Cartoon Mob

While covering the cartoon protests for a Turkish newspaper, journalist Aliye Cetinkaya was attacked and stoned by a group of demonstrating Muslims because she was not wearing a head-scarf. (Hat tip: uncle_monkey.)
Aliye Cetinkaya, a journalist from the Turkish daily Sabah newspaper, who was reporting on the recent protests over the offensive caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, was stoned in Konya for reasons demonstrators said were provocative – as she did not cover her head. Cetinkaya was taken away by male colleagues after stones hit her head and shoulders. The female journalist was attacked for being ‘sexually provocative’ for not wearing a head scarf at the demonstration organised by the Peoples Education Research and Support Group in Konya (He-Da-Der) and entitled ‘Loyalty to the Prophet’.
A group of protestors insisted that Aliye Cetinkaya get off the bus where she was reporting the march, as they claimed she was provoking the crowd. At this moment, somebody started reciting the Koran into a microphone.
Approximately 30 people then started throwing stones at Cetinkaya, seated with her legs dangling from the back of the vehicle and taking notes. They claimed that her clothes and way of sitting was inappropriate while the Koran was being read, and shouted words of abuse at her.
Cetinkaya had to be rescued by her colleagues and said, “We were doing our job as journalists. But apparently some people found that not covering my head was provocative. They called me a blasphemer while I was sitting on the bus. They threw stones and shoes. As a reporter from Konya I was ashamed.”


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Muslim Protesters: "God Bless Hitler"

At Germany’s n-tv.de, a photo from an Islamic rally in Pakistan. (Hat tip: hans ze beeman.)

(It’s not a Photoshop job.)
UPDATE at 2/18/06 10:03:51 am:

The caption at n-tv.de reads:
Was genau sie mit dem Plakat sagen wollen, bleibt unklar.

Translated to English:
What these women want to say with the sign is unclear.


At Least 10 Killed in Libya Cartoon Riot

More cartoon madness from AP, with thanks to Sr. Soph:
TRIPOLI, Libya - Libyans angry over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad rioted at the Italian consulate on Friday, storming the building and setting it on fire. A diplomat said at least 10 people were killed in clashes with police.
It was the deadliest demonstration yet against the cartoons, which have set off violent protests throughout the Muslim world. At least 29 people have been killed altogether.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Show support for Denmark

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies is sponsoring this email drive for people to voice support for Denmark:
Denmark is, at this moment, the proverbial "canary in the mine" of the Islamofascist war on Western democracy. We must not let history repeat itself. If Britain had heeded Churchill's warnings and stood firm against Hitler, World War II may not have occurred. The Danes have shown again, as they did in World War II, that they have the moral courage to stand up for what they believe. Please join us in a demonstration of solidarity and sign the postcard attached which will be sent to the Danish Government on your behalf.
(click on "email drive" above)


Thursday, February 16, 2006

US Foreign Policy: Time to Reassess Support for Turkish EU Membership?

