Tuesday, May 30, 2006

German Women Vowed to Mount Suicide Attacks in Iraq

They have "close contacts to the Islamist scene in Germany and at least one...has converted to Islam." The phenomenon of white European converts to Islam, and like-minded fellow travelers, underscores that this is not a problem of race, but of ideology. Even if Europe's immigration crisis were solved tomorrow, the jihad ideology would not be eradicated from the continent -- particularly in view of the close ties between the Left and the jihad. From Spiegel Online, with thanks to all who sent this in:
SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that German intelligence agencies have prevented three German women from travelling to Iraq in recent weeks. The women, who have close contacts to the Islamist scene in Germany and at least one whom has converted to Islam, came to the attention of intelligence agencies after one of them had announced on an Internet site that she intended to blow herself and her child up in Iraq.
After the Web posting were spotted, Germany's domestic and foreign intelligence agencies mounted an intense search for the three women. One of them was located in Berlin, the other two are believed to come from southern Germany. The Berlin woman's child was taken away from her and she has been put in a psychiatric clinic. The two other women were also prevented from leaving Germany. One of them is also believed to have a child....
There have been several such cases in the past and German security officials have long been worried that Islamic militants are increasingly recruiting young Muslims with German passports for suicide attacks....

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