Sunday, May 14, 2006

EU to make nuclear offer to Iran

The Eurodhimmis are preparing a nice gift package for Iran in an attempt to bribe it to give up its nuclear ambitions. No doubt Iran will end up both with the Eurodhimmi gifts and the nukes.
From the BBC, with thanks to Rog:
The European Union is drawing up new proposals to offer to Iran to get it to halt its nuclear programme.
The package, believed to include freer trade and political incentives, is to be discussed by permanent UN Security Council members and Germany next week.
Iran responded by insisting that it had a "right" to nuclear technology.
Tehran has dismissed Western concerns saying its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful, and has rejected calls to stop uranium enrichment.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said there was no need for anyone to be nervous about the programme.
"All of them know 100% that the nuclear programme in Iran is totally peaceful," he said at the Developing Eight summit of Muslim nations in Bali, Indonesia.
Mr Ahmadinejad repeated that Iran was ready to hold dialogue with any country except Israel but not with "bombs over our heads".
"If they want to resort to the use of force we will not go into dialogue with them," he said.
The EU has not given details of the new offer to Iran being considered, but diplomats describe it as a mixture of "the carrot and the stick"....
"The EU would be prepared to support Iran's development of a safe, sustainable and proliferation-proof civilian nuclear programme if international concerns were fully addressed," says a draft EU statement obtained by Reuters news agency.
The package would expand on an offer made last August, which Iran rejected.
Our correspondent says it is a measure of the West's desperation that it has had to resort to such an offer.
The chances of getting tougher wording on a UN resolution to threaten Iran appear slim, he adds....
Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki is bored:
Meanwhile Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in Bali that any proposal that did not include Iran's right to nuclear technology would not be acceptable.
"No incentive can be interesting for the Iranian government and the Iranian nation unless it includes Iran's right to benefit from peaceful nuclear technology."

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