Earlier today, the Washington Times reported the following on Turkey's biggest film hit:
""Valley of the Wolves" is not the work of independents or amateurs. With a budget of $10 million, it's the biggest-spending Turkish film in history. The international cast includes Hollywood actor Billy Zane of "Titanic." Within three days of its release, the movie had been seen by 1.2 million people, a 40 percent increase on the previous viewing record. At a gala performance earlier this month, the actors rubbed shoulders with Turkey's elite. "I feel so proud of them all," said Emine Erdogan, wife of the prime minister, comfortably ensconced in a seat next to the actor playing Alemdar. Although Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul insisted that the film was no worse than some of the productions of Hollywood studios, Turkish parliament leader Bulent Arinc praised its "realism." U.S. officials in Turkey laugh off the significance of the film, but a senior Washington official interviewed by the Turkish daily Milliyet last week expressed concern about its success in a secular Muslim country with a U.S. alliance since the early 1950s. "Can you imagine the first lady or the head of the House of Representatives going to the gala performance of a film that could incite anti-Turkish feeling among Americans?" the official asked."
Perhaps the American "officials" in question should stop laughing so loud and start defending their nation for a change. Turkish enthusiasm for the dark anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism of "Valley of the Wolves Iraq" is just the latest in a series of troubling developments in US-Turkish relations. Just last year members of the Turkish public made Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" a bestseller for perhaps the first time since the 1930s. In 2003, Turks elected an Islamist government that refused the United States vital access to a northern staging area for the Iraq war, thereby placing thousands of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens in harms way and prolonging the conflict.
In light of recent events, US policy makers should seriously reconsider whether strong support for Turkish membership in the European Union is consistent with national interests. American advocacy for Turkish accession has long antagonized and irritated many natural allies throughout Europe, including Germany's conservative Christian Democrats. Is such support for the inclusion of a poor, increasingly radical Muslim state in the European Union really worth the high political cost?
Endnote: You can always count on Hollywood to stick up for America. The sadistic American villain and the sinister Jewish doctor in "Valley of the Wolves Iraq" were both played by well-known American actors: Billy Zane (Titanic) and Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon) respectively.
UPDATE: Max Boot of the LA Times published an outstanding article entitled "The West as scapegoat." He points out that many Muslims (and others) would rather blame the USA, Israel and "the West" for all the world's problems rather than engage in some badly needed introspection and reform. He concludes: "Muslim nations will never make any progress unless they stop focusing on the offenses, real or imagined, visited upon them by the outside world and start looking within for what ails them."


Dhimmitude in Norway

Bruce Bawer, an American writer resident in Norway (and a former lefty reporter for KQED radio in San Francisco), has a stunning report on the dhimmitude embraced by the government and establishment of that Nordic oil-producer, in the wake of a small Norwegian magazine daring to reprint the 12 Danish cartoons.

Bawe gets it. Norway doesn’t.

Hat tip: Andrew Bostom


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


David Letterman: "Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses": Heart palpitation caused trigger finger to spasm; Wanted to get the Iraq mess off the front page; Not enough Jim Beam; Trying to stop the spread of bird flu; I love to shoot people; I thought the guy was trying to go "gay cowboy" on me; Excuse? I hit him, didn't I?; Until Democrats approve Medicare reform, we have to make some tough choices for the elderly.

Jay Leno: Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter, 78-year-old lawyer [Harry Whittington]. In fact, when people found out he shot a lawyer, his popularity is now at 92 percent. ... When the ambulance got there, out of force of habit they put Cheney on the stretcher. No, the other guy! ... Former FEMA director Michael Brown is testifying before a Senate panel today. He was supposed to testify last week, but he just got there. ... Hillary Clinton blasted President Bush for not catching Osama bin Laden. Is she in a position to criticize? She couldn't even catch Bill Clinton, and they were in the same room. ... And everyone is talking about the three carat diamond ring Hillary is wearing that Bill gave her. Well he didn't actually give it to her. She found it near the nightstand. "It's a gift. I was wrapping it...it's for you." ... They added a new [Olympic] event this year called the Danish freestyle—five cartoonists skate as fast as they can away from an angry mob. ... I feel bad for Marmaduke. He's a cartoon and a Great Dane! He's in double-danger. ... "American Idol" actually did better in the ratings than the Grammy's. So people would rather see regular people do a bad job of singing than famous people do a good job of lip syncing.

