Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hamas Representative Visits Germany, Merkel Vexed

As we wrote earlier this month, by granting a visa to Hamas “refugee minister” Atef Edwane, Sweden enabled the terrorist representative to visit any other European country who signed the Schengen Accord.
One of them was Germany, and Chancellor Angela Merkel is vexed.
Me? I’m just disgusted.
BERLIN (AFP) - Chancellor Angela Merkel described a recent unannounced visit by a minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government to Germany as “vexing”.
A government spokesman said that the official, identified by a government source as the minister for refugee affairs, Atef Edwane, had visited Germany and already left the country as part of a European tour, despite a European Union policy of no contact with the radical movement.
“The chancellor described this occurrence as vexing,” spokesman Thomas Steg told a regular press conference, recounting a discussion at a cabinet meeting earlier Wednesday. “The foreign minister spoke of an unpleasant occurrence,” he added, referring to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who briefed his colleagues on the visit.
Steg said the minister was “unwelcome” in Germany as long as Hamas did not meet EU demands to recognize Israel, respect accords signed by the Israelis and the Palestinians and renounce violence.
The bloc suspended direct aid to the government in the face of its refusal to respect these terms.
The online version of Der Spiegel magazine said the minister had held a meeting with three German lawmakers during his visit. One of the three, Detlef Dzembritzki of government coalition partners the Social Democrats, described the meeting as “a private, unofficial exchange of ideas”, the report said.
Edwane arrived in Sweden May 6 to attend a conference on Palestinian exiles before traveling to Norway.
Atef Edwane said he would visit four countries after Sweden, and we know he went to Norway and now Germany. His visa expired yesterday. What other countries did he visit? (News searches show nothing...)

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