Thursday, May 25, 2006

Muhammad's birthday celebrated in German Protestant church

Eurabian dhimmitude alert: "Muhammad Takes Over Protestant Church," from Brussels Journal, with thanks to Laurence:
A German reader informs us that it is not just the Catholic Church that has its quislings selling out to the Muslims. On Palm Sunday (9 April) a Protestant church in Bochum/Germany celebrated Muhammad’s birthday. The church invited the local Turkish community and the Turkish Consul, Munis Dirik, to attend the service. A Turkish music band played sufi music during the service, in which Protestants and Muslims joined together in honour of Muhammad.
In his sermon, Fred Sobiech, the protestant vicar, tried to link the figures of Muhammad and Jesus, saying: “Today we remember the birth and life of Muhammad and the beginning of the week of the passion of Christ, leading to Good Friday, the day Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.”
Muhammad himself might not have been so happy to see his "birth and life" celebrated in conjunction with the cruicifixion of Christ, since "they slew him not nor crucified, but it appeared so unto them" (Qur'an 4:157).


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