Audiences cheer film's anti-U.S. message

By Nicholas Birch

ISTANBUL -- A new film riding on a wave of anti-Americanism is attracting record audiences in Turkey and has drawn approving comments from the wife of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gum-chewing U.S. soldiers shoot Iraqis in cold blood at a wedding in one scene from the movie. In another scene, set at that the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, a Jewish-American doctor harvests Iraqi prisoners' kidneys for sale to Israel and the West. "What this film shows is that the Americans won't always have it their way," said Serdar Yagci, a student outside a theater in central Istanbul. Minutes earlier, he had been one of many in the audience who stood up and cheered when the film's dour hero, Turkish agent Polat Alemdar, tracked down and killed a villainous U.S. Army officer who said he was guided by God. "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq" fictionalizes the arrests of members of a Turkish military mission in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2003. Suspected of plotting to assassinate a Kurdish politician, the 11 men had sacks placed over their heads by U.S. soldiers before being taken to Baghdad for questioning. In real life, Turks could do nothing but fume at what they perceived as a grave insult to their country's most respected institution: the army. In the film, Alemdar takes single-handed revenge on the perpetrators of the slight before bringing peace to Iraq. "It sounds laughable -- an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a sack for sack," wrote Alin Tasciyan, one of several critics to pan the film for its "clunky, didactic dialogue" and bad acting. "Valley of the Wolves" is not the work of independents or amateurs. With a budget of $10 million, it's the biggest-spending Turkish film in history. The international cast includes Hollywood actor Billy Zane of "Titanic." Within three days of its release, the movie had been seen by 1.2 million people, a 40 percent increase on the previous viewing record. At a gala performance earlier this month, the actors rubbed shoulders with Turkey's elite. "I feel so proud of them all," said Emine Erdogan, wife of the prime minister, comfortably ensconced in a seat next to the actor playing Alemdar. Although Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul insisted that the film was no worse than some of the productions of Hollywood studios, Turkish parliament leader Bulent Arinc praised its "realism." U.S. officials in Turkey laugh off the significance of the film, but a senior Washington official interviewed by the Turkish daily Milliyet last week expressed concern about its success in a secular Muslim country with a U.S. alliance since the early 1950s. "Can you imagine the first lady or the head of the House of Representatives going to the gala performance of a film that could incite anti-Turkish feeling among Americans?" the official asked.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoon Jihad, Part Deux

Oh brother. Here we go again. Anger in Iran over German football cartoon.

TEHRAN - The general secretary of the Iranian press association called Sunday for action over a football cartoon printed in a German newspaper showing the Iranian national team standing in a World Cup stadium with bomb belts strapped to their jerseys.
Manuchehr Sandi called the cartoon, which was printed in the Friday edition of Berlin’s Tagesspiegel, a “dirty joke” and in an interview with the ISNA news agency demanded the German Embassy in Tehran give an “appropriate reaction” to it.
The cartoon also depicts German soldiers standing in the stadium with a caption saying “Why at the World Cup of all places does the German army have to be on duty?”
The newspaper said it regretted the reactions from Iran.
Earlier Sunday, the Iranian newspaper 90 published the cartoon, calling it “shameless” and demanded the Iranian football federation to lodge an official protest.
“It is now clear that the Germans are under the influence of the Zionists (Israel) and have lowered themselves to become their scarecrows,” wrote 90.


Anti-American, anti-Semitic film a hit in Turkey

The anti-American and anti-Semitic movie Valley of the Woves-Iraq, described by Lee Kaplan here, is a hit with audiences in Turkey, at least according to the New York Times.
...scenes show ruthless marines killing Iraqis and soldiers mistreating inmates at Abu Ghraib prison. A Jewish-American doctor, played by Gary Busey, is shown as shipping inmates’ organs to New York, London and Israel. All these, according to the screenwriter, Bahadir Ozdener, were inspired by real events.
Zane said he was not bothered by the movie’s anti-American tone, adding that the horrors of war should be exposed.
“I acted in this movie because I’m a pacifist,” he said in a televised interview. “I’m against all kinds of war.”
Whatever its artistic merits, the movie… has already broken Turkish box office records….
Although the Times article pooh-poohs the damage this film may be doing, the spectacle of even minor Hollywood stars lending their names to this vile garbage is disgusting. The film will apparently pay-off its backers handsomely at the box office.
Must we anticipate a second and third wave of anti-American actors lending their names and presence to such dreck?
The question answers itself. What values in Hollywood would stop them?

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson


The end of freedom?


