Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anti-Israel European Parliament Member Quits

Chris Davies, leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament, has resigned after he let his hatred for Jews show a little too much: Lib Dem leader in Europe resigns following anti-Israel remark. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)
The row dates back to a trip that Mr Davies made to the Palestinian Authority. On his return Mr Davies accused Israel of pursuing “racist policies of apartheid” while posing as a victim. His remarks prompted a flood of emails from supporters of Israel. One correspondent wrote: “You make the same mistake as many others who call themselves liberals - you seem to equate the situation of the Palestinian people as being exactly the same as the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.”
This prompted Mr Davies to respond: “Sounds like racism to me. I hope you enjoy wallowing in your own filth.
”The correspondent sent back another email calling on Mr Davies to “have the decency of replying properly to my letter”. This prompted Mr Davies to say that if he stood for re-election he would highlight “the racist policies of apartheid being put into practice by an Israeli government”.

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