Monday, February 13, 2006

French Philosophy


Protestant Priest: Danish Cartoons Were the Drops that Brought the Cup to Overflowing

Another anti-American highlight on Germany's number one public television channel ARD - presented in this Saturday's "Wort zum Sonntag", a Christian TV program.
Our friend DL from Heidelberg endured the intellectual challenge of watching the sermon of Protestant priest Burkhard Mueller. Here are his observations:
Well, it's official, God has spoken to German Pastor Burkhard Mueller and guess what? Violent Islam is all America's fault. The only reason embassies have recently been torched and violent protests have erupted in the Islamic world is because:
"The Christian faith is also a grand religion. This religion is foreign to many and widely unknown. And it has not been made easy for Muslims to recognize the beauty and depth of the Christian religion. The American soldiers are felt to be occupiers in Iraq. There are reports about bombarded towns in Afghanistan. The pictures of Abu Ghraib, the rumors of violations of the Koran in Guantanmo and now the mean spirited and defaming caricatures from Denmark!"
ARD ought to take some of the taxpayer money they use to broadcast such opinions and buy Pastor Mueller a clue. In his February 11 "Word on Sunday" broadcast entitled "The Cup Runneth Over," Mueller went on to say:
"The Danish cartoons were the drops that brought the cup to overflowing. And this cup is full of degradations and injuries that the Christians and the West have visited upon the Islamic world over many centuries.
The Crusades are not forgotten and the memory of the people is long. The degrading colonialization, the economic imperialism of the West, (a society) that is not interested in people but only in its oil. What should a Muslim think about a Christianity that has brought so many blessings to the world!"
I'll have to visit a German church this Sunday. Obviously I've been missing all the good stuff. Sadly, this is what passes for sophisticated analysis among Germany's elite. Everything bad in the world is the West's (especially America's) fault. In this case Islamic fascists kill and burn embassies because we force them to with our (take your pick) a. Support for Israel; b. Greed for oil; c. Cultural imperialism; d. Crusades; e. Intolerance and discrimination; f. Lack of respect.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember 2,800 people being murdered in New York City and Washington DC prior to Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and Guantanmo. And I've checked a couple of reference works on the Crusades and mine seem to be missing the chapter on the 12th century American-led one. This argument, however, hasn't changed since 12 September. The good news is the cartoon episode seems to have changed the tone of the debate in Germany in spite of what Pastor Mueller thinks.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Buy Danish Products.com

Chris Elliot of the Enigma Report has created this helpful website for those of us whow want to support Denmark by purchasing Danish products.
...Because freedom of expression and freedom of speech are bedrock values in any true democracy. Because external forces that try to control what a Danish paper chooses to publish in Denmark are misguided. Because we all have a stake in protecting democratic freedoms.
What You Can Do
Support your favorite Danish company against boycotts. If you like food, beer, electronics, and toys (and most people do), then Danish companies should be on your list. Take a look at the consumer products page for more information.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don't forget...never forget

Danske øjne på svenske forhold

Frattini denies he said what he has been saying

EU commissioner Frattini is trying to take back his words to The Daily Telegraph:
"There have never been, nor will there be any plans by the European Commission to have some sort of EU regulation, nor is there any legal basis for doing so."
But David Rennie, the journalist who had spoken with him, is now posting the transcript of the tape.
Verbatim, his intentions are even worse:
"It is a matter of fact that we have to react with an obvious condemnation of violence, but on the other hand to offer to them a way out, an appropriate solution. The code of conduct is self-regulation, but it would be if agreed, a positive message, also a political message, if I may say, to the Muslim world, by accepting in principle this point of the responsibility together with the freedom of expression.”
"The press will give the Muslim world the message: we are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression, we can and we are ready to self-regulate our right. It is not the right of the European institutions, it is not the right of the Muslim people to unilaterally demand or regulate the freedom of expression, but the right of the press itself to regulate, that is the idea.”
I repeat: ‘the right of the press itself to regulate’.
He is asking the press to behave as a tool for EU policies. It is quite disgusting.
The whole situation reminds me of those writers and newspapers in the Thirties in Holland writing critical stuff about Adolf Hitler, who was considered a prophet by many in Germany.
They were convicted in court because of insulting a head of state of a nation with which Holland had good relations.
The Dutch authorities preferred to limit freedom of speech in order to appease a tyrant. It did not help. The Nazi’s invaded Holland in May 1940. It took 5 years of terrible suffering to end the fascist reign.
Now, the islamofascists are trying to impose their insanity upon us. And as in the past, the European political establishment lacks the character and resolve to oppose evil. I am not saying that the situation is as bad as in the fall of 1938, but we could face a terrible crisis the moment Israel is going to actively try to prevent Iran from nuking Tel Aviv, as the Iranian leadership said it wants to.
But – o irony of history – I have put my hope on the present German political leadership. Angela Merkel is a tough lady, and she knows right from wrong. I hope her political advisors are not talking her into delusions. I hope she is able to bring the EU leaders into line.


The Free West's Weblog

Friday, February 10, 2006

This Was To Be Expected: Guenter Grass (photo) Blasts Danish Newspaper

That was easy to forecast: German novelist and Nobel laureate Guenter Grass, a prominent left-wing critic of the USA ever since the Vietnam war, blasts the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for the publication of the Mohammad cartoons:
"This was a conscious and planned provocation by a right-wing Danish newspaper," said German Guenter Grass, who took the Nobel Prize in 1999.
Grass described the Danish publishers of the caricatures as "xenophobic right-wing radicals" and the subsequent violent Muslim protests as "a fundamentalist response to a fundamentalist act."
"Where does the West take that arrogance to impose what must and must not be done?" Grass asked, stressing the relativity of the freedom of opinion in the West where the media are controlled by conglomerates "monopolizing the public opinion."
Poor Muslim extremists ... they had to respond (burning houses, issuing death threats, etc., etc.) to a fundamentalistic act (publishing cartoons).
I never looked at it this way, but 9/11 probably was just a fundamentalist response - a bit rough, maybe - to a fundamentalistic act of "the West". For the moment I can't come up with one, but I'm sure Guenter Grass can help us out...
(I know, we had linked to this elegant gentleman already in an earlier post, but I am under the impression that it's his somewhat fundamentalist attitude that Mr. Grass defends.)


Thursday, February 09, 2006


David Letterman: "Top Things I Have Learned In The Last 24 Years": If you want a month off, try quintuple bypass surgery; An exotic animal taking a leak on your desk equals comedy gold; Before makeup, Regis looks like an Arizona drifter; Treat the audience to free iPods; We can't afford free iPods; Number 4 in the Top Ten is never funny; Rehearsal is for sissies; CBS will tolerate a bad talk show longer than NBC.

Jay Leno: Judge Samuel Alito was confirmed to the Supreme Court. President Bush said that Sam has the intellect necessary to bring a lot of class to the Court. Like the rest of the judges are sitting around in their underpants eating Cheetos. ... He replaces Sandra Day O'Connor who is leaving the court to be a regular on "Dancing with the Stars." ... Hillary Clinton said this week that she doesn't agree with either the people who say we should be in Iraq or her friends who say we should be out. Thanks for clearing that up. Think she's running for president? Even John Kerry said, "Pick a position!" ... "Walk The Line" was passed over for best picture nomination. Which makes "Brokeback Mountain" the clear favorite. If Johnny Cash had fallen for Jimmy Carter instead of June Carter... they would have had a lockout. ... In Washington news the Pentagon announced plans to build a new long range weapons as a deterrent to China. Unfortunately, we don't have any factories left in this country so the weapons will be built in China. ... This week in 1933, Adolph Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany, thus creating the History Channel. ... It was on this day in 1690 that the first paper money in America was issued. Which, of course, lead to the creation of the Republican Party. It was also on this day in 1913 that congress was granted the right to levy taxes on income. Which, of course, lead to the creation of the Democrat